AME Assistant

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Organization: ACTED
Closing date: 3 Jun 2021

Terms of Reference

AME Assistant (Technical)

Job Purpose

The AME Assistant is responsible for assisting the AME Officer to implement all AME field activities and tasks including assessments, beneficiary verification, data entry, reporting, collection of and ensuring adherence to lessons learned and best practices, and any other tasks as required.

Chain of Command

Under the authority of:

  • AME Officer

  • AME manager/ senior AME officer (in case)

Line Management:

  • field monitor (in case)

Working Relations

Internal Relations:

  • Project Managers/Officers / office manager (in case)

  • PR, LG officers (in case)

  • HR officer.

  • Programs members

External Relations:

- Beneficiaries

  • Communities

  • Local government offices

  • External monitors/evaluators


  1. Implement AME assessments in the field in a reliable, accurate and transparent manner, including collecting primary and secondary data, reporting on findings, and supporting the development of tools and methodologies.
  2. Support organizational learning by ensuring adherence to program technical guidelines, lessons learned, and best practices.
  3. Leading and training field teams.
  4. Ensure that the construction activities are carried out according to the plans, designs and drawings and ascertain accuracy of the qualities, quantities and proportions of the construction materials are precisely maintained
  5. Ensure that all materials used and works performed are in accordance with the specifications indicated in the contract document.

Duties and Responsibilities

a) Assessments (Appraisals, Monitoring Missions, and Evaluations)

a. Field Data Collection

b) Coordinate with the AME Officer on how to carry out the assessments (including, but not limited to: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) surveys, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, baseline and endline surveys, as well as other types of assessments and data collection that is required);

c) Check that material necessary to carry out the assessment is sufficient and appropriate;

d) Ask questions in a clear and kind manner, and ask all the questions exactly as worded:

e) Probe to clarify unclear answers;

f) Write down the observations and answers in an ordinate and clear way, recording responses accurately;

g) Record and forward all complaints and suggestions received while in the field to the appropriate Accountability Officer or AME Officer.

h) Responsible for ACTED smartphones (ensure that phones are working, that batteries are charged, that there is memory space, report any technical issues to the AME officer, etc.)

a. Reporting

i) Report frequently to the AMEU Officer about the progress of assessment activities and on the AMEU Monitor’s observations during the mission as daily, weekly and monthly reports;

j) Recognize and give account of problems in obtaining data and provide useful feedback from field research activities;

k) In the absence of a dedicated Data Entry Officer, enter all field data into appropriate databases on an accurate and timely basis;

l) Cross-check the accuracy of data entry;

m) Support the maintenance of an efficient and accurate filing system for all electronic and hard-copy documents;

n) Review and agree on the quantity, quality and cost of

o) Report monitoring findings at Weekly Area Meetings, as required by AME Officer;

p) Collect high-resolution and good quality photos of ACTED project activities in the field, featuring donor, partner and ACTED logos, and delivery photos to the AME Officer (in line with ACTED’s Child Protection Policy and Photo Guidelines).

a. Support the Development of AME Tools and Methodologies

q) Support the AME Officer in designing appropriate information collection tools and methodologies, including assessment Terms of Reference, and questionnaires;

r) Translate tools and methodologies into local language(s) as required.

s) Manage, monitor, interpret and explain the building plan, drawing and design.

t) Support to Organizational Learning

a. Collection of Lessons Learned and Best Practices

u) Collect lessons learned and best practices from beneficiaries, community leaders, partners, and other stakeholders during assessment/monitoring missions;

a. Monitoring Adherence to Program Strategies and Guidelines

v) Cross-check that project implementation adheres to the technical guidelines for the program, as required by the AME Officer;

w) Monitor the implementation of lessons learned and best practices;

x) Cross-check the accuracy and relevance of beneficiary selection according to contractual criteria.

y) Other

z) Participate in Weekly Area Meetings, and any other meetings or conferences as required by the AME Officer;

aa) Perform any other related activities as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Number of appraisals, monitoring and evaluation missions conducted over the past 6 months

  • Effective and accurate data collection conducted for all field missions (if applicable)

  • Number of lessons learned and best practices collected over the past 6 months

  • Number of photos of ACTED projects collected during the past 6 months that meet ACTED standards

  • Complete the work at the specified time.

  • Accuracy of the data collected.

Required qualifications

  1. University degree in International Development, Economics, Political or Social Sciences, , Management or a related field from an accredited academic institution.

  2. 1- 2 years of relevant professional experience.

  3. Previous experience in assessments, monitoring & evaluations in INGOs.

  4. Attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality work.

  5. Experience in using KOBO or any ODK software.

  6. Commitment to inclusive team behavior.

  7. Good English skills would be an asset.

  8. Good communication skills is required.

  9. Good knowledge of the Geographic work area is required.

  10. Willingness to ask for help.

How to apply:

Interested and qualified applicants must apply by fill the application form by this link

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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