Quality and Accountability Coordinator (Q&A) Multi-country Delegation (MCD) Jordan & Palestine

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Country: Jordan
Organization: Terre des hommes
Closing date: 8 Apr 2021

General Responsibilities (Overall purpose)

Terre des hommes (Tdh) Lausanne works in Palestine since 1973 and in Jordan since 2007, in close collaboration with recognized local partners and in partnership with several international donors. Since the end of 2019, based on a context needs and SWOT analysis, both delegations have been gathered under one common entity, a Multi-Country Delegation (MCD).

The main coordination office of the MDC is located in Amman (Jordan) and there are 3 sub-offices (1 in Irbid (Jordan), 1 in Jerusalem and 1 Gaza (Palestine)) in addition of several others implementing venues through local partners. The MCD comprises around 60 employees and 30 volunteers. All volunteers and around 50 employees are in Jordan, mainly based in the North where most of the activities are implemented, and around 10 employees are in Palestine, mainly based in Gaza where most of the activities are implemented.

The expected MCD global budget for 2020 will be around 4 million USD, with the main donors being AFD, BMZ, ECHO, UNOCHA, UNICEF and MEPI.

Tdh implements a resilience-based approach aiming to strengthen the whole system for the benefit of the most vulnerable children and families, including the refugees. The interventions employ a multisector model of action, through providing support to children, youth, families/caregivers and communities while investing on the development of capacities of key local – formal and informal – actors. Over the decades, Tdh - one of the Child Protection leading agency in Jordan and Palestine - has developed specific expertise on Migration, Access to Justice (A2J) and Child Labor (CL) programs through providing direct services in child friendly centers, mobile units and working with local partners.

The Q&A Manager is in charge to ensure quality and accountability across of Tdh MCD processes, approaches, systems, tools and plans Through provisioning methodological and technical guidance and support to operations teams, performing situation analyses, designing intervention strategies, capitalizing on lessons learned and creating the necessary conditions to inform, involve and communicate with populations and actors affected by projects and programmes (accountability).

S/he ensures that ethical principles such as gender equality, fairness and “do no harm” are respected in projects and programmes, and in the overall organizations’ decision making processes.

S/he supports an institutional culture that encourages discussion, critical thinking, collective learning and teamwork.

Specific Responsibilities / Context (Tasks)

Strategic management:

· Leads the development and implementation of the MCD Q&A strategy, its operational framework & the Theory of Change (ToC) M&E framework, in keeping with Tdh’s policy and orientations (in coordination with the MCD Country Representative and the MCD Programme Coordinator).

· Takes responsibility for the quality of the methodological tools provided by the Q&A department to project/programme teams. Checks that conditions are suitable for their adoption by teams and monitors the progress of Q&A projects.

· As a member of the SMT contributes together with the other coordinators in periodically reviewing, analyzing and implementing the strategic plan of the MCD and in the formulation of the annual strategic priorities and action plans;

· Helps collect and share lessons learned; supports a culture of openness and discussion where critical thinking is encouraged in order to learn from mistakes and continually improve actions through periodic strategic review processes.

· Setting up systems that allows the MCD to constantly hear beneficiaries, partners and staff feedback on the quality of service delivery and its effectiveness and channeling this information into management decision making processes.

· Ensures projects, programmes and Q&A initiatives respect ethical principles such as gender equality, fairness, data protection, community & partner engagement, and “do no harm”. In particular, protects confidential data, applies the principles of informed consent, and protects children any harm in his/her area of expertise.

Staff Management and Capacity building

· Provide line management & leadership to the Q&A team, ensuring they are all supported and guided to conduct their work effectively;

· Leads hiring and orientation of new staff under his/her line management, in coordination with the HR, including finalizing the JDs, recruiting, participating in interviews;

· Evaluates the staff under her/his direct responsibility on a regular basis and pass on the evaluations and recommendations to the MCD Representative.

· Contributes in the development of the staff care and capacity building plan of the Q&A team and ensures its implementation to develop and strengthen the managerial and technical skills.

· Ensures the coaching of any collaborator under her/his responsibility, from the recruiting to the final collaboration reports. Uses the good practices so that her/his management respects the values of Tdh;

· Encourages effective team work, especially on issues related to cross-sectoral collaboration;

· Promotes and encourages a culture of compliance and ethics throughout MCD Jordan and Palestine. As applicable to the position, maintains a clear understanding of Tdh’ and donor compliance and ethics standards and adheres to those standards. Communicates these values to staff and to partners and requires them to adhere to these values.

Support to project and programme teams – situation analyses, strategy, capitalization on lessons learned and accountability

  • Provides direct methodological and technical support to teams and partner organizations while taking part in the following tasks:

  • Writing terms of reference for assignments; helping to select consultants and monitoring their work; analyzing, accounting for and sharing the results.

