Expert consultancy - SSAD Senior Strategic Police Advisors (x2)

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Organization: Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance
Closing date: 17 May 2021

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DCAF’s Sub-Saharan Africa Division (SSAD) is seeking two qualified persons for the following consultancy positions:

Expert consultancy - SSAD

Senior Strategic Police Advisors (x2)

Location: Banjul, The Gambia and Home-based **

Starting date: 1st June 2021

Duration: June 1 2021, through to June 30, 2023

Level of Effort: 115 days consultancy

DCAF’s Sub-Saharan Africa Division seeks to engage two (2) senior strategic police advisors to provide expertise, guidance, support, mentorship and professional insight on police reform of the Gambian Police Force (GPF).

The senior strategic police advisors assignment will be required to provide extensive input and significant commitment over the duration of the programme, with a significant number of working days (115 per advisor) allocated to each of these roles, which will include supporting and directing technical working groups on thematic areas within the Police Force. The positions will require both in country and remote engagement with partners as part of the delivery methodology.

The Programme

‘Support to The Gambian Security Sector Reform Process’.

DCAF through its HQ in Switzerland and staff at its in-country office in Banjul, The Gambia, will deliver a 30-month programme funded through the European Development Fund.

The fundamental focus of the programme is to improve the efficiency, management/command and accountability of the Gambian Police Force (GPF). The process will also go to ensuring the conduct of personnel is in line with established performance and integrity standards for the police.

The overall programme objective is: “Gambian Police Force are more effective at ensuring human security at individual and community level, with due regard to international Human Rights standards.

The programme is structured around two primary outcomes:

1) Police strategic and operational decisions are guided by and consistent with policing doctrine and the values and principles defined in that policing doctrine (Outcome 1).

2) External oversight actors are more effective in holding to account the Gambian Police Force and other security institutions in their performance and conduct (Outcome 2).

The overall programme is guided by core principles of local ownership, inclusiveness, community and evidenced based approach to implementation.

The Role

The Strategic Police Adviser(s) will provide overall leadership, direction and guidance to DCAF’s programme in The Gambia in support to the SSR process. The programme is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the security sector, specifically the Gambian Police Force (GPF).

The Senior Strategic Police Advisors will be based remotely. As part of the programme methodology, twelve (12) in-country visits are foreseen, with the advisors travelling to The Gambia to facilitate delivery and coordination of the project under the police component. The in-country visits will be supplemented by additional engagement with the Gambian DCAF team and national partners, where necessary on digital platforms, such as Skype, ZOOM, ,Microsoft Teams etc.

The specific role of the advisors will require them to take key responsibilities in providing support and guidance, including a mentorship role to members of the Gambian Police Force under five (5) thematic police reform areas, namely:

· Strategy, Policy, Regulations, Policing principles and values

· Operational Management, Deployment, Organisational review and Planning

· Crisis Management and Critical Incident response

· Police Performance Management, data collection, analysis, coordination

· Strategic Police Leadership, Women leaders, Command, Management

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Represent DCAF as a Strategic Long-Term Police Advisor in the planning and delivery of the EDF programme with specific focus on the police component of the project
  • Engage with and coordinate designated activities in close collaboration with the DCAF project lead/team in Banjul
  • Engage with national stakeholders, facilitate and support the designated project activities
  • Provide strategic and managerial advice and guidance to the Gambian Police Force as required within the framework of the programme
  • Lead and facilitate the police working groups established to drive and manage the specific policing issues and outputs, including creating thematic Terms of Reference for each group
  • Guide, advise, support, coach and mentor each working group toward achieving their respective outputs
  • Undertake a series of in country activities in coordination with the respective working groups and their stakeholders in furtherance of the project outcomes
  • Conduct online, digital meetings, trainings, seminars, workshops, mentoring sessions, where appropriate, where Covid 19 or other restrictions limit international travel
  • Provide project continuity of technical support across the five policing components of the project
  • Lead on individual coaching and mentoring sessions to senior police officers, developing leadership and management skills
  • Liaise with and coordinate project activities in consultation with the DCAF team, the appointed short-term experts engaged on specific activities as defined, e.g. Policing doctrine, crisis or critical incident management, internal oversight and audit, strategic planning and performance management, police reform planning, crime and investigation management, strengthening leadership and command, including the role of senior women leaders in policing
  • Facilitate and deliver a number of seminars specifically as regards policing doctrine and policy, support and advise GPF regarding policing principles and values in the creation of such an overarching policy for the GPF
  • Evaluate, review and assess resources on policing tasks, deployments, priorities and accountability within the GPF
  • Support short term experts contributing to strengthening capacity to crisis management or critical incident response within the GPF and other institutions
  • Take a specific lead in supporting the development and building of a performance-based management system for the GPF, toward strengthening internal management systems and process and where results would identify tools and evidence for oversight mechanisms, internally and externally
  • Take a leading role in developing a strategy and programme to help build capacity with regards strengthening strategic leadership and command skills across the GPF, including senior women leaders. Provide support to the police academy to design and deliver promotional training for police officers, for all commanders, managers and supervisors within the GPF
  • Provide detailed project analysis and reports under each activity theme as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation element of the programme



University degree in security studies, political science, law, international relations or a related field; a combination of relevant academic qualifications and extensive experience may be accepted in lieu of the university degree.

Professional experience:

  • Minimum of 10 years of operational experience or senior command roles in the police
  • Minimum of four years of international experience in police reform contexts as an advisor or programme manager
  • Experience in working in Sub-Saharan Africa is desirable but not a requirement
  • Knowledgeable and in-depth understanding of security sector governance
  • Familiarity with project planning and design, budget management, project implementation and monitoring and evaluation
  • Excellent communications skills, and a perfect command of written and spoken English
  • Excellent organisational skills with strong attention to detail
  • Mentoring and coaching skills
  • Specific experience in the following areas:

o Practical knowledge and experience in policing reform practices

o Policing strategy & policy development

o Policing resource infrastructure & management

o Organisational review & planning

o Leadership training & development

o Policing & human rights

o Critical/Crisis Incident management, infrastructures & planning

o Performance management (structures, data collection, evaluation, accountability, decision making)

How to apply:

Consultants who fulfil the aforementioned criteria are invited to their CV and a letter of motivation to by 17th May, 2021 with the subject heading Recruitment Gambia *Strategic Police Advisors.** Only the consultants who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

DCAF is committed to equality of opportunity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates regardless of sex, age, disability, gender identity, religion, or ethnicity.

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