International Consultancy on Protection - PiiN Project Coordinator

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Countries: Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France
Organization: Action Contre la Faim France
Closing date: 5 May 2021


International Consultancy on Protection

11 months from mid-may 2021

Deadline for the application : 5th of May, 2021 included


International Consultancy - PiiN Project Coordinator


Home-based/Action Contre la Faim HQ (Paris)

With 2/4 short field trips as required


MHPSS and Protection


Global with pilot testing in Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic of Congo


This position is currently funded for 11 months full time starting from mid-May

ACF is a non-profit association, recognized as a public utility organization in France, active in fighting hunger, through emergency operations, in order to meet the vital needs of the most vulnerable populations, as well as post-crisis programs in order to develop population’s autonomy.

Consultancy Description

Lead the coordination and implementation of a Sida funded capacity building project on protection integration into nutrition in AAH-IN. Guarantee the relevance, quality, adequacy and development of a protection in nutrition framework within the global, Burkina Faso and RDC implementation, and coherence within the ACFIN network.

Project Description

AAH is strongly committed to supporting affected communities worldwide by developing new approaches to mitigate the key drivers of hunger and wants to do so by putting protection at the centre of its actions. The Protection integration in Nutrition (PiiN) project will contribute to the international discourse and efforts over protection integration into AAH work and proposes to do so by starting from its very mandate of delivering nutrition focused assistance in a protective way, complementing nutrition strategy and interventions with protection-focused outcomes. International consultations have resulted lately in an increase of interest in protection - including child protection and SGBV actors - and nutrition/health actors building on multi-sectoral integrated knowledge coming from different sectors to address the protection needs of affected populations, through synergetic approaches. Building on this momentum, the Protection integration in Nutrition (PiiN) project aims at addressing the urgency for people to meet their basic needs in nutrition while reducing the risk of violence when fulfilling them (e.g. access to food, transactional sex, freedom of movement) by integrating protection risks and outcomes in nutrition security strategies (design, approaches and delivery modalities).

The PiiN framework aims at providing integrated and gender-appropriate response and services to prevent, mitigate, and address protection risks across nutrition-security interventions and achieve protective outcomes and to foster a meaningful access to essential services and a safe, accountable and inclusive humanitarian response to avoid causing harm, ensuring inclusion of people who are often marginalized and excluded.

The PiiN Coordinator will support in the project’s implementation through achieving the following outcomes:

Outcome 1:

  1. Monitor the project implementation and activities to ensure successful achievement of project goals and targets, spending on time and budget, and other donor commitments

  2. Provides strategic and operational leadership in all phases and aspects of the program management cycle.

  3. Together with the Project Managers, plan the various stages of project implementation and set the direction by prioritizing and organizing activities and resources to achieve project objectives

  4. Supervises the budget utilization and ensures sound financial management and the use of funds and coordinate closely with Finance Managers

  5. Organize and report into the Project Steering Committee (SC), including organizing regular meetings, developing ways of working, providing regular updates, information and briefings for decision-making on critical/top-line issues, raising challenges, etc.

  6. Act as a representative for the project for external representation with a variety of stakeholders (donors, government officials, Cluster, other consortia and NGOs)

  7. Ensure that donor communications and visibility requirements are being met

  8. Oversee and monitor the work of all project’s staff and implementing partners, ensuring that technical quality and standards are considered and respected during the project implementation

  9. Ensure a macro-level view of the PiiN project activities to advise on, and flag any issues with program quality

  10. Advise on the responsiveness of activities to humanitarian and development needs

  11. Ensure, by use of ACF-specific monitoring tools that global norms and national standards guiding humanitarian and development interventions are respected

Outcome 2:

1. Lead the consultations with AAH’s global partners including nutrition, protection, SGBV and CP actors, the affected communities through focusing on their meaningful participation, and other relevant stakeholders. **

2. Support the PM in the consultation with AAH’s national partners (BF/RDC) including nutrition, protection, SGBV and CP actors, the affected communities through focusing on their meaningful participation, and other relevant stakeholders. **

3. In consultation with global and national partners, select nutrition and MHPSS/care practices-focused tools and methodologies to develop and/or update in order to integrate protection risk analysis and strategies for having protection-oriented outcomes. **

