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Country: Philippines
Organization: Entrepreneurs du Monde
Closing date: 19 Mar 2021



· Manage the performance and activities of Area Field Officers (AFOs) assigned in each barangay.**

· Facilitate the communication between community volunteers and EdM – ATE CO Officers**

· Manage and monitor the service fees collection **


Role in Community Activities at Barangay Level

  • Ensure the development processes and activities are facilitated efficiently, with the direct participation, inclusion, and engagement of relevant stakeholders**

  • Ensure that opportunities are provided, processes are designed, and mechanisms are established, that allow all individuals, especially the most marginalized groups, to engage in and benefit from project activities

  • Establish, develop, and implement EDM field-level operations and monitoring

  • Facilitate area opening activities in coordination with Area Development Officer and Branch Manager by assisting the implementation of the awareness campaign on renewable energy

  • Handle the service fees collection from customers (physical or via mobile transfer): physical counting, balance reconciliation, discrepancy report etc.

  • Schedule and facilitate trainings within the communities as per training calendar, in coordination with Training Manager.

Management of Activities of Area Field Officers

  • Train and support community volunteers on their required tasks

  • Follow-up with prospection/installation with community volunteers

  • Schedule installation/maintenance/removal together with community volunteers and EdM/ATE Co installation team

Customer Relations

  • Ensure positive relationships and communication between the Area Field Officers and the customers

  • Intervene directly in case of issues reported from a customer to the EdM hotline, in coordination with EdM/ATE Co installation team

  • Maintain current knowledge of the field activities: customer location and feedback

  • Oversee any late payers in coordination with the community volunteers; suggest revisions to relevant internal policy as appropriate

Software-related tasks and reporting

  • Report required information/analytics available on the software to the community volunteers and the Area Development Officer (late payers, customers’ accounts, etc.)

  • Report any issues related to the software to the Area Development Officer

  • Submit regular prospection and sales reports/field-based reports/incident reports

  • Attend regular meetings and report on accomplishments and progress


· Average English and Tagalog communication skills both in oral and written

· Strong experience in similar community-based fieldwork; cash collection/management

· Self-motivated and able to work as part of a team

· Good customer relations skills

· Professionalism and trustworthiness

· Valid license (car and motor)

· Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Outlook)

· Flexibility

How to apply:


Activity: ATE Co (Access to Energy, a program of Entrepreneurs du Monde)

Direct supervisor: Area Development Officer

Duty Station: Quezon province, Burdeos

Contact: recruitment-philippines@entrepreneursdumonde.org - Please kindly send your resume and cover letter if interested.

Website: ateco-ph.com*

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