Social Networking Analysis Consultant

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Country: Turkey
Organization: Bahar Organization
Closing date: 3 Feb 2021


For Social Networking Analysis Consultant, conflict analysis of civil society in NES and NWS

Assignment Background:

As a part of DRL- T4PJ project implementation in NE, NW Syria, to improve peacebuilding, justice pathways, social cohesion. Bahar is going to conduct social network analysis and conflict analysis in the four targeted areas. These analyses giving Bahar a priority to plan a robust plan of intervention to achieve its goals. Bahar will identify, train and work with four Civil Society Advocacy Groups (CAGs) and 4 Peace Action Groups PAGs in 4 Districts of Afrin and A'zaz (Aleppo) in NWS; and Qamishli (Al-Hasakeh) and Kisreh Sub-district (Deir-ez-Zor) in NES. Bahar will conduct a social networking analysis (SNA) of civil society in NES and NWS with a focus on CAGs advocating human rights, fundamental freedoms, and social cohesion. On the other hand, Bahar will mobilize communities to form four PAGs to undertake community-level conflict analysis and develop and implement Peace Action Plans (PAP).

CAGs: Bahar will identify community members (ensuring representation of women, men, youth, and different identity groups) to participate in CAGs which will be the project’s primary vehicle for community-driven advocacy on human rights, fundamental freedoms, and social cohesion. comprising 15 to 20 individuals (representative of all sections of the community) with a passion for driving forward social and democratic change and advancing human rights in their communities to improve the capacity of civil society to effectively advocate for community priorities and influence positive change on people's rights, fundamental freedoms, and social cohesion. These individuals will possess requisite attributes for mobilizing community members, advocating with, and influencing a broad range of stakeholders at all levels of governance within their districts and governorate. Membership will be limited to individuals who do not hold any positions in state/non-state institutions, informal/traditional institutions, and in the private sector.

PAG: will comprise 20 individuals (40% being women and youth) including returnees, IDPs, and host community members, also the PAGs will collaborate with existing institutions such as local councils, peace committees, relationship councils, or tribal councils, informed by a stakeholder analysis that mitigates any risk to their autonomy and identity as a non-partisan grassroots civil society group.

CAGs will further partner with the PAGs (Peace Action Groups) and Bahar’s team of lawyers and paralegals to participate in awareness-raising activities that provide community members with information about their human rights and fundamental freedoms, engage community members in participatory conflict analysis, and gather information from community members on their primary concerns. Through these sessions, CAGs will identify community advocacy priorities to be included in their advocacy strategies.

The consultant will undertake community-level conflict analysis that will be triangulated with Peace Action Plans (PAP) which will perform community-level awareness-raising to promote social cohesion; early warning and response guided by regular monitoring of conflict trends and triggers — particularly in hot spots identified during conflict analysis.


  • Provide insight into social influences within the targeted locations with a focus on community current networks, Community Groups CAGs advocating on human rights, fundamental freedoms, social cohesion, and PAGs.

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the civil society advocacy landscape.

  • Identify actors, their relationships, and influence within civil society in targeted locations, and with duty bearers and the private sector.

  • A critical examination of issues pertaining to diversity, inclusion, association with state and non-state actors and political affiliation or perceived affiliation.

  • Ensure an inclusive representation of women, men, youth.


  • Social Networking and conflict Analysis tools and data collection methodology.

  • Provide the data collection team with all necessary training, orientations, and piloting for the data collectors.

  • Follow up and supervising the data collection process, and data quality control during the data collection period.

  • Provide initial analysis session after data collection.

  • Provide recommendations on civil society networking practices.

  • Social Networking and conflict analysis reports cover the 4 targeted areas in NES and NWS

  • BAHAR and the consultant will work jointly to provide Recommendations on CAGs and the PAGs and duty bearers.


February 2021

March 21

Social Networks Analysis, Conflict analysis






Kick-off meeting

Tools development and training

Data collection, follow up

Data Analysis

Debrief session

Report writing and Submission

Feedback and Final submission


1- SNA: First Draft of the report to be submitted on the 21st of February.

2- Final draft after Bahar’s Feedback on 28th of February

3- Conflict Analysis: First Draft 28th of February

4- Final draft after Bahar’s Feedback on 15th of March

How to apply:

Submitting the bid:

Interested candidates need to submit the following:

  1. A CV that emphasizes all the requirements along with;

  2. a technical offer, and;

  3. a financial offer

that must send by email to, by 3 February 2021.

(Applications with missing requirements will not be considered).

It is preferred to have the consultant in Gaziantep.

For more information and clarifications, please contact

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