4. Coordinate with the PiiN Project Managers to co-construct the PiiN tools, methodology, strategies through ensuring consideration of their feedback, information and learning by doing when testing the methodologies on the ground**

5. Coordinate with the PiiN Project Managers, the HQs and the country offices to co-construct the PiiN capacity building tools, action plan, methodology, global strategies. **

Outcome 3:

6. Coordinate the work of the PiiN PMs assigned to pilot countries and ensure quality implementation on the PiiN objectives, outcomes and outputs.**

7. Ensure that adapted tools, guidelines and methodologies are tested at country level ensuring quality follow-up of the project appraisal tools.**

8. Ensure that pilot testing further informs the design of the PiiN tools through a rigorous MEAL framework development and implementation.**

9. Ensure the accuracy of the nutrition and protection integrated risks analysis that will inform field-testing and co-creation of PiiN global and national methodologies and strategies.**

10. Contribute to the implementation of minimum standards in protection at country level where needed.**

11. Ensure sensitization, training and dissemination of PiiN related policies and tools in the area of protection for headquarters and field teams **

Outcome 4:

12. Lead the capacity building component and transfer of knowledge of protection related theories and best practices as well as training tailored to the utilisation of the protection and nutrition integrated toolkit**

13. Ensure training for AAH staff at HQ and country level on protection and its practical integration in the nutrition framework **

14. Ensure training of trainers for AAH staff at HQ and country level (to cascade to national nutrition partner organizations) on the use and effectiveness of the PiiN tools and methodologies for testing, including a protection and nutrition risk analysis tool, appraisal tools for follow up of indicators, technical guidelines, etc.**

15. Ensure wide circulation among members of the national and international coordination mechanisms, including national and global nutrition, food security and livelihood, protection cluster, and its AoRs of the PiiN framework and tools. **

16. Ensure the organisation of webinars, online platforms exchange among members of the national and international coordination mechanisms, including national and global nutrition, food security and livelihood, protection cluster, and its AoRs on the PiiN framework and tools. **

17. Facilitate the capitalization of AAH PiiN experiences through an ad-hoc capitalisation plan. **

18. Actively participate into internal and external technical coordination meetings and humanitarian advocacy when relevant.

Role and responsibilities

The PiiN project Coordinator will develop and ensure the overall coherence of the PiiN project at global and field level and will ensure the correct implementation of the PiiN project outcomes by the two PiiN Projects Manager (50% time dedicated one for each pilot country and 50% time dedicated to global activities) and within AAH’s international network. He/she will lead the project coordination at HQ and country level with specific support for the Nutrition and the MHPSS/Protection departments. He/she will contribute to the other departments on an ad-hoc basis.

Duration of contract and deadline

Deadline to achieve the outcomes: 1st April 2021 for 11 months full time. A detailed workplan with deliverables deadlines per results will be co-created during the first days of the consultancy.


Education: An advanced university degree in one of the following fields is required: human rights, psychology, sociology, international law, protection or another relevant social science field. Preference for MHPSS and protection.

Work Experience:

· Minimum of 8 years demonstrable professional experience in managing, coordinating and implementing protection projects including Child Protection in emergencies (CPiE) and/or GBV in Emergencies (GBViE), protection monitoring, or other similar expertise.

· Understanding of the overall humanitarian coordination architecture, how elements are inter-related and how to apply them to Protection, CP/GBV AoR coordination work;

· Knowledge and understanding of CP and the GBV AoR and information management, M and E and related tools and reporting frameworks.

· Knowledge and previous work in the field of mental health is a strong asset and advantage for this position.

· Having worked in the region is also an advantage.

· Language Requirements: Fluency in English and a French is required.

How to apply:

To apply

Please send your application with

  • CV

  • cover letter explaining how you will handle this consultancy, (including the current/most recent employee)

  • financial proposal with daily fee in EUR, bearing in mind that the maximum daily fee for this consultancy is EUR 300 for 11 months. Applications without fees will not be accepted.

Please indicate as subject for the application email “Application for PIIN project coordinator” to the following addresses:

Cécile Bizouerne

Laura Melchiade

Please note that this is part of a three people team (1 project coordinator and 2 protection project managers). Interested candidates can present their candidacy as a team if they have the complementary competences and have previously worked together.

Deadline for application is the 5th of May included

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