Tender: Development and Maintenance of Cap-Net’s MEL Platform

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Organization: Global Water Partnership
Closing date: 22 Apr 2021


The overall objective of the tender is to identify a supplier who will provide the Cap-Net Secretariat with a tailored digital system for comprehensively managing the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning processes of the organization’s activities. A system may be a single digital platform that matches all requirements listed in the tender or a collection/suite of multiple digital tools that are well-integrated and collectively achieve the full requirements listed in the tender.

Cap-Net's Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system focuses on measuring and strengthening the impact of capacity development activities (CDAs) delivered by Cap-Net. Through the delivery of these activities on a diverse set of themes, Cap-Net aims to achieve various levels of outcomes relevant to sustainable water management in a broad spectrum. In order to capture these changes, Cap-Net’s current process is based on various data collection and analysis tools, measurement and reporting mechanisms against goals, expected results and indicators within the Cap-Net’s Theory of Change and logical framework.

As part of Cap-Net’s 2021 Work Plan and long-term strategy, Cap-Net seeks to improve its current system through the design and development of an integrated online (natively cloud-based) information management system, hereafter referred to as MEL Platform to measure its achievements towards sustainable water management through a more systematic and accurate approach.

Currently, the objectives of the MEL platform are as follows:

  • Automate functions to ease project and grant/contract management processes, integrating existing Microsoft and Google based productivity suites and other in place IT solutions
  • Facilitate planning and budgetary processes by input, tracking and visualizing data and information in customizable dashboards.
  • Track and report activity, output and outcome-level related progress, milestone completion and delivery status based on set indicators.
  • Collect, monitor, and manage members and participant information in databases.
  • Allow for systematic data collection, query, analysis and visual presentation through customizable forms, templates, and surveys in a robust and easy to use cloud/web-based platform.
  • Facilitate information sharing and learning of service delivery including impact stories, lessons learned, evaluations, and learning reports.
  • Facilitate extraction of reports in various graphical and tabular formats.

Full tender details available on our website together with cost breakdown sheet and our standard consulting conditions

How to apply:

Submission of Tender offers

The tender offer shall be

  • submitted in English to procurement@gwp.org.
  • Complete with all relevant company names, address, contact persons and e-mail address, VAT-number (or other relevant tax registration number)
  • signed by the authorised representative of the bidder
  • considered as confidential.
  • specifying the e-mail address of the supplier to which potential clarifications may be sent

By submitting a tender, the bidder confirms that the bidder:

  • is registered in the professional and trade registers in the country where the supplier is based (certificate may be requested by GWPO).
  • has not been convicted of any criminal offence and is, if requested, able to produce an extract from a legal register, or in the absence of such a register, a certificate issued by an authorized legal or administrative authority in the country of origin or in the country where the supplier is based, as means of proof.
  • is not in debt with either the tax authority or the enforcement service regarding the payment of any required taxes and/or social security contributions (certificate(s) may be requested by the GWPO where appropriate). VAT-number, if any, should be stated.
  • is, if requested, able to present adequate papers proving that they have not been convicted of any crime concerning the exercising of a profession, been the subject of a legal verdict or been found guilty of gross misconduct whilst providing a professional service.
  • is not bankrupt or currently the subject of bankruptcy proceeding, compulsory liquidation, compulsory management arrangement or accord. The bidder also confirms that they have not cancelled payments or been made the subject of a trading ban or any other similar arrangement
  • does not feature on the list of EU restrictive measures, which is published on the following website:www.sanctionsmap.eu
  • has not been engaged in wrongful conduct such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, child labour, trafficking, etc.

The bidder also confirms that the company has the financial capacity, as well as the technical, quality assurance, research and development capacities and abilities for the assignment/fulfilment of the bidder’s contractual obligations

Certificates and other proof as stated above may be requested by the GWPO where appropriate. Note that certificates should only be supplied upon separate request from GWPO. Bidders failing to produce proof if requested by GWPO will be disqualified.

To verify that the exclusion and qualification criteria are fulfilled, GWPO may acquire information from a credit-reporting bureau.

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