Environmental Adviser/Consultant

Organization: Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
Closing date: 3 Sep 2021

Environmental Adviser/Consultant

FORUM-ASIA is looking for an Environmental Adviser/Consultant. As part of a donor evaluation exercise, FORUM-ASIA is looking to update and operationalise FORUM-ASIA’s Environmental Impact Policy (EIP). And environmental mainstreaming in policy and activities, using the framework of environmental rights through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

FORUM-ASIA seeks to contribute to the environmental rights discourse as climate change inevitably affects the organisation’s human rights and sustainable development research, capacity building and advocacy.


To update and operationalize FORUM-ASIA’s Environmental Impact Policy (EIP);
Identifying the capacity-building needs of the Secretariat on environmental rights issues; and
Undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to identify risks, opportunities, and vulnerabilities in line with the development of FORUM-ASIA’s next strategy.

Job description
• Assess the current conditions of knowledge in the organisation on how environmental rights is foreseen to impact human rights in Asia, and adopt mitigating measures related to our internal operations and to understand commitments, capacities, and gaps by:
a) Reviewing all relevant documents including but not limited to the donors’ evaluations, staff rules and regulations, organisational proceedings notes, and assessing FORUM-ASIA’s existing organisational capacity and gaps; and
b) Following-up via email correspondence and interviews with the respective internal units, the Gender Consultant, the Senior Management Team (SMT), and the Executive Committee (EC) of FORUM-ASIA.Drafting a revamped EIP.

• To capacitate staff on environmental rights and prioritising environmental awareness in the workplace, which might potentially have a multiplying effect on FORUM-ASIA members across Asia, by finding ways to sustain members’ interest on environmental rights issues and identify systems for conveying knowledge and skill.

• Helping FORUM-ASIA to work with relevant networks and partners which are using the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) to sustainable development and climate change. This would be done to ensure the interests of poor and marginalised women, men, and children (right-holders) are prioritised and that people of power (duty-bearers) are identified and held accountable.

• Developing a roadmap to mainstreaming environmental rights for FORUM-ASIA’s internal operating procedures and programmes and set targets in the organisational Theory of Change of the new Strategic Plan (2022-2026).

Please see the details of ToR and qualification here.

How to apply:

Interested applicants are requested to fill in Job Application Form and return it by email together with a cover-letter, CV to applications@forum-asia.org before 3 September 2021, midnight Bangkok Time (UTC+7), stating “Consultant Application_Name” in the subject line.
Please note that late applications will not be considered. CV of the interested applicant should contain a full description of relevant qualifications and professional work experience.

Only short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview between 13 and 17 September 2021.

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