Senior Project Manager

Country: Mozambique
Organization: CTG
Closing date: 12 Sep 2021

Overview of position

Organisational Context
Our client is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners' peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. Mandated as a central resource of the United Nations, our client provides sustainable project management, procurement and infrastructure services to a wide range of governments, donors and United Nations organisations. With over 6,000 personnel spread across 80 countries, our client offers its partners the logistical, technical and management knowledge they need, where they need it. By implementing around 1,000 projects for our partners at any given time, our client makes significant contributions to results on the ground, often in the most challenging environments.
The Senior Project Manager(SPM) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project(s) and provides services to the different donors, partners and beneficiaries. TL/SPM acts on behalf of the Project Board to manage the project on an ongoing basis during the Implementation Stage.
The main responsibility of the TL/SPM is to ensure that the project outputs are delivered within the specified project tolerances of time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits. He/she is expected to meet the organization’s performance and delivery goals.
The SPM has the authority to assign, as per the Project Plan, work packages to Team Managers and approve deliverables produced by them. The SPM is responsible for creating the Implementation Plan, using the Project Initiation Document (PID), Legal Agreement and having a thorough understanding of the terms, conditions, and the respective roles and responsibilities of the partners/stakeholders, to ensure the project(s) outputs are capable of meeting the business cases for both our client and the partner(s). Success of the project(s) and hence of the TL/SPM will be based on the defined Success Criteria.
Project Information:
The project ‘Mozambique Northern Crisis Recovery Project’ will be based in and around the City of Pemba in Cabo Delgado Province supporting the resettlement of IDPs from temporary settlement sites to 20 relocations sites. The project will support both IDPs and Host communities. The project comprises of 4 main objectives related to the

  • Component 1: psychosocial social support and community peace building; and enhancing State-society trust and confidence.
  • Component 2: provision of agriculture and fisheries inputs, cash for work programs for youth and women and the provision of kits for micro and small business development; and training on entrepreneurship and business management.
  • Component 3: the restoration of basic services, small works for agriculture production, education and health infrastructure and the construction or rehabilitation of school and health infrastructure and community services and amenities in temporary and relocation sites and host communities.
  • Component 4: strengthening of technical capacity of government authorities andlocal governments for conflict management. This component will also support project implementation, financial management, procurement, safeguards, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation. The project will be implemented in collaboration with government authorities and will be guided by the various programme guidelines provided by the World bank- as the funding source.

The project team is expected to contain Programme management staff, Safeguards and Monitoring and Evaluation staff and infrastructure staff and will require significant stakeholder and partner coordination and management.
Local Context:
The project will be based in the city of Pemba, in Cabo Delgado, this position is expected to maintain regular travels to Niassa and Nampula provinces, as needed. The Hardship level of Pemba is 4.
The incumbent will also be required to establish full operations and our client presence in the project location with the support of the Multi Country Office. While our client has an established presence in Mozambique, this new project requires establishment of operational presence in the North. This will require rapid onboarding and mobilization of technical and support personnel dedicated to this project. The TL/SPM - with guidance and support from our client’s hub office) will be required to manage the development of relevant instruments.
In addition, the SPM will be required to manage the definition of partnership arrangements required for rapid delivery and utilization of locally available specialised implementation capacity (e.g UN, NGOm CBOm and other available resources. Our client will support the national Government PIU to deliver this project and ensure adequate support is provided to build sustainable capacity in relevant institutions

Role objectives Functions / Key Results Expected
Summary of functions:

  1. Project Delivery and Performance
  2. Procedures
  3. Monitoring and reporting
  4. Stakeholder engagement
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Knowledge management and innovation
  7. Personnel management

  8. Project Delivery and Performance

  9. Develop, complete and update implementation plan(s) and Project Operation Manuals

  10. Implement the approved plan (including the establishment of milestones) within tolerances set by the Project Board.

  11. Embed sustainability dimensions including social and gender inclusion, environmental and economic aspects into project life span.

  12. Manage the production of the required outputs, taking responsibility for overall progress and use of resources and initiating corrective action where necessary.

  13. Ensure that quality of work packages and deliverables complies with the quality requirements defined in the Implementation Plan.

