Expert Trainer on Big Data Analytics to Identify Money Laundering

Country: United States of America
Organization: American Bar Association
Closing date: 7 Jun 2021

Program Summary

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) has worked with partners in more than 100 countries for 30 years to strengthen legal institutions, to support legal professionals, to foster respect for human rights, and to advance public understanding of the law and of citizen rights. ABA ROLI collaborates with in-country partners including judges, lawyers, bar associations, law schools, court administrators, legislatures, ministries of justice, and human rights and civil society organizations to design programs that are responsive to local needs and that prioritize sustainable solutions to pressing rule of law challenges.

Expert Trainer

ABA ROLI seeks an expert to conduct training on big data analytics tools/software to identify money laundering and sanctions evasion under its Transnational Anti-Money Laundering Assistance Program – Training to Leverage Big Data Analytics to Identify Money Laundering and Sanctions Evasion (“AML Big Data Program”). The AML Big Data Program aims to increase Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and money laundering investigators’ capacity to use available Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data to identify money laundering trends, detect money laundering, and bolster investigations and prosecutions. To achieve this goal, ABA ROLI will conduct a series of activities towards three strategic objectives: 1) Build capacity of FIUs and money laundering investigators to analyze OSINT in order to more effectively conduct financial investigations related to money laundering; 2) elevate investigative analysis by such agencies by incorporating various types of documentation and other analysis tools, emphasizing tools that FIUs and money laundering investigators could use when conducting an investigation without financial information; 3) support the production of appropriate casework and documentation consistent with what would be produced during data analysis, reporting, and an investigation of a money laundering crime.

Deadline for application: May, 26 2021

Scope of Work

The Expert Trainer will undertake the following activities:

Review the results of a self-assessment of training needs conducted by FIUs and money laundering investigators and:

· Advise on the design of four interactive e-learning modules for FIUs and money laundering investigators addressing the following topics:



  1. Overview

Provide participants with an understanding of what constitutes big data, how it is currently being used by government and private sector organizations and how it can benefit financial intelligence investigations and intelligence assessments (video with questions to follow up).

Duration: 30 minutes.

  1. Searching

Demonstrates currently available data categorized as either open or closed source data, where it is located and how it can be manually searched. Includes a number of practical exercises requiring participants to actually search for ‘live’ data located on open source web sites through available search engines. Note a focus on privacy and anonymity to be included.

Duration: 50 minutes

  1. Analysis

An introduction to data searching tools and analysis of results with a particular focus on how big data searches can be used to enhance and complement existing financial intelligence held by an FIUs. Includes video demonstrations on the use of data analysis tools.

Duration: 50 minutes

  1. Application

Provides participants with an understanding of how expanded data analysis can benefit operational investigations through historical case examples (video) and hypothetical case exercises.

Duration: 50 minutes

· Design and deliver training to FIUs and money laundering investigators on data analysis using OSINT to conduct financial investigations related to money laundering. The Expert Trainer will design and deliver a training program to address the capacity gaps in data analysis and data analytics tool needs of participants. The training course could include:

  • Defining Needs: purpose, aims, scope of financial analysis and investigation.

  • Identification of data sources: identification of suitable open source information and the ability to review, analyze and integrate that information with broader financial and operational intelligence assisted by advanced data analytics tools.

  • Harvest and storage of data: different tools and techniques to gather data from the target sources.

  • Process and verification of data: process the gathered data and verify uncertain data from more than one source, if possible. Identify current and outdated data and exclude the irrelevant data from further analysis.

  • Analyze the data: analyze the data and try to find connections between it to formulate a complete picture about the target.

  • Deliver the results: present a report of findings that could be used for effective law enforcement action, potentially covering:

■ Illicit wealth and assets

■ Illegal operations

■ Criminal networks and associates

■ Potential lines of investigation on illicit funds and money laundering

■ Other potential strategies to prevent and disrupt criminal operations – such as: referral for potential taxation offenses, social security fraud, customs or immigration offenses, and advice to financial institutions on potential money laundering risks associated with individuals, corporations, or industry sectors.

· Facilitate Training of Trainers (TOT) on OSINT data analysis skills. The Expert Trainer will design and conduct a TOT skills training course on OSINT data analysis. The TOT’s methodology will be based around a two-day skills course. The TOT will provide participants with the specialized skills necessary to identify and harvest data and intelligence from OSINT.


· Experience in providing training or capacity building to FIUs, law enforcement and/or financial crime investigators;

· IT skills/experience in using FIU systems and intelligence analysis software such as I2 or analyst notebook;

· Experience working with FIUs or financial crime investigators.

· Expert knowledge of international standards related to AML/CTF.

· Ability to work effectively with a large, multi-stakeholder team, spread across different time

countries/time zones.

· Fluency and strong written and oral communication skills in English are required.


Commensurate with experience.

Application Submission

Please submit a cover letter and CV to Lillian Dang, Senior Technical Advisor, Asia Division, ABA ROLI at

How to apply:

Please submit a cover letter and CV to Lillian Dang, Senior Technical Advisor, Asia Division, ABA ROLI at

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