Consultancy - Child Marriage Model of Action - Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

Organization: Terre des hommes
Closing date: 2 Jun 2021

1. Terre des hommes (Tdh) in the MENA region

Tdh is a leading Swiss child rights agency present in the MENA region since 1973. Currently, Tdh operates in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan belong programmatically and operationally to the MENA portfolio at Tdh as well. Within the region, Tdh has in place 3 specialized programs: (1) Access to Justice for Children and Youth, within which a ‘Gender Justice’ theme is carried out, (2) Children and youth affected by migration, and (3) Child and Maternal Health. Those programs, in addition to the specialized technical staff within each of them, are supported by a Child Protection Transversal Unit as well as a Quality and Accountability Unit.

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2. Background: Child Marriage in the MENA region & Tdh’s action

Child marriage is increasingly recognized as a major human, child, and women’s rights violation with a significant impact on social and sustainable development. Considerable evidence proves that girls who marry as children are more likely to be out of school, socially isolated, unemployed, suffer domestic violence, die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth, etc. The prevalence of child marriage is often linked to the economic status of households, with girls from families living in the poorest economic situations having a higher chance of being married as children. In addition, social and cultural norms also play a significant role in the MENA region with respect to the prevalence of child marriages. In MENA, these are shaped by systemic patriarchy, conservative interpretations of religion and related social norms, and the impact of long periods of widespread instability, insecurity, conflict, and displacement. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic put an unbearable strain in girls, adolescent and women at risk of child marriage, married, divorce or separated/abandoned/divorced, where figures of child marriage are increasing and expect to increase exponentially in the coming 5 years.

Child marriage is one of the paramount priorities for Tdh in the MENA region. Tdh has been (and it is currently) implementing tailor-made child marriage interventions in the different countries within its MENA regional portfolio, including research and policy actions. Last year, Tdh published a 5 years research on child marriage in the MENA region (, where currently some policy tools are being developed from it.

The complexity of addressing child marriage, with a regional lens, but considering grounded in country specificities, of fostering strong partnership building for complementarity and focused added value, compounded with the exiting experience of Tdh in the MENA region to drive child marriage comprehensive interventions, brings momentum for the organization to finalize its MENA Child Marriage Model of Action, for which we are looking for a qualified consultant.

3. Objectives of the consultancy

The objective of this consultancy is to modelize Tdh MENA Child Marriage actions and related visibility tools.

The Tdh MENA Child Marriage Model of Action should be understood as a tool that captures the programmatic approach, the focus, and the added value of the organization. It is conceptualized as the framework of coherent set of actions and interventions at regional level to tackle child marriage appropriately and sustainably. It is intended to be a comprehensive but practical tool that can connect the expected impact level of Tdh’s actions with clear operational recommendations, partnership building, Tdh key resources, and measurement of the due quality and accountability. It needs to strongly mainstream the motto of Tdh MENA: ‘*powering young women's and girls' agency through meaningful gender-responsive opportunities*’.

Tdh in the MENA region initiated in 2020 an internal work to build up the Model of Action, based on different sources including research done by Tdh and others, together with field teams, multisectoral technical experts, and external stakeholders, which included girls and young women, as well as families, communities, and governmental representatives. A raw draft of the model of action and regional literature review have been done and will be handled to the selected consultant, as the basis of building up and finalize the model of action. The additional consultations with Tdh teams at field, regional and HQ level that the selected consultant will need to manage will be done through Tdh focal points assigned to this consultancy and will be eminently internal at this stage. Tdh will prepare and provide to the selected consultant all relevant Tdh internal materials and resources meant to be reviewed and included as part of the model of action.

The structure of the document (template) for the Tdh MENA Model of Action will be co-created by Tdh and the selected consultant, coming from previous examples internally (feedback provided from the consultations with Tdh colleagues on the field in 2020) and externally (inputs provided by relevant stakeholder such as governmental authorities, international and national civil society representatives, UN agencies representatives). A broader theory of change and its operationalization (model of action) should be included in the expected deliverable, together with additional key sections that will be discussed with the selected consultant (contextualization, interventions within sectoral approach and applying a socio-ecological model, M&E including a set of key 5-6 indicators and recommendations on data collection methods, Tdh resources and methodologies, added value of Tdh and strategic partnership approaches, etc..) .

The Tdh Child Marriage Model of Action needs to be user-reader friendly. While the illustrative design of the deliverable will be carried out by Tdh, the consultant is expected to draft it having in mind the above and hence incorporating a style that can be then designed to meet the user-reader friendly approach.

Additionally, visibility tools pertaining the Tdh MENA Model of Action will be developed by the consultant in the form of ‘one pager’, taking as a refence Tdh templates / previous work.

