OTI Surge Staff Manager - Washington, D.C. (GS-14)

Country: United States of America
Organization: US Agency for International Development
Closing date: 24 May 2021

The OTI Surge Staff Manager is a full-time Personal Services Contract (PSC) position at the GS-14 equivalent level and located in Washington, D.C. Offers for this position are due no later than May 24, 2021 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please read the entire solicitation at www.OTIjobs.net.


The Surge Staff Manager will be responsible for the overall management of the OTI FPD Bullpen, an intermittent workforce consisting of approximately 45 high-level professionals and experts that support OTI overseas and domestically in a surge capacity. Within OTI, this position is also referred to as the FPD Bullpen Manager. The Surge Staff Manager is a member of the Field Program Division (FPD) management team with the Division Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Senior Advisors, and the Administrative Program Assistants.

OTI uses the FPD Bullpen to support a variety of functions throughout the office in Washington, DC and the field. The Surge Staff Manager is charged with managing the FPD Bullpen and will have additional responsibilities of monitoring and evaluation, mentoring, and training (including on-the-job training). The incumbent will ensure that individuals serving in the FPD Bullpen possess a minimum standard of knowledge about OTI and its country program functions throughout the standard OTI program cycle in an effort to continually improve this important office resource.

In addition, this person will assist with workforce planning and provide organizational support for the FPD Division.


Bullpen Management

  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the OTI/FPD Bullpen. Maintain Bullpen staffing levels that position the office to effectively and swiftly respond to critical needs in DC, the field and worldwide;

  • Supervise or manage FPD Bullpen staff, fellows, and other short-term, program-funded staff assigned to the OTI Field Programs Division. Design staffing plans to meet overall program and division objectives and provide managerial and supervisory support to staff. Ensure staff work objectives and tasks are well defined and oversee and coordinate the FPD Bullpen performance evaluation process;

  • Collaborate with FPD Management and the six (6) regional teams Middle East (ME), Europe, Asia, West Africa (AFR), South and East Africa (SEA) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to identify critical program implementation staffing needs in Washington, DC, worldwide, and the field. Recommend relevant FPD Bullpen staff skills, experience, and availability to fill those needs;

  • Collaborate with Program Learning and Innovation (PLI) and Operations and Management Division (OMD) leadership to ensure the Bullpen is managed as an office-wide resource, with all assignments across the office seen as part of fulfilling the mission;

  • Manage the OTI FPD Bullpen Database and assist in the development of other OTI internal systems and processes (e.g. systems to track the flow of work related to recruitment and contract actions) that ensure efficiency and rapid response of FPD Bullpen staff;

  • Serve as administrative supervisor for FPD Bullpen staff, overseeing initial onboarding and interpreting and providing guidance on policy, regulatory and procedural issues;

  • Keep Bullpenners informed of relevant changes to the administrative, financial, technical, operational and training requirements at OTI;

  • Review and approve timesheets and payment of vouchers and troubleshoot administrative issues;

  • Work closely with FPD Management, PLI and OMD to develop appropriate orientation and training for Bullpenners in all aspects of OTI operations and programming;

  • Maintain regular communication with FPD Bullpen staff and FPD Team Leaders to anticipate how staffing gaps and program developments might affect demand for OTI Bullpen resources;

  • Update and manage FPD Bullpen profiles to ensure OTI teams are aware of the range of FPD Bullpen resources, skills and experience available. Collaborate with the Regional Team Leaders to professionally develop FPD Bullpen staff through diverse assignments;

  • Coordinate with the FPD Deputy Chief on decisions regarding Bullpen USPSC contract management, including but not limited to contract extensions, renewals and terminations. Support the USPSC contracts administration process, including the monitoring and tracking of contract year ceilings, ensuring budgets are up-to-date, and reviewing the status of obligations and disbursements; and,

  • Perform services under this scope of work at physical locations other than Washington OTI headquarters, including within other USAID offices, bureaus or other United States Government (USG) agencies for a period not to exceed six months.

Workforce Planning

  • Assume the lead role in strategic workforce planning design and implementation for FPD in consultation with the FPD Chief and Deputy Chiefs. Anticipate vacancies and identify gaps within the Bullpen as well as throughout FPD. Coordinate with the FPD Deputy Chief and Operations and Management Division to develop recruitment plans to fill staffing gaps and to troubleshoot any emerging issues; and review and draft scopes of work (SOW) and other documents necessary for effective planning and recruitment of FPD staff; and,

  • Serve on hiring panels for USAID OTI Bullpen staff, or other OTI USPSC personnel TECs.

FPD-Management Team Support

  • Provide support to the FPD Management Team in routing and finalizing taskers, following up with regional teams, and/or other OTI Divisions;

  • Assist the FPD Management Team in responding to a variety of Office wide priorities including calls for information, identifying working group participation, facilitating the staff incentive awards process, and/or liaising on other Agency processes;

  • Assist the FPD Management Team with Division or Office wide communications as needed to include organization of all hands meetings, calls with field staff, and other critical meetings; and,

  • Supervise Program Assistant(s) assigned to the FPD Management Team


At a minimum, the offeror must have:

(1) A Master’s Degree with seven (7) years of work experience;


A Bachelor’s Degree with nine (9) years of work experience;


(2) Seven (7) years of program management experience with a U.S. government foreign affairs agency, domestic or international assistance organization, contractor or non-governmental organization, in community development, economic development, mediation/arbitration, conflict resolution, democracy and governance, international law, and/or human rights activities;

(3) Four (4) years of experience in the management, administration, and/or professional development of a workforce;

(4) Two (2) years of overseas field experience working in one or more developing countries.

Please direct questions about this position or the offer process to the OTI Recruitment Team at otijobs@usaid.gov.

How to apply:

For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please visit www.OTIjobs.net.

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