Final Evaluation

Country: Turkey
Organization: The Day After
Closing date: 11 Jul 2021

About TDA:

The Day After is a Syrian-led organization that works for democratic transition in Syria. TDA works with its partners among Syrian CSOs and international human rights’ organizations to influence Syrian and non-Syrian stakeholders for the favor of the democratic transition and to keep transitional justice and accountability as a high priority during transition.

Through its programs, TDA aims at strengthening the capacity of key civil society actors working on transitional justice and rule of law as well as representatives of victims of violations of human rights and amplifying their voices within policy debates through developing widely supported, evidence-based recommendations and channeling them to the negotiating parties and other stakeholders. We pursue this mission simultaneously through “bottom-up” and “top-down” strategies to ensure that transitional justice is not dropped off the negotiations. In addition to ensuring that relevant stakeholders are informed and demonstrate deep understanding and support of accountability and transitional justice related issues, TDA aims at empowering the local communities to be resilient and adopt principles of transitional justice.

About the project:

The two-year TDA project “To Support Justice & Active Engagement of Civil Society,” (2019-2021) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danish MFA) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), aims to strengthen Syrian civil society to address the challenges of transitional justice by supporting grassroots and victims’ groups (adult women and men from both rural and urban settings; survivors of arbitrary detention and gender-based violence, families of the missing), influencing the international community toward the delegitimization of the Assad regime, and promoting the adoption of principles of transitional justice, democracy, and human rights within Syrian communities.

The project aims to contribute to the following outcome-level results:

● Objective 1: Syrian civil society are better coordinated, reinforced, and capable of addressing transitional justice challenges effectively and influence wider spectrum of constituency and stakeholders

● Objective 2: Grassroots and victim groups are in a leading position to advocate for human rights, accountability, and transitional justice

● Objective 3: The legitimacy of the Syrian regime is denied by international actors, Syrian political opposition and international media because of its commitment of mass violations of human rights, and transitional justice is kept on the negotiation table as an essential component

● Objective 4: Principles of transitional justice become adopted by local communities of future transitional arrangements

In this context, TDA seeks to contract an evaluator or team of evaluators to conduct a final objectives-based evaluation.

Purpose of the evaluation:

The overall purpose of this evaluation is to assess the extent to which TDA contributed to the achievement of outcome- and output-level results through the two-year project “To Support Justice & Active Engagement of Civil Society.”

Other specific evaluation objectives include:

● To identify the strengths and limitations of project implementation

● To provide lessons learned and recommendations to inform future programming to serve women, girls, men, and boys and other stakeholder groups (e.g., internally displaced persons, survivors of various human rights violations)

● To identify unintended consequences of project implementation beyond the scope of specific project objectives, positive or negative


The evaluation should utilize a mixed-methods methodological approach, including but not limited to:

● A desk review of relevant documents, including donor reports, workplan, activity reports, training materials, beneficiary feedback, etc.

● Key informant interviews with, inter alia, TDA staff, management, board members, field staff, implementing partner staff, donors, and project beneficiaries.

The methodology should incorporate the OECD-DAC Network on Development Evaluation criteria – relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability – and its two principles for using evaluation criteria. It should also include a strong gender mainstreaming approach.

Due to the security situation in Syria, field visits will not be undertaken. Field visit to the TDA head office in Istanbul is optional and will be contingent upon COVID-19 travel restrictions.


Deliverables will include:

Inception report: The inception report should detail the evaluation questions, information sources, research methodology, draft data collection tools, workplan, proposal for feedback and learning, and planned report structure. The inception report will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Evaluation report, first draft: TDA management will provide comments on the first draft of the evaluation report.

Evaluation report, final draft: The final draft should integrate comments and feedback made on the first draft. All deliverables should be submitted in English.

Estimated timeframe:

The assignment is expected to take place between 16 August and 15 October 2021. The specific timeframe and number of working days should be outlined by the consultant(s) in the technical and financial proposals.


The consultant(s) must meet the following criteria:

● Relevant academic degree;

● Minimum 5 years’ experience conducting evaluations;

● Experience evaluating projects implemented in conflict zones or similarly volatile environments;

● Prior work experience and/or knowledge of the Syrian conflict and cultural context

● Fluency in English, written and spoken;

Fluency in Arabic is highly desired; if the candidate(s) does not possess this skill, they should include a plan

How to apply:

Interested candidate(s) should send their CV and a detailed technical and financial proposal to by 11 July 2021.

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