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Organization: Fairtrade Africa
Closing date: 10 Apr 2021


Fairtrade Africa (FTA), a member of the wider Fairtrade International movement represents Fairtrade certified producers in Africa and the Middle East. We operate four regional networks: Eastern and Central Africa Network (ECAN) based in Nairobi, Kenya; West Africa Network (WAN) based in Accra, Ghana, Southern Africa Network (SAN) based in Blantyre- Malawi, South Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa Network (MENA).

Fairtrade Africa is owned by its members, who are African producer organizations certified against Fairtrade International Standards producing traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, tea, flowers, cotton, bananas, cane sugar, wine, fresh fruits, and non-traditional commodities including shea butter and rooibos tea. Currently, the organization represents over 1,600,000 producers across 33 countries in Africa. Fairtrade Africa secretariat is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and has 50% ownership of the Fairtrade system. Our mandate is guided by the current strategic plan 2021-2025 revolves around four key pillars outlined below:

  • Product and Market development,
  • Policy & Advocacy,
  • Sustainable Farming Systems,
  • Transformed & Strengthened Producer Organizations.


With more than 600 Fairtrade Certified Producer Organizations (PO's) spread across the four regional networks, Fairtrade Africa producer support staff deliver capacity building services to POs to ensure continued compliance with Fairtrade standards requirements and understanding of Fairtrade thematic topics. To deliver effective producer support, our staff need to have the necessary training material needed to meet the PO’s specific needs. Through this project, we aim to ensure the content delivered during these capacity-building sessions is consistent while suiting the specific contexts in which training is delivered. This will be achieved by developing rich instructional training materials and aminations that provide practical demonstrations of various topics and Fairtrade standards compliance areas.


· To standardize the existing training content and materials used for producer support into standard training modules to ensure more consistent and effective producer support service across all the regions of FTA operation.

· Designing training content in formats that support an effective mix of learning methods namely; videos animations, illustrations, tutorials, and multiple-choice tests to enhance learning methodologies and appeals to learners of different capacities.


The consultant shall develop 14 training manuals in PDF & PowerPoint formats covering the identified areas that Fairtrade Africa trains its Producer Organizations. This will enable effective and consistent dissemination of content to all Fairtrade Africa members. The consultant will take all the existing training materials that Fairtrade Africa has on the 14 identified areas below, restructure it and build on it, adding illustrations and case studies. The topics include:

· Gender awareness and equality.

· Living income.

· Living wage and workers’ rights.

· Climate Change.

· Inclusion of Youth, Women & People living with disabilities.

· Child labor and the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

· Organizational Development, Leadership & governance in Small-scale Producer Organizations (SPO’s).

· Risk assessment & management.

· Budgeting, Financial Management & reporting.

· Record Keeping.

· Fairtrade Premium Committees (FPC), Principles & Processes

· Fairtrade Premium Use & Management.

· Fairtrade Hired Labor (HL) Standard.

· Fairtrade Small-scale Producer Organization (SPO) Standard.


a. Gather all the available content from Fairtrade Africa on the key areas listed.

b. Analyze for gaps in the content and work in collaboration with the project team to develop up additional content to cover the gaps.

c. Provide an outline of the training materials content developed in consultation with the project team.

d. Develop the content in PDF and Power-point file formats and with all the power-point presentations voiced over.

e. Develop instructional training animated videos; each 5 to 10 minutes long, providing practical demonstrations on all the topics of the fourteen key areas highlighted above. In total, 10 animated videos and shall be developed with guidance from the project team.

f. Develop the training materials to support a mix of learning methodologies such as case studies, multiple-choice tests to enhance learning methodologies that appeal to learners of different categories.

g. Develop the training materials to include practical exercises, case studies, illustrations in the form of artwork (cartoons, pictograms), assessments, course evaluations, and worksheets.

h. Structure the training content logically in an educational tool kit that clearly outlines each topic/chapter and its learning objectives. This will be developed with guidance from the project team.


The assignment should be carried out within a maximum period of 90 calendar days from the date of contract signing by both parties. A detailed work plan including feedback time and specific deadline will be jointly agreed on during the inception meeting between the consultant and the project team.

The consultant is expected to spend a reasonable number of working days in the FTA offices in Nairobi – Westlands to plan for the assignment and consult with the FTA project team. The consultant will have to adhere to all applicable COVID 19 mitigation measures.


The selected consultant must have:

a. A demonstrated financial capacity to undertake the assignment.

b. Have a good understanding of sustainability schemes in key-value chains such as Fairtrade, as well as coffee, cocoa, bananas, tea, and flower supply chains.

c. Must have a Degree or Diploma in Training and Development or Curriculum Development or and related area as well as specialized skills and knowledge on training and development, curriculum development, and andragogy.

d. Demonstrated experience in developing adult training material in the development field

e. Demonstrate that they possess adequate in-house technical capacity to complete the assignment.

f. Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the design and animation of training content.

g. Provide a portfolio of at least 10 animations or videos on development issues.

h. Have state-of-the-art production equipment and provide evidence of the same.

How to apply:

While preparing the proposal, applicants must include the following:

a. Letter of Interest

b. A brief description of the consultant's firm or consultant and an outline of recent experience on the assignment of similar nature.

c. Consultant statement on the interpretation of Terms of Reference.

d. Technical proposal; a description of the methodology/approach.

e. Financial proposal including a work plan for carrying out the assignment. This must include a valid tax compliance certificate, a certificate of incorporation, and 6-month bank statements or current bank guarantee or Latest Audited accounts.

f. At least 3 references or recommendation letters on a similar assignment.

g. CVs of the consultant including the members who might be engaged on this assignment.

All proposals must be submitted to no later than April 10th, 2021. Applications that do not meet the outlined qualifications and requirements will not be considered. Further, only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

All proposals must be sent with the subject line: Terms of Reference for Standardization of Training Materials & Production of animated videos & content.

NB**:** Proposals must be submitted electronically; physical submissions will not be considered.

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