Private Sector Partnerships Officer (PSP Officer)

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Country: Denmark
Organization: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Closing date: 16 Dec 2020

Organizational Setting and Work Relationships

The Private Sector Partnerships Officer (PSP Officer) is a managerial position within a given PSP country or multi-country operation and is part of a larger Private Sector Partnerships (PSP) team expected to manage, advise and support PSP markets in their respective area of responsibility (AOR). The PSP Officer will be supervised by the senior PSP staff in the country, multi-country office or HQ. The PSP Officer is responsible for meeting the income targets within the given budget set by the senior PSP staff at HQ, MCO levels.

The incumbent will prepare budget estimates for new markets in development, as well as for existing markets in the AOR under the supervision and agreement of the supervisor. On this level, the responsibilities correspond to a medium to large size AOR, with steady markets and corresponding stable growth in income. The incumbent has staffing and fundraising activities under the supervision.

The PSP Officer is responsible for the development, planning and implementation of the fundraising programs related to both Individual Giving (IG) and Private Partnerships and Philanthropy (PPH). The incumbent oversees the PSP fundraising communications functions, as applicable.

Following guidance from the supervisor, the incumbent will encourage and facilitate the engagement of senior UNHCR staff members in the AOR, Bureau and in relevant Divisions and Entities in HQs to support PSP activities and donors. In addition, the incumbent ensures that the PSP fundraising and related activities are well-integrated in the local context and fosters a solid working relationship with the country Representative and the Operation. The PSP Officer will develop and support actions aimed at strengthening the relationships and keeping UNHCR stakeholders aware of PSP activities.

The PSP Officer will contribute to the overall management of PSP activities in the respective location by managing PSP staff under supervision and administering the PSP office efficiently.

The position provides regular and timely information on developments in relation to administrative matters within the domain of its geographical area of responsibility to the supervisor. Subject to specific operational, socio-economic or security developments in the AOR, and in close alignment with the country Representative, the incumbent will direct and guide the PSP team in taking appropriate course of action.

All UNHCR staff members are accountable to perform their duties as reflected in their job description. They do so within their delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR which includes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks. In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerial competencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respect for diversity.


  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for Private Sector Partnership in the market, reflecting the country advocacy strategies and global PSP strategies.
  • Ensure coordination with programme, livelihoods, durable solutions and other key UNHCR staff in the AOR, as applicable, to identify programme areas for PSP to support; collaborate to structure donor proposals and secure donations from PPH partners.
  • If delegated, manage and/or oversee the PSP budget in the AOR, supervise PSP (UNHCR regular and affiliated staff) in order to ensure National Growth Fund (NGF) projects operate within approved budget.
  • Contribute in the effective implementation of the Organization’s global private sector fundraising strategy within the AoR.
  • Oversee the development of an individual giving acquisition program which could include Face to Face, Direct Mail, print ad, Digital or DRTV in addition to other methods determined to be appropriate.
  • Oversee donor development, supporter experience and donor care programs to increase donor retention and improve life-time value of donors in the AOR.
  • In consultation with the supervisor, provide advice on PSP investments (NGF) on the different fundraising channels, bringing maximum return on investment to the Organization at minimum risk.
  • Cultivate and maintain cordial relations with relevant corporate donors and media partners when it is related for fundraising in order to seek their increased financial and other types of support for UNHCR.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a donor database, in which financial supporter's private information and donation history are saved.
  • Oversee the development, maintenance, updating and enhancement of all the fundraising communication messages and materials for print and internet-based online outlets in order to maximize the loyalty of the donors for UNHCR.
  • Provide regular and quarterly reports to the relevant internal recipients inside UNHCR (country, regional and HQ level).
  • Ensure the compliance with the relevant domestic law related to fundraising practice, fundraising licencing and data protection.
  • Manage PSP activities and staff in the AoR to ensure efficient fundraising operations meeting expected income growth targets.
  • If delegated by the supervisor, give approval to national and/or regional PSP implementation of activities within agreed budgets, staffing plans and annual plans.
  • Ensure the compliance with UNHCR corporate brand and its delivery for public engagement within the AoR and following PSP global guidelines.
  • Coordinate and work closely with Representative(s) and Communications team to integrate plans as it relates to events, public engagement initiatives, campaigns, communications and outreach.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Professional Work Experience

Years of Experience / Degree Level

For P3/NOC - 6 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 5 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 4 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree**

Field(s) of Education

business/marketing*;* social sciences*; or other relevant field.*

(Field(s) of Education marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Certificates and/or Licenses

Not specified.

