Technical Advisor

NGO Jobs / UN Jobs Vacancy

Countries: Libya, Tunisia
Organization: Crown Agents
Closing date: 1 Jan 2021

Governance, Security & Justice

Understanding and Strengthening inclusive politics, political processes and accountability in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS):

· Undertaking political systems analysis, demonstrate awareness and application analytical tools in FCAS;

· Strengthening the capacity of Parliaments, political parties, and locally elected governments; and support the role of traditional structures and local powerbrokers in facilitating inclusive political settlements;

· Supporting participative electoral processes including capacity building for electoral commissions in FCAS and support for civic and voter education, including supporting the political empowerment and representation of marginalised and excluded groups, including women and youth;

· Supporting peace and reconciliation processes, ceasefires, mediation and peace agreements.

Security sector reform & Security Sector capacity building in FCAS:

· Increasing the capability, accountability and responsiveness of national, local & community level security architectures and structures (including non-state actors);

· Improving strategic oversight and planning of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration programmes of former combatants and their links to Security Sector Reform processes;

· Improved Policing, crime prevention and community safety;

· Increasing Border control and customs and counter-narcotics capacity;

· Organised Crime and Anti-Money Laundering legislative reform and capacity building;

· Maritime Security Capacity Building;

· Human Rights compliant counter-terrorism legislation development and capacity building;

· Capacity building, strengthening structures and response arrangements for crisis management, major incidents and terrorist attack including improving emergency services response arrangements;

· Security for marginalised and excluded groups, including women and girls.

Peace-building, stabilisation and conflict sensitivity:

· Either knowledge and understanding of the USAID state-building and peace-building framework, including the implications for programme design and implementation or knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of stabilisation; and/or peace-building and state-building, and implications for programme design and implementation;

· Experience in developing and implementing activities and programmes [with state and non-state actors] to prevent conflict, reduce violence, support stabilisation operations and/or post conflict peacebuilding;

· Applying conflict sensitivity to engagements in these contexts. Auditing of programming for conflict sensitivity, adapting to ensure conflict sensitive delivery.

State - Civil society engagement:

· Developing the capacity and sustainability of nascent civil society organisations, though provision of resources, training and expertise in areas including HR, finance, procurement, risk management, corruption control, and information management;

· Supporting social cohesion and conflict resolution in local communities to build resilience to conflict and instability;

· Supporting inclusive and conflict sensitive independent media to ensure balanced and accurate news and public affairs reporting;

· Promoting harmonious local governance through supporting formal and informal inclusive decision making and planning processes, at community and local government levels.

Strategic communication and outreach:

· Managing all aspects of communications campaigns in conflict affected states, (including audience analysis, monitoring and evaluation) engaging target audiences at grassroots, national, regional and international levels as required.

· Delivering media monitoring services, including provision of any required equipment

· Capacity building of strategic communications functions within political institutions, enhancing tactical processes and organisational structures, as well as providing advisory and support services;

· Capacity building and mentoring in advocacy, media and communications (including digital communications) for key civil society [and state] groups/actors promoting peace and stability.

Inclusive Conflict prevention and Peacebuilding:

· Capability in conflict analysis tools, methodologies, theory and practice, including stakeholder analysis and mapping of power relations, political systems, formal and informal institutions, etc;

· Scoping and leading poverty and social exclusion analysis, including all aspects of poverty diagnostics, risk and vulnerability analysis; understanding of gender, social exclusion, inequality and marginalised groups (ethnic/religious groups, youth, women, elderly and people with disabilities);

· Supporting the international policy framework for addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) and designing and implementing programmes to prevent and respond to VAWG;

· Gender sensitive approaches to programming and analysis, including relevant UN Intervention Guidelines (e.g. UN 1325);

· Applying conflict sensitivity principles to development, humanitarian and conflict programmes;

· Developing programming to address all aspects of social exclusion and marginalisation, at community, local and national levels.

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