Consultancy: Accompaniment and Advise the Cordaid Working Group on Racism, Inclusivity and Diversity

Country: Netherlands
Organization: Cordaid
Closing date: 24 May 2021

**Terms of Reference Consultancy
Accompaniment and advise the Cordaid Working Group on Racism, Inclusivity and Diversity**

May 2021 – September 2021

Assignment: Accompanying and advise the Cordaid Working Group on Racism, Inclusivity and Diversity in - its analysis on how racism, coloniality and other forms of exclusion manifest themselves in Cordaid and – its identification of key recommendations, actions to address issues identified in the assessment – transformative indicators to trigger and measure progress on those actions.


As per 1 January 2021, Cordaid and ICCO have teamed up to jointly work towards a world where people live dignified and healthy lives in equitable & resilient societies. This recent merger and the upcoming Multiannual Strategy provide the ideal soil for assessing and addressing the current state of racism, diversity and inclusion within Cordaid, and to take steps to actively fertilize an anti-racist, diverse and inclusive identity and culture of the ‘Cordaid 2.0’ organization.

Racism and the legacies of colonialism in the aid sector are pervasive. Cordaid does not claim to be an exception. We recognize, however, that any instances of overt – or subtle – racism, as well as institutionalized exclusions, go against our values and our raison d’être, does unacceptable harm, renders our activities less effective and efficient and ultimately undermines our mission. Cordaid understands the importance to be more aware of, and take actions to identify and address racial injustice in our projects, with our partners and within our own organization. We want to take concrete steps to embrace diversity and racial equity more fully, create and sustain an organisational culture that supports this and address structural inequity issues at play in our sector and organisation.

While incidents and concerns about racist discrimination are known, what is missing so far is an in-depth assessment of how racism and colonial stereotyping of the global south manifests itself in Cordaid. And, based on assessment, an identification of remedial actions for Cordaid to take.

To enable this the Working Group Racism, Diversity and Inclusion has been established with the mandate

I. to lead the assessment of the status quo and coordinate existing ideas, with consideration of the sensitivities of the subject.

II. to coordinate activities, which continue engaging the whole organization and keep the topic on the agenda while ensuring safe spaces for discussion.

III. to advise the Board of Directors on next steps. The BoD commits to assess the advice of the working group, and intents to follow up appropriately.


The assignment aims to achieve the following:

  • Help ensure the Working group collects the relevant information in a meaningful manner, identifies most impactful actions and related transformative indicators

Detailed Assignment:

  • Provide technical and content advise to the Working Group on collecting information on racism, coloniality and other forms of exclusion from across the organisations, ensuring the Working Group creates safe spaces and processes, asks relevant questions and does not omit important issues.

  • Provide support to the Working Group in analyzing the information collected throughout Cordaid

  • Provide advise and related examples from other institutions and process to ensure the Working Group proposes the most relevant and powerful actions to address key issues identified

  • Help draft transformative indicators to measure progress on key issues identified.

  • Support the drafting of the Advise to Cordaid’s Board of Directors

Profile of the Consultant

  • Significant experience in diversity, inclusion and anti-racism – with a particular focus on introducing these themes and accompanying policies and processes within an INGO;

  • Familiarity with policy development on those issues;

  • Demonstrated experience developing (participatory) tools and trainings to address those issues;

  • Strong experience in development sector

  • Strong verbal and written in English skills and ability to write or tailor content to solicitation requirements. Fluency in French preferred.

Timeline and ways of working

The consultant will be directly accountable to the Working Group convenor and Cordaid Country Director for Ethiopia, Akinyi Walender.

The planning and exact number of days will be defined based on the agreed work plan- key moments in next steps and deliverables will be agreed upon. We envisage needing about 8 days of work for the consultancy between May and September 2021.

If interested please submit: your CV, a short outline of how you would undertake this assignment (max 1A4) and a proposed budget to: by 24th of May.

How to apply:

If interested please submit: your CV, a short outline of how you would undertake this assignment (max 1A4) and a proposed budget to: by 24th of May 2021.

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