4. Deliverables

The scope of work and expected deliverables of the consultancy are as follows:

· Inception report, which should contain as a minimum a proposed structure for the model of action document and the key methodology planned for its development. Discussions with Tdh focal points for this consultancy will be held with the selected consultant prior to initiate the inception report by her/him on the key elements/template that the model of action should incorporate. Tdh will also provide to the consultant the Tdh key materials and resources to consider and include as tools within the Model of Action.(approx. 5 days- June 2021)

· Model of Action complete draft. The Model of Action will follow the structured agreed and validated by Tdh from the inception report submitted by the consultant.(approx. 11 days- June-July 2021)

· Model of Action visibility material – 2-3 pagers, capturing the main information and presenting the logic and comprehensiveness of the Model of Action developed.(approx. 3 days-July 2021)

· Drafts reviewed (Model of Action draft and the pagers) based on feedback shared by the Tdh focal points (approx. 3 days- July 2021)

· Final documents adapted to comments and feedback from Tdh field colleagues.(approx. 3 days – early September 2021).

Estimated days per deliverable as presented in this section are just tentative. The consultant should present in her/his technical offer a break down of tasks and estimated time (work plan).

5. Intended users

The Tdh MENA Child Marriage Model of Action will be used by Tdh teams (program coordinators and national and regional level, advisors, field teams in project management positions, etc.), partners, relevant stakeholders as well as it will be presented to relevant networks in country, pertinent digital platforms, and donors.

6. Methodology

Child- and gender-responsive and context-appropriate approaches should wrap the deliverable to be produced and the technical proposal of the consultant should include some orientations s/he will use in that regard. It is important that those are used to modelize Tdh MENA Child Marriage actions and related visibility tools (deliverables to be produced).

7. Timeframe

The duration of this consultancy contract shall be for a maximum of 25 working days, between approximately last week of June 2021 till end of July 2021, with 3 days dedicated in early September 2021 to wrap up the final version of the Tdh MENA Child Model of Action considering all the feedback provided by Tdh.

The consultancy period will start from the agreement contract signoff date and will end once the final deliverables have been formally approved by Tdh.

The consultant shall submit within the technical offer a tentative work plan considering the timeframe planned for this consultancy and the deliverables as stated above.

8. Roles and responsibilities

The Tdh MENA Model of Action will be co-created by Tdh and the consultant, particularly the template inclusive of the different key sections it shall contain. While the consultant will be responsible for its drafting, working sessions with Tdh focal points are to be factored within the plan and agreed between the parties. Tdh will provide to the consultant the required internal resources to review and include.

Additionally, the final draft (both from the deliverable and the visibility pagers will be reviewed during the month of August 2021 be a core group at Tdh comprehensive from programs and operations including quality and accountability representatives and then, in early September, feedback provided will be reviewed by the consultant and incorporated to close the final deliverables.

Design of the final products and their translation into Arabic will be a responsibility of Tdh.

9. Consultancy’s conditions

This is a home-based consultancy. The selected consultant will be required to use their own equipment to perform the consultancy goals.

It is compulsory that the consultant counts with and, thus, will be able to submit if selected, his/her registration under consultant status or equivalent.

Payment will be done in Swiss Francs (CHF). Price offered by the consultant should be inclusive of value added tax. Consultants are liable for paying their taxes.

10. Profile of the consultant: qualifications and experience

· Advanced degree in international development, social sciences, human rights or similar and relevant to the consultancy’s scope. Gender Studies and/or Child Rights studies would be an advantage.

· Demonstrable experience (at least 7 years) in research/evaluation of complex programs related to child marriage, gender-based violence, children’s rights and gender equality and equity.

· Demonstrable experience in program strategic design and program technical support in humanitarian and development contexts, with a focus on the MENA region.

· Prior experience and demonstrable knowledge on the MENA region, particularly in areas related with child marriage.

· Good knowledge of networks active in child marriage at national, regional, and international levels.

· Excellent English communication (quality writing and presentation).

· Ability to conduct high quality programmatic products, meet deadlines and respond to request and feedback provided timely and appropriately.

· Respect for institutional values, processes, and rules.

· Mastery of the basic computer tools (Word, Xcel, PPT, etc.).

How to apply:

Interested consultants that meet the requirements should submit expression of interest, which should include the following:

· Cover letter including the consultant’s suitability for the assignment and current contact information. It is necessary to highlight the availability of a registration under consultant status or equivalent (max. 1 page).

· 2 samples of previous similar work.

· Technical offer; brief detailed response to the Terms of Refence herein, with specific focus addressing the purpose and objectives of the assignment (max. 5 pages).

All offers must be e-mailed to and no later than the 2 June 2021 at 23.59 pm (Jordan time). Please add to the subject of the e-mail: MENA Child Marriage Model of Action - Consultancy.

Only proposals in English and that include all the required documents complying with the page extension required above will be assessed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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