Consultancy Advert for Conducting an Ex-Post Evaluation of Four Family Strengthening Projects on Behalf of SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda

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Country: Rwanda
Organization: SOS Children's Villages International
Closing date: 16 Apr 2021

Consultancy Advert for Conducting an Ex-Post Evaluation of Four Family Strengthening Projects on Behalf of SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda


This advert serves as a request for proposals from firms or individual consultants who are interested in conducting an ex-post evaluation of SOS CV Rwanda four family strengthening projects implemented from 2013 up to now. Details regarding contents of proposals and submission procedures are explained herein.

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda is a non-governmental social development organization affiliated to SOS Children’s Villages International, a global federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it. SOS Children’s Villages started working in Rwanda since 1979. Currently, it implements different programmes in four locations located in: Gasabo, Gicumbi, Kayonza, and Nyamagabe Districts. Current programmes include alternative childcare, family strengthening & community empowerment and youth empowerment.

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda (SOS CVs Rwanda) has been implementing various family strengthening projects in four programme locations from 2013 up to date. Four of these projects have been co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit Hermann-Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland (HGFD) as lead applicant and SOS CVs Rwanda as local implementing partner. These parties have agreed to conduct an ex-post evaluation for the four projects, two in Gasabo District and 2 in Gicumbi District. The ex-post evaluation will be co-financed by BMZ and its objective is to assess the effectiveness and sustainability of the projects in empowering vulnerable families and community-based structures to provide adequate care to their children. This evaluation aims at deriving lessons learned and recommendations to improve the current programmes as well as to help re-strategise, plan and implement more effective and efficient programmes in the future.

Detailed terms of reference are available on SOS CV Rwanda website:


The evaluation will be conducted within two months from the date of contract signature and the final report will be prepared over a period of 2 weeks after the field phase. The final report should be submitted not later than July 15, 2021. Bidders are requested to detail working days and daily rates proposed for various phases of the evaluation, e.g. preparation phase, research phase in country/ in project location, analysis and development of study report, travel days, etc. REQUIRED EXPERTISE

The firm/person(s) carrying out this study should have a thorough understanding of the situation of the target group with proven competence and experience in conducting social research.

The consultants must have:

  • Proven competency in monitoring and evaluation, including impact assessment or project evaluation with at least 10 years of international experience in evaluation of development-related project as well as good knowledge of the local context. This would preferably be a consortium consisting of an international consultant and a local Rwandan consultant.

  • a social science background, e.g. higher education in Social Work, Psychology, Social-pedagogy, Community Development, Demography, Statistics, etc. is of advantage

  • a good understanding of development work, the social welfare and child protection system in the country

  • a good understanding of child rights and issues affecting vulnerable children

  • good facilitation and interpersonal skills

  • proven experience in interviewing children and vulnerable groups

  • proven experience in participatory processes and data collection methods

  • strong skills in coordinating teamwork

  • strong analytical and conceptual skills

  • excellent written communication skills

  • ability to transfer complex concepts and ideas into practical and simple language

  • ideally experience in organising research processes with/for institutional donor-funded projects

  • ideally experience and credibility in providing evaluating services to BMZ financed projects

External evaluators should not be biased and have any reason for conflict of interests. The evaluation team must respect the participating communities’ culture, social norms, values and behaviour; and maintain appropriate relationships with participants of this evaluation.

Documents to submit

All documents must be in PDF. Applications for the ex-post evaluation should contain the following information:

  1. Consultancy firm with registration certificate from Rwanda Development Board if registered in Rwanda

  2. Tax Clearance certificate from Rwanda Revenue Authority if registered in Rwanda

  3. At least 4 certificates of good completion related to previous similar studies/assignments

  4. An example of a recent/relevant evaluation report (if available for public use)

  5. Three references (at least two of them must be familiar with your work)

  6. Detailed Methodology/ Technical Proposal demonstrating how you understand and meet requirements for this assignment

  7. Detailed Work plan (including a time line) showing the detailed sequence and timeline for each deliverable

  8. CVs of the research team member(s) including current geographical location(s)

  9. Detailed financial proposal with all taxes inclusive

  10. Price schedule form (to be in separate PDF file)

  11. Proof of payment of tender submission non-refundable fees equivalent to (30,000 Rwf) Thirty thousand Rwandan Francs payable on SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda account number: 400418314910177 RWF, Swift code: BPRWRWRW entitled SOS-CV RWANDA TRUST opened in BPR

  12. Any other information to further support the eligibility of the candidate

Modification and withdrawal of bids

Proposals may be withdrawn on written request prior to the closing date of this invitation. Any corrections or changes must be received prior to the closing date. Changes must be clearly stated in comparison with the original proposal. Failure to do so will be at the bidder’s own risk and disadvantage.

Signing of the contract

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda will inform the successful bidder electronically and will send the contract form within 2 weeks after closure of the bid submission deadline. The successful bidder shall sign and date the contract, and return it to SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda within seven calendar days of receipt of the contract. After the contract is signed by the two parties, the successful bidder shall deliver the services in accordance with the delivery schedule outlined in the bid.

How to apply:

Well written bids, must be sent electronically to the following e-mail addresses:**** no later than 9 April, 2021 at 3:00pm, local hours. **

Please note that any application and relevant documents submitted in hard copy will be rejected.

Done at Kigali on 16 April 2021

Jean Bosco Kwizera

National Director

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda

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