Durable Solutions Consultant

NGO Jobs / UN Jobs Vacancy

Country: Ukraine
Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council
Closing date: 26 Mar 2021

1. Background:

Almost seven years of active fighting have had profound consequences on the lives of more than five million people in conflict-affected Donetska and Luhanska oblasts of eastern Ukraine. Some 3.4 million of these people are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. The vast majority of the 1.9 million people targeted for humanitarian assistance live in the two oblasts. Over 770,000 of the people targeted live in areas outside of Government-control (NGCA) while 1.14 million live in Government-controlled areas (GCA). The GCA caseload includes 189,000 people who have been internally displaced and account for 17 per cent of the people targeted in GCA. There are fewer people targeted for assistance in NGCA than GCA despite the higher severity of humanitarian needs because ongoing access constraints continue to limit operational capacity.

The shock of COVID-19 has created additional pressure on the struggling civilian population. The pandemic and its ramifications have sent the weakened healthcare system, the insufficient provision of social services and the declining regional economy to a breaking point. The affected populations’ living standards are negatively impacted by the disruption of basic services such as water, electricity, public transport and health care. The “contact line” has severed local service networks, markets and employment opportunities between GCA and NGCA. This has led to a “reorganization” of networks, forcing people, particularly in rural areas, to make new connections and seek services and employment in new locations. This phenomenon has placed an additional burden on services and capacities in urban areas that have not been directly affected by the armed conflict, but now have to serve a larger population. IDPs face difficulties related to durable solutions and seek greater support in the areas of livelihoods and housing. Increased restrictions on humanitarian access to Donetsk (NGCA) have been compounded by the closures of the crossing points due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has limited civilians’ abilities to cross the “contact line” and has led to a significant gap in the humanitarian response as only few partners have had access to implement projects. This unfortunate situation has led to approximately 230,000 people with unmet needs in NGCA.

COVID-19 is expected to further strain the ability of vulnerable populations to access adequate livelihoods, basic needed items, and food in the immediate future. Unemployment and resulting poverty are already high among people on both sides of the “contact line” due to the closing or downsizing of companies and low agricultural productivity as a result of the armed conflict and will remain so even after the reopening of the crossing points. The closing of the crossing points has curtailed access to pensions and other social benefits in GCA. In Donetska and Luhanska oblasts specifically, the COVID-19 epidemic is likely to further damage the region’s already fragile economic conditions. The immediate consequences of COVID-19 are manifested in rising food prices in the conflict-affected oblasts. According to the Humanitarian Needs Overview 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the pre-existing food security and livelihood challenges of the conflict-affected population in both the Government-controlled area (GCA) and the non-Government-controlled area (NGCA) of Luhanska and Donetska Oblasts. The deteriorating food security and livelihood crisis can be attributed to several factors — some interlinked and mutually reinforcing — such as rising food prices, disrupted access to markets, ongoing restriction of movements of people across the “contact line”, reduction in industrial production, slow economic growth coupled with high unemployment and limited livelihood opportunities.

2. Objectives:

The main objectives for the consultancy include:

· Assess NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods programming, analyze internal and external tools available to provide recommendations for future successful development and implementation of the Programme.

· Advise on the needs for information management and support in the development of tools to measure impact including assessments to determine baseline, end-line, and outcome monitoring.

· Provide strategic recommendations to the Head of Programs and Area Manager to strenghthen NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods interventions.

3. Key activities:

The key activities for the consultancy will include:

· Conduct an assessment of LFS Programme and provide recommendations on the future development based on strategic needs of the Country Office programme.

· Develop recommendations on capacity building to the LFS team to ensure high technical quality during the implementation of livelihoods and cash programming.

· Advise and support fundraising efforts and directions for the growth of NRC Ukraine’s LFS and Programme.

· Provide recommendations for the development / improvement of tools related to market systems, food security, and information management products related to livelihoods programming.

