Flight Following Services

Country: Mali
Organization: CTG
Closing date: 31 Jul 2021

Overview of CTG:

  • CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.

Overview of the position:

  • CTG is looking to contract an experienced Flight Following Services professional, the incumbent is to perform the tasks as mentioned below.

Role objective:

  • The mission flight following is a vital part of aviation support as it ensures the coordination, tracking & controlling of the movements of all mission aircraft in route, taking off or landing in any area under the responsibility of the mission & those on transit to or from other locations. The Flight Following is responsible to constantly track position & status of all mission’ aircraft.
  • Radio contact must be maintained with all UN assigned aircraft in the mission area as well as those transiting in & out of the mission area. Flight following also provides information to other mission agencies / units.
  • All UN aircraft are required to communicate with the flight following service on the assigned channels / frequencies.
  • The aim of flight following procedures is to maintain continuous contact with the aircraft that have been tasked.
  • The procedure is set to obtain timely notification when an aircraft is overdue or missing, provide location, date & estimated time for reestablishing radio or telephone communications & maintain a record of movement in order to:
  1. Initiate the SAR alert phases.
  2. Provide flights arrival / departure information as required.

The flight following services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Deliver the flight following & radio room communication services.
  • Before commencing flight operations every morning, checks & tests all relevant equipment & log their serviceability.
  • The unserviceable equipment shall be reported to the Regional Air Operations & or MAOC Duty Officer for appropriate action (prior flight operations, check serviceability of all relevant equipment & log).
  • At any time keep track of UN aircraft within & outside the mission area.
  • Monitor and control all communication with UN aircraft to ensure that all missions are executed safely & in accordance with ICAO regulations, DPKO aviation manual, client's aviation SOP, local area procedures & daily flight schedule.
  • Maintain continuous watch on the assigned communication channels.
  • Record all landings & departure times of aircraft, persons on board & fuel endurance of our client & other UN missions / agencies flights.
  • Provide flight / weather information service if required.
  • Pass arrival / departure information of our clients flights for other airfields / helipads to respective air regions.
  • Convey administrative & operational messages between aircraft & air operations.
  • Keep informed Air Operations Officer / MAOC / Regional Air Operation Officer on all significant matters pertaining to aircraft operations & aviation safety.
  • Record mandatory & relevant information in the flight following radio log.
  • Record significant information in flight following / incident occurrence logbook.
  • Assist aircrews in filling flight plans, obtaining weather information & necessary clearances relevant to their departure, en route & arrival airports.
  • Provide required assistance & relay directives / information & coordinate activities in case of significant weather abnormalities, aircraft emergencies / distress, MEDEVAC or CASEVAC.
  • Coordinate movement of UN aircraft with the host country ATC authorities.
  • Participate in search & rescue activities at his level.
  • Liaise with mission offices in relation to aviation activities.
  • Maintain all aeronautical documentation (ICAO annexes, Jeppesen, AIP, NOTAM, etc.) updated in Air Operations.
  • Keep computer records of aircraft daily & monthly flight hours.
  • Participate in flight planning, coordination & paperwork compilation.
  • Perform other tasks related to the flight following activities.

Project reporting:

  • This role reports to the Project Manager.

Team management:

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Geographical experience:

  • Minimum of 6 year of experience in Africa (desirable).

Key competencies:

  • High school diploma & technical training in aviation related activities (Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Information Officer) or graduation from equivalent military establishment or military / air traffic control training are required.
  • Air Traffic Controller or Flight Information Services or Radio Operator License is required.
  • Meeting the English proficiency requirement of ICAO level 4.
  • Professional Pilot License is an advantage.
  • At least 6 years of progressively responsible experience in aviation industry, with at least 3 years in occupation directly related to air transport operations or Air Traffic Navigation Services.

Other relevant information:

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

How to apply:

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website & apply for this role using the below link:

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