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Country: Jordan
Organization: Finn Church Aid
Closing date: 25 Feb 2021

1. Background

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest Finnish organization for development cooperation and the second largest provider of humanitarian assistance. FCA operates in twelve countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and has over 70 years of experience from international aid. FCA specializes in supporting local communities in three priority areas: Right to Livelihood, Right to Quality Education and Right to Peace. Our operations includes long-term development cooperation, humanitarian assistance and advocacy. FCA has been working in Jordan since 2012 with focus on mitigating the impact of the regional refugee crisis especially among youth and young adults. Over the years, the priorities of the country program have gradually shifted from Education in Emergencies to long-term resilience and reduced aid dependency of both refugees and vulnerable host communities. These goals are promoted especially through various livelihood interventions.

Objective of assignment:

Design and deliver Women Group Discussions to address challenges in young women economic participation and seek solutions using participatory approach within the scope of The Municipal Businesses Project (MUBU)

The Municipal Businesses Project (MUBU) is a two years’ project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands, aims to improve social-economic prospects for refugees and host communities in six municipalities in Jordan through holistic interventions focusing on protection and support by developing locally appropriate businesses. The project is being implemented by Finn Church Aid (FCA) and HelpAge International (HAI) in cooperation with six Local Development Units (LDUs) of six municipalities in different governorates in Jordan (Dhlail in Zarqa governorate, Sahab in Amman governorate, Mahis in Salt governorate, Greater Jerash Municipality in Jerash governorate, Alza’tari & Almansheah in Mafraq governorate, Jnaid in Ajloun governorate). This will help to localize the support and link the project to the decentralization agenda of the government, ensuring sustainability and utilizing local resources. The project will specifically focus on self-employment (entrepreneurship) of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations with special attention to youth, women, people with disabilities and household heads with older or disabled members of the household. In vulnerable families, income is needed to support family members with special needs. By linking livelihood interventions to the protection of and social and health services to these vulnerable groups, we will seek to reduce the burden on young members of the family, thus providing for a more integrated and sustainable response.
As part of MUBU project, focused group discussion sessions for women (right holders) will be organized to discuss challenges in employment and entrepreneurship and seek solutions. The discussion groups will be open to all women aged between 18-35, both Syrian refugees and host community members taking part in the project or from the local community of each targeted area to tackle the barriers for women to access the economic environment. The group discussion will be also advertised through networks and social media and may be live-streamed to reach a bigger audience besides than the beneficiaries. The subjects of the group meetings will include such topics as women’s economic rights and empowerment as well as support to women to form social initiatives. During the discussion groups, women will share their successful strategies of overcoming barriers to (self-) employment and provide peer-support. Role model women, who have overcome those barriers will be invited to the meetings. The key messages from the right holders will be used for advocacy toward duty bearers. Sixteen meetings will take place in each project location (eight per year per location) with about 15 women per group (on rotating principle. However, if subject could not be covered in one session or some women are very active and motivated to participate in other sessions inviting them again can be possible. Targeted women will be mostly economically active or had been active and currently unemployed.
The Consultant for the women empowerment activity will provide a range of technical, coordination and reporting responsibilities in the design, implementation and facilitation of 42 women group discussion sessions and advocacy work based on discussion sessions conclusion to support MUBU project in one of its delivery pillar. Working with Local Development Units, Women Empowerment Units and local partners in six municipalities, and MUBU team members. Further, s/he is expected to provide technical direction in the design and implementation, and in collaboration with MUBU staff.
The Consultant will be responsible for design, facilitation, implementation and reporting of the Women Empowerment activity and is required to ensure that all aspects of the activity are implemented in accordance with the project directions and objectives, including:
 Meet and work with the local partners and guest speakers, as needed.
 Draft and finalize the Sessions Plan, including, but not limited to; topics, activities, guest speakers and material for the Project Manager Review and approval.
 Prepare required reporting and documentation templates.
 Responsible for conducting and facilitating the discussions and brainstorm sessions and keep them moving in a direction that produces reliable outcomes that will be used for advocacy toward duty bearers.
 Provide recommendations and develop project advocacy plan according to the results of delivered sessions.
 Responsible for implementing advocacy plan with relevant project stakeholders in coordination with FCA Jordan office and Head Office in Finland.
 Accountable to do no harm principle and maintain safe and professional environment at all assignment activities.
 Submission of regular reporting after the sessions based on each targeted location.
 Meet regularly with MUBU staff for updates and feedback.
• Sessions Plan, including, but not limited to; topics, activities, guest speakers and material for the Project Manager review and approval
• At least 42 session conducted.
Submit Comprehensive Advocacy Plan based on the results of previous and current year women support group/ women group discussion sessions. Consultant must use FCA Advocacy Plan template.
• Submission of 3 reports:
I. Women Support Group Final report is due on 30th April, 2021. It should detail status of completed activities, summery recommendations combining the last and current year findings and conclusion; summary accomplishments; summary of labour hours provided; and summary financial report
II. Advocacy progress report is due on July, 2021.
III. Final Advocacy results report including recommendation letters to duty barriers and positive changes for right holders. The report is due on 30th September, 2021.
• Signed “FCA code of conduct” document.
• Contact period: Start date
March 1 2021 End date
October 15 2021
 Sessions dates and timing:
Sessions are expected to start as of first week of March 2021, 6 sessions per week/ 2 sessions per day, and 2 hours per session anytime between 9am – 2pm.
• Must have at least 5-10 years of experience in gender issues, gender equality and female empowerment, preferably having worked on similar activity;
• Knowledge of or experience in applying appreciative inquiry and participatory approaches highly desirable
• Must have personnel with relevant experience and qualifications to implement the proposed scope of work; Must have experience in working with INGOs, government agencies and local community;
• Strong technical and general writing skills.
• Must be deadline-oriented, with high standards for quality.
• Must be able to coordinate/collaborate with beneficiaries of the project
• FCA provides a driver and vehicle to targeted destinations mentioned above.
• FCA provides stationary needed for women support group sessions.
• FCA will hire volunteers to assist consultant in outreaching targeted women and coordinating all related venue details.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the Proposal Evaluation Criteria below by the Review and Selection Committee. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Part 1 Description of criteria Tick as appropriate All required documents are submitted?
Curriculum Vitae
Summary of Relevant Experience
two Performance References
Draft Sessions Plan
Financial proposal
Part 2 Experience (TOTAL possible point: 80 points) No. Description of criteria Max. possible score
Relevant experience
Personnel capabilities

Cost Evaluation Criteria (TOTAL: 20 points)

Reasonableness and logics of the budget 20 Total 100/100

How to apply:

Assignment duration: 7 months

You are kindly invited to submit a technical and financial proposal relating to The Municipal Businesses Project Request for Proposal.

Proposal Instructions the Consultant shall submit its best price offer/proposal in accordance with the Scope of Work (SOW) and shall contain the following:
 Curriculum Vitae
 Draft Sessions Plan, including, but not limited to; topics, activities, guest speakers and material;
 Proposed Advocacy methodology/approach ent.
 Summary of Relevant Experience. Consultant should list current and previous relevant projects;
 At least two Performance References for similar work;
 Financial proposal
 Only shortlisted applicants must submit valid non-criminal certificate

Proposals shall be submitted via e-mail:
The Subject line of the email should read: “Submission to RFP No. 2021 – 01 Activity 2.6”
Proposals received after the exact time specified for receipts of offer shall be considered late and shall not be evaluated.

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