  14. Liaise with any external suppliers or account managers

  15. Manage acceptance and delivery of work packages

  16. Monitor project progress ensuring that work packages are being executed properly

  17. Control project and work packages changes

  18. Lead contract management duties including supplier performance evaluation. (If applicable)

  19. Act as the Employer’s Representative within the FIDIC works contracts. (If applicable)

  20. Identify, and anticipate in a timely manner, potential risks and issues and advises mitigating measures to senior management/ Project Board so that maximum benefit to partner(s) and other stakeholders is achieved

  21. Identify and report to the supervisor potential business opportunities for our client

  22. Procedures

  23. Comply with all organizational policy and specifically the Project Management Manual

  24. Prepare/adapt all relevant plans for approval by the Project Board.

  25. Manage the reporting obligations defined in the Legal Agreement(s) and in the Implementation Plan

  26. Draft the requirements definitions for procurement processes. Approving requisitions and requests for non-purchase order payments; Evaluating submissions received, if appointed to the evaluation team. (if applicable)

  27. Ensure maintenance of the project files and lessons learned are recorded

  28. Ensure the development and implementation of project financial management guidelines andcontrol mechanisms, in conformity with our client rules and regulations. (if applicable)

  29. Manage budgets, cash flow and obligations to ensure that deliverables are met and payments to contractors and personnel are received on time.

  30. Understand and manage our client overheads, allocable charges, and related corporate charges as they apply to the project

  31. Understand the unique structures of the UN and budget appropriately for personnel

  32. Manage expenditures against the budget (based on accurate financial reports)

  33. Where the Project Manager has no delegation as a committing officer, s/he retains these responsibilities and will monitor and instruct/request others to carry out the relevant commitments and disbursements.

  34. For project closure purposes, provide a formal handover of the project to the closure manager

  35. Support project audit activities, including planning, preparation and coordination during the audits and follow up on audit observations/recommendations

  36. Monitoring and reporting

  37. Prepare and issue regular project and/or financial reports in accordance with Partner and our client requirements for reporting.

  38. Regularly review project status, evaluating performance criteria (scope, cost, schedule and quality).

  39. Maintain diaries and progress reports as required by the organization’s standard Procedures.

  40. Provide routine oversight and analysis of delivery data within the dashboard system.

  41. Ensure all project team members track and regularly update milestones and targets for the duration of projects' life span

  42. Stakeholder engagement

  43. Develop stakeholder profiles and facilitate the formulation of stakeholder engagement strategies

  44. Establish solid working relationships with the Project Board (Executive, Senior Users and Senior Suppliers), client and key stakeholders

  45. Enable the formulation of project communications plans. Coordinate internal project communications. Monitor the effectiveness of project communications

  46. Coordinate stakeholder engagement and communication, ensuring effective timing and interdependency management of communications. Ensure stakeholders are aware of project activities, progress, exceptions and are in a position to accept handover outputs

  47. Quality assurance

  48. Work with internal stakeholders to ensure projects comply with audit requirements

  49. Work with procurement/purchasing staff to ensure effective interface with suppliers' quality systems

  50. Coordinate quality reviews of project documents and deliverables

  51. Provide quality control for management outputs (project documents, reports, etc.)

  52. Knowledge management and innovation

  53. Encourage routine and effective capacity building activities are conducted in order to build the long-term and sustainable capacity of staff.

  54. Actively interact with other Project Managers and the wider PM community to share case studies, lessons learned and best practices

  55. Contribute to the oversight of lessons learned procedures, ensuring that lessons learnt are shared in a timely and appropriate manner. Participate in the relevant Communities of Practice

  56. Research and logging of lessons learned throughout the project life span.

  57. Provide feedback to Practice Groups on policy, supporting guidance with an aim towards continuous improvement of our client policies

  58. Personnel Management if applicable

  59. Lead and motivate the project management team

  60. Ensure that behavioural expectations of team members are established

  61. Ensure that performance reviews are conducted fairly, accurately and timely

  62. Select, recruit and train teams as required and take into account gender parity and diversity objectives.

  63. Ensure safety and security for all project personnel and comply with UNDSS standards

  64. Create, foster and role model a culture of respect and zero tolerance for discrimination, abuse of authority, harrasement, sexual harrasement and sexual exploitation and abuse. Ensure accountability for actions and perform duties in accordance with protection mechanisms and action plans, as expected by our client policies, standards and commitments.

Impact of Results
Project Manager/Senior Project Manager directly impacts on achievement of project results by
adhering to project management methods and strategies, reducing risks, cutting costs and
improving success rates. This consequently reinforces the visibility and image of our client as an
effective service provider in project services and management and strengthens its competitive
position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services.

Team management

This role requires team management experience.

Further information

  • Please note that the closing date is midnight Dubai time.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified.
  • Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates applying for this role MUST upload a copy of their latest resume on their profiles.
  • Contract duration is open ended, subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds & satisfactory performance.

How to apply:

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website as a candidate & apply for this role using this link:

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