Technical Consultancy Services across GOAL’s Global Programme and Partners in the Graduation Approach Methodology

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Organization: GOAL
Closing date: 11 Apr 2021

GOAL is an Irish international humanitarian organization founded in 1977 and currently operational in 14 countries[1], in both protracted crisis and long-term development contexts. Globally, GOAL has four programmatic foci: people survive crises; people have resilient health; people have food and nutrition security; and people have sustainable livelihoods. GOAL works with the permanent players i.e. governments, civil society organizations and communities and the private sector in order to protect and stimulate socio-economic development

[1] Columba, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, S. Susan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Purpose of the consultancies

As GOAL’s global programming moves to deepen its experience in the Graduation Approach methodology, we wish to build skills and confidence across our global team and partners in the Graduation Approach methodology and are seeking a technical advisory service provider. GOAL proposes to procure a technical expert, contracted on a framework agreement where we can draw down consultancy expertise across our global programme. Each specific consultancy would work to an agreed Terms of Reference (ToR) at a mutually agreed time.

Purpose of the Framework Agreement

The aim of this procurement is to put in place a global framework agreement with a technical expert in the Graduation Approach. The framework agreement will agree a daily rate and terms and conditions for unspecified pieces of work across GOAL’s global programming. Each consultancy that flows from this framework agreement will have its own approved (by both parties) Terms of Reference (TOR) and agreed CV for the specific consultant(s) assigned to each individual piece of work. The daily rate needs to be comprehensive and include all other costs (including insurance, accommodation, per diems etc), but excluding flights, these will be booked (economy class) and paid for by GOAL. GOAL is seeking two daily rates, one for remote support and the other for a mix of in-country and remote support.

The benefit of a framework agreement to GOAL is access to technical advisory services and a formal procurement process in place, so that any of GOAL’s country programmes can draw down on the resource, once they have secured the necessary resources and developed a specific TOR and are in a position to manage the consultancy in country. The benefit to the consultancy service provider is that it reduces the frequency of bidding for different pieces of technical assistance work overtime.

NB. The framework agreement does not commit either party to undertake or pay for a consultancy but will remain in place for three years with an annual review.

Consultant skills and experience required

The consultant should be able to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their technical experience in all aspects of the Graduation Approach methodology. Including, but not limited to, targeting and developing graduation criteria, training Coaches, labour and enterprise market assessments, mapping of market facing skill providers, both, institutional and private sector led. The consultant should be experienced in mentoring teams in diverse contexts in the Graduation Approach methodology and in setting up and adaptively managing monitoring systems. They should be experienced in Graduation Approach evaluation and learning systems and be able to demonstrate their contribution to global learning in the Graduation Approach.

How to apply:

Interested Consultants may obtain tender dossiers with instructions in English language by accessing full tender documentation on our website For more information please write to

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