*Relevant Job Experience


Multiyear private sector fundraising experience in a not-for-profit organisation. Proven and successful multi-year track record in private sector partnerships (fundraising). Experience with developing and implementing private sector fundraising plans and budgets. Proven ability to meet fundraising targets and to negotiate and secure corporate and foundation partnerships for a monetary value of the one noted in the Operational Context. Proven experience in developing and implementing PSP plans and budgets. Proven ability to meet fundraising targets. Proven experience in managing high level meetings Proven ability in understanding how to reconcile the needs of the Organization with those of the donor. Experience with organizing workshops, trainings and coaching staff. Proven ability to write, draft, and edit letters, proposals, appeals, reports, acknowledgements, briefings, and donor correspondence when appropriate and ability to explain complex issues to external donors and present the Organization and diverse operations in an appealing and concise manner. Proven experience in managing growing teams; Excellent Leadership/Managerial skills and high emotional intelligence. Proven ability to work with a variety of stakeholders.


Experience of working within the UN system, either in headquarters, a field operation or in a fundraising position. Experience in emergency fundraising for a humanitarian organisation. Experience in handling “Corporate Social Responsibility” programs and corporate recognition programs. Experience with raising funds from large groups of individuals through direct marketing techniques. Excellent computer skills with particular reference to word, excel and PowerPoint. Ability to work independently and take initiative. Ability to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

Functional Skills

CO-Strategic Communication;

CO-Drafting and Documentation;

FR-Fundraising - High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI);

FR-Fundraising Mechanism of Donor Governments;

FR-Fundraising-face to face, mass appeal, digital, emergency, DRTV, etc.;

FR-Revenue Growth and Strategy Setting experience in Corporate Fundraising;

PS-Management of Private Sector Fundraising Investments in new markets;

FR-PSFR Management/Support of Private Sector Fundraising Investment processes/procedures;

PS-Middle donor programme development and management;

(Functional Skills marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Language Requirements

*For International Professional and Field Service jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English.*

*For National Professional jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English and local language.*

*For General Service jobs: Knowledge of English and/or UN working language of the duty station if not English.*

Competency Requirements

All jobs at UNHCR require six core competencies and may also require managerial competencies and/or cross-functional competencies. The six core competencies are listed below.

Core Competencies



Organizational Awareness

Teamwork & Collaboration

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Client & Result Orientation

Managerial Competencies

Empowering and Building Trust

Judgement and Decision Making

Managing Performance**

Managing Resources**

Cross-Functional Competencies

Stakeholder Management

Political Awareness

Innovation and Creativity

This is a Standard Job Description for all UNHCR jobs with this job title and grade level. The Operational Context may contain additional essential and/or desirable qualifications relating to the specific operation and/or position. Any such requirements are incorporated by reference in this Job Description and will be considered for the screening, shortlisting and selection of candidates.


Nature of the Position

The PSP Officer position in Denmark is meant to lead PSP Denmark operation, the incumbent being responsible for the implementation and coordination of the budget delegated to the incumbent (with financial authority), supervision of the PSP Denmark team and draw out the results indicated in the annual plans. The role, besides the essential and desirable skills described in the Job Description, requires also a proven political awareness and experience with management of complex public diplomacy and external advocacy around refugees, forced displacement, human rights or related themes.

The PSP Officer in Denmark reports directly to the PSP Europe Regional manager and performs his/her duties under the managers daily supervision, following also the Regional and Global PSP directives.

Living and Working Conditions

Copenhagen is classified as a Category H duty station with all amenities and excellent infrastructure.

Because of Denmark¿s northern location in Europe, the number of daylight hours varies significantly. During winter, the sun rises at about 08:00 and sets at about 15:30, whereas in summer the sun rises at about 03:30 and sets as late as 23:00.

Denmark is located in a temperate climate zone. Average daytime temperatures range from 2 °C (35.6 °F) in January to 20 °C (68 °F) in August. The average wind speed is 7.6 m/s, which explains why Denmark is one of the world's largest exporters of wind turbines. Rainy days are likely all year round, while snowfall happens once in a while during winter.

The UN City is located at one of Copenhagen's newest harbor side developments, and is just a 30 minute walk from the city centre. We are also close to Copenhagen's ferry terminal and only minutes away from the Copenhagen¿s main public transport system; with bus 26 located approximately 10 minutes away from the office and Nordhavn train station located approximately 800m from the office. Our address is, Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Security Considerations

No specific security conditions pertain to this post. Copenhagen is a safe environment.

Copenhagen is relatively safe, however as in any other big city you should watch out for pickpockets when using public transport, and pay attention to wallets, jewelry and purses when walking alone. Also be aware that some areas are not as safe as others.

Operation Scope

Operation's Budget: below 5 mil

Operation Workforce: 1-10

Additional Languages


How to apply:

PSP Denmark, PSP Europe, Private Sector Partnerships Service (DER)

  • Job Opening ID 23627, Private Sector Partnerships Officer (PSP Officer), NOC grade, PN#10033739

  • All applications are received on-line through the MSRP portal

The closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday 16 December 2020.

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