4. Main deliverables:**

  • Deliverable 1: Inception report outlining project needs, technical support required, and capacity gaps with recommendations to address them – e.g. SOPs, procedures, etc.
  • Deliverable 2: Development / Recommendations for the adoption of two assessment tools focusing on economic security and markets to measure impact NRC Ukraine’s integrated livelihoods programming.
  • Deliverable 3: Recommendations for fundraising based on assessment of NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods and cash integrated programme with Concept Note(s) based on existing programme.
  • Deliverable 4: Summary report outlining recommendations for the development / improvement of tools related to information management products related to livelihoods programming. **

5. Payment Terms

  • The payment for the evaluation service will be implemented through the NRC Head Office in Oslo in USD by bank transfer within 10 working days after submission of all required documents and deliverables by the evaluator(s) to NRC Ukraine.
  • The international consultant(s) are responsible for all taxable income in their home country.

6. Required competencies:**

  • Relevant university degree (economics, management, or business studies).
  • At least 5 years of proven professional experience in humanitarian-development sector; at least 3 of which should be overseas in an emergency / conflict setting.

· Experience and understanding at both the managerial and technical of market-based programming for cash and livelihoods interventions.

· Experience in the development of information management products to showcase programmatic impacts.

  • Excellent communication both written and oral.
  • Prior experience working in capacity building.
  • Prior experience working with NRC is an advantage.
  • Prior experience working in Ukraine or the Caucasus region is highly desirable.
  • Fluency in English, both spoken and written is required.

7. Application instructions:

  • The Consultancy should be conducted and finalized within a period of 30 days. Applications should include the following:

o CVs

o Cover letter addressing how the applicant meets Required Competencies

o At least 2 samples of previous work undertaken and led by the consultant

o Proposed budget itemized detailing consultancy fees, travel, per diem, insurance costs, and communications; all budgets should be made in USD.

o If applying as a registered business, please provide all registration and tax documents. This can be business registration and/or VAT or company tax registration from country of origin. If no proof of registration is available, consultant (sole trader) must confirm by signing the Consultant declaration that he/she complied with self-employment regulation in his / her country of origin.

Important Notes regarding Deliverables

Reports should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, in UK English [amend as appropriate]*. All text should be unformatted. Graphs or other graphical devices should be editable (i.e. not pictures). All references must be cited according to convention, and detailed in a bibliography, using the Harvard system as set out in the* UNESCO Style Manual. All verbatim quotations must appear in quotation marks and must not be of excessive length. All data collected under the consultancy must be submitted with the deliverables, in a widely recognized format such as Microsoft Excel.

Everything submitted to NRC must be the original work of the consultants. Any plagiarism in any form, or any other breach of intellectual property rights, will automatically disqualify the consultant from receiving any further payments under the contract by NRC, and NRC will seek to recover any payments already made.

The consultant will follow Ethical Research Involving Children guidance on the ethical participation of children. In addition, all participants in any study or other interaction will be fully informed about the nature and purpose of the interaction and their requested involvement. Informed consent must be obtained for any photographs, audio or video recordings, etc., in accordance with NRC’s policy on consent.

NRC will own the intellectual property rights to all materials submitted by the consultants under the contract. The consultants must therefore ensure that they have possession of any materials provided to NRC as a part of the deliverable. The rights to reproduce the reports will fall to NRC and its contracted agents. NRC will be free to reproduce the materials at will and to grant reproduction rights.

How to apply:

NRC Ukraine: Durable Solutions Consultant for NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods programming.

Invitation to tender.

Contract Name: Consultancy services – Durable Solutions Consultant for NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods programming.
Contract Number: PR 8102423

This bid is issued by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC office in Ukraine). Any correspondence can be addressed the following address ua.procurement.sdo@nrc.no.

The Contracts eligible for bidding are:

Contract No. PR 8102423**

Country Ukraine

Location Sievierodonetsk

Service Description

Consultancy services – Durable Solutions Consultant for NRC Ukraine’s livelihoods programming.


Invitation to Bid release (re advert):12 March 2021

Deadline for request for any clarifications from NRC: 22 March 2021

Last date on which clarifications are issued by NRC: 24 March 2021

Deadline for submission of tenders (receiving date, not sending date): 26 March 2021 at 18.00

*All times are in the local time of Kyiv

Please note all dates are provisional dates and NRC reserves the right to modify this schedule.

Please submit your bids by e-mail to ua.procurement.sdo@nrc.no

on the due date indicated above. Tenders will be opened thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.

Download the full ToR and RfQ to Bid:



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