  • Actively participating and facilitating to design intervention strategies for the delegation, programmes, projects or advocacy initiatives.

  • Actively participating in new project proposals design and writing.

  • Actively participating and facilitating to design and implement an accountability framework adapted to projects that enable Tdh to inform, consult, engage, and receive feedback from affected populations.

  • Complements tasks requiring specific technical expertise and/or work volume for programme teams and partner organizations such as in situation analyses, specific studies and investigations (excluding M&E studies completed internally), organization and management of strategic working groups (planning, multi-actor consultation, etc.)

Monitoring and evaluation

· Assumes responsibility for the design and implementation of the M&E framework and tools across all programme and projects covered by the MCD;

· Supports the programs team with tools, and capacity building to efficiently track implementation, monitor activity quality, effectiveness, and timely and accurate reporting, proper documentation, sustainable partnering and smooth transitioning.

· Supervises staff in charge of M&E and ensures the quality of their contributions to project and programme teams.

· Checks the quality of monitoring plans, the relevance of allocated resources and the feasibility of plans and organizational measures adopted for their implementation; coordinates the different actors involved; and ensures the monitoring and information management systems are consistent across the entire delegation.

· Supervises and/or helps project and programme teams develop terms of reference for monitoring & evaluations studies and investigations, select consultants (if necessary), monitor progress, analyze results and ensure results are considered by operations teams.

Learning and Reflection

· Takes responsibility for building the Q&A & Programmatic skills of Tdh’s programme teams, project teams and partner organizations by ensuring that the support provided to teams furthers their training (through mentoring) and by organizing training sessions as needed.

· Actively contributes to instill a culture of learning and reflection in the MCD, through facilitating periodical project level reflection meetings, writing digestible reflection and lessons learning reports, creating platforms for technical learning and knowledge sharing, setting up systems for institutionalizing knowledge management, etc.

Information Management

· Ensures the programmatic data collection is transitioned to digitalized systems, with the adaptation of MDC and or more modern technology. (only use paper where MDC is impossible to be applied)

· Ensures that all programmatic data is processed, centralized and managed in accordance to the data protection policy, yet using the most cost-effective technologies.

· Enables the MCD to generate the most up-to-date and accurate programmatic information for internal management decisions making and external reporting purposes.

Partnering & liaising

  • Takes leadership in the development and implementation of the partnering approach, consisting of policies, tools and capacity development framework for programmatic engaging with local partners.
  • Proactively liaisons with the relevant government departments to ensure Tdh’s compliance with regulations, procedures, law and systems (in Jordan). Especially the coordination with the MOPIC, MoSD and other line ministries on project related requirements (in Jordan).

Internal and external networking

  • Takes part in discussions on Q&A with external actors, other delegations & HQ.
  • Helps roll out Tdh’s HQ Q&A strategy by in coordination with the Q&A Unit at head office.


Reference document :

This role requires a mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

In particular: (select the ones that are most relevant to the job

Adopts a collaborative attitude both inside and outside the department

Command of support and advice roles and competencies

Excellent conceptual and strategic analysis skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills; active listening skills

Requirements for the position


· Education: University (Master) degree in relevant field

· Language: Excellent oral and writing skills in English, Arabic an asset

Previous experience:

· Previous experience with an INGO is mandatory

· At least 5 years of experience in a similar senior management position covering MEAL/Q&A

· Previous experiences in the MENA region, especially Jordan and/or Palestine, would be a distinct advantage

Knowledge and skills:

· Expertise in project cycle management, detailed knowledge of concepts, processes and tools, and experience in l leading participative processes;

· Expertise in designing, planning and implementing Q&A initiatives (situation analyses, developing a theory of change, planning, monitoring, evaluation, capitalizing on lessons learned, participation, communication, information management);

· Knowledge of and professional experience in the children’s rights field (Child protection), and SGBV, MHPSS in the humanitarian aid/development context;

· Ability to travel to the MCD operational areas on a regular basis.

Work location: position based in Jordan or Palestine (depending on the best candidate selected) with regular travels- in average every two months to Palestine where Tdh works (Gaza, WB and Jerusalem)

Previous applications are already taken into consideration, hence those who previously applied to this position do not need to re- apply.

How to apply:

For interested candidates ,please send your updated resumes with a cover letter to the email below address Name of Applicant /Position.

Applicants are reviewed and screened before deadline ,so we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible.


Note :Any email with a little that does not have the required information will be disregarded

Terre des hommes does not set closing dates for this position; recruitment is on-going until the position is filled

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