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Country: Nigeria
Organization: Oxfam
Closing date: 7 Feb 2021

1 Documentary Objectives

1.1 Overall Objective

The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce a documentary film on the PROACT project highlighting best approaches, best practices, achievements and real impacts created in the project’s focal areas in the past five years. The output will be a video on PROACT Project which reflects the “before and now story” of participants in relations to the project outcome areas as designed within the slated five years of the project. Suitable approach will capture the project’s transformative strategies that led to positive change in the lives of project participants.

Under the direct supervision of PROACT’s Governance and Influencing Coordinator, the service provider will be required to do the following:

· Develop the documentary film’s overall concept and scenario.

· Interview selected participants for the film who will include project participants and facilitators including community leaders, State and non-State actors, project implementers (relevant Staff and Executive/Country Directors of CRUDAN, DEC, and Oxfam) and the project sponsors (Programme Manager/Head of Section at the European Union and the Country Director of Oxfam International).

· Visit 14 selected project sites to be equally selected in each States and interact with the local communities/participants who have been impacted by the PROACT project to harvest appropriate contents.

· Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the film.

· Perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the projects’ participants and stakeholders.

· Documentary should include overall concept of documenting “beneficiaries before and now stories” with a focus on the project outcomes areas, as well as a filming scenario of a “daily life of a PROACT beneficiary/community partners” one in Kebbi and Adamawa.

· Present a draft documentary and a programme booklet to Oxfam for comments on contents, quality, and adequacy.

The documentary shoot and outputs would be State specific.

2 Expectations and Requirements

The service provider will be required to possess the following:

· More than 5 years’ experience working in similar field with excellent content gathering, editorial skills, and expertise in documentary filmmaking for development projects. (15 points)

· Experience and capacity for digital production and presentation of films and appropriate social media expertise and social media presence. Social media handles and relevant links to previous works will be necessary. (20 points)

· Extensive experience in producing development work related documents for publication and documentaries for international organisations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences (15 points).

· Experience in working with international organizations such as UN Agencies and others similar to Oxfam. (10 points)

· Local knowledge of the States and languages in northern Nigeria. (5 points)

· Excellent technical capacities (state of the art filming equipment preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high quality production. Possession of at least 2 quality HD cameras (at least 5d Mark III version), Camera drone, boom mic, tripods, lighting gears, video editing software and other contemporary filming equipment’s which would be required for this service. (30 points)

· Ability to interact with host communities and their stakeholders, as well as other high level contributors independently, asking relevant questions in line with the documentary objectives.

· Provision for a translator should be made where necessary and a mixed gender in the crew to allow ease of communication and expression for community members. (5 points)

3 Deliverables.

The Documentary Service provider is expected amongst other underlisted deliverables to;

A. Submit a storyboard, shooting plan and script of the documentary via email to the PROACT project team. While ensuring that documentary scripts and workplans are approved before field action commences.

B. Well edited documentary clips for each State should be in:

· Long cut of not more than 50 mins film.

· 10 – 20 mins length rough cut of the film

· short clip of 15 mins, 10 mins and 5 min summaries respectively for social media upload (YouTube and Twitter).

· with English subtitles as appropriate for all films irrespective of length.

C. 15 DVD copies of the lengthy version of the films for each State t of not less than 50 mins.

4 Methodology and Compliances

The documentary service provider will document all stories of change, case studies, feedbacks and comments from all actors identified in a manner that portrays the various outcomes of the project intervention, while ensuring interpretation and quality contemporary editing of the products in-line with Oxfam content gathering guidelines.

Pictures should also be taken of the beneficiaries in project areas, showing them in action and documenting their information briefly- providing name, age, location and a brief sentence or two capturing the impact of the PROACT interventions in their lives.

Please Note: It is extremely importantly that consents are duly obtained from all interviewees and characters that will be featured in the films. These consents must be properly documented using appropriate forms to be obtained from Oxfam and are signed by all participants interviewed in-line with Oxfam Global ethical content guidelines and submitted to the contact person for filling. (Please download and read).

5 Duration

The provision of the Services is to commence for both State between February 18 and March 18, 2021 including field works editorial, final submission and approvals.

How to apply:

1 Applications Procedure

Interested and qualified consultants are expected to download the full RFQ package from OXFAM website: https://nigeria.oxfam.org/get-involved-work-us/procurement-consultancy

I. Interested service providers are expected to submit their technical and financial proposals either for a specific State or for both States depending on interest and capacity as outlined in this Terms of Reference.

II. Professional profile of the organization or CVs of individuals stating experiences in providing similar services and contacts of at least three (3) referees to whom similar services have been previously delivered

III. Submit samples of work previously carried out via downloadable link, one with cross referencing by former or current client.

IV. Submit no more than 2-page draft shooting plans for the State(s) applying for. See footnote for the list of project LGAs in each State.[1]

V. Applicant should title their mail based on the State applying for, for example: PROACT VIDEO DOCUMENTARY KEBBI STATE.

NB: All application should be submitted in one pdf documents, applicants could use https://combinepdf.com/ if acrobat abode pdf is not available.


All questions would be received in writing and sent to ngaoxfamvendors@oxfam.org on or before 31st January 2021. Responses would be uploaded on OXFAM website by 1st January 2021.


All application should be submitted in one pdf documents, applicants could use https://combinepdf.com / or www.ilovepdf.com if acrobat abode pdf is not available.

Completed proposals (technical and financial proposal) should be submitted to NGA.Bid@oxfam.org

Deadline: 7th February 2021 at 5pm.

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