International Consultant for GCF country programming in Turkmenistan

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Organization: Central Asian Regional Environmental Center
Closing date: 10 Dec 2020


The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan (MAEPT) with the assistance of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) (the Delivery Partner) seeks to strengthen its capacities to support climate finance policy planning and pipeline development in a coordinated manner. The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan (MAEPT) plays the role of the National Designated Authority (NDA) to the GCF, and the National Focal Point to the UNFCCC.

In the last several years, the Government of Turkmenistan (GoT) has introduced foundational measures to formulate climate change policies and strategies. The National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS), National Program for Social and Economic Development 2011-2030 and the National Determined Contributions (NDC) set out strategic objectives to sustain economic development, improve the well-being of citizens and mitigate climate change impacts.

The assignment is part of the broader readiness support project that aims at strengthening institutional capacity of key stakeholders in Turkmenistan to support climate finance decision-making, establishing key mechanisms to govern and coordinate climate action and developing project pipelines at the regional level.
For accessing climate finance from the GCF, Turkmenistan need to develop a GCF Country Programme (CP) to present its project and programme pipelines. The NDA will lead a consultative multi-stakeholder dialogue for identifying project ideas in line with the national priorities and forming the national pipelines of impactful climate finance projects or programmes. However, further technical support is required for the development of the national portfolio and project selection tools to support country programming process in line with national priorities and the GCF investment criteria.


**The objective of the assignment is to prepare the Country Programme for Turkmenistan in consultations with relevant stakeholders and develop the necessary decision-making tools to support project selection.

The specific outcomes of the assignment:

(1) The CP for Turkmenistan describing country context, project and programme priorities for the GCF; readiness needs (including policy, strategy, planning and institutional gaps, multi-stakeholder engagement process);

(2) Project selection tool to guide NDA and members of the Coordination Mechanism on the prioritization of climate change project proposals and the development of the national portfolios.

Scope of the assignment

  1. Compile a Country Readiness Needs Assessment;

  2. Develop a methodology and conduct the assessment of the readiness gaps in Turkmenistan with the consideration of GCF RPSP Framework;

  3. Using the methodology, review:

o Policy and regulatory frameworks on climate change mitigation and adaptation; the existing climate change policy planning practices as well as associated data, knowledge and information gaps in Turkmenistan;

o Strategic opportunities and gaps related to the engagement or private sector;

o Possibilities for accessing climate finance through Direct Access entities;

o Data and knowledge deficits related to project and pipeline development;

  • Propose a capacity building action plan with a set of interventions for enhancing Turkmenistan’s readiness for mobilizing and implementing climate finance.

Deliverables: A readiness needs assessment report and capacity building action plan with a planning horizon of up to three years

  1. Develop the Country Programme document*

Description of country profile


  • Conduct desk research and consultations with relevant national stakeholders to support the compilation of the CP document in line with the GCF standards and guidelines. At a minimum, the description of the profile needs to include Turkmenistan’s climate change and development situation; national legislative environment, including key economic, development, and climate change related policies and strategies, policy frameworks and plans, such as the NCCAS, NDCs, NAPs and NAMAS.

Analysis and development of the pipeline

  • Develop appropriate project origination methods (e.g. expert discussions, thematic working groups, request for proposals) to identify various climate finance project ideas;
  • Drawing on the international practices, develop project assessment criteria and a project selection tool in consultations with NDA, members of the Coordination Mechanism and relevant national stakeholders;
  • Conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders to support the prioritization of the identified project ideas and formulate project pipelines for the engagement with the GCF (in line with national priorities and GCF investment criteria);
  • Coordinate with the Consultant, who is in charge of the development project pipeline for the Central Asian region, and relevant national stakeholders to identify regional projects ideas for the inclusion in the CP.

Readiness pipeline

  • Reflecting on the work conducted under readiness needs assessment, define priority readiness interventions and implementation modalities in consultations with NDA and relevant national stakeholders.

Deliverables: A finalized CP describing country context, national and regional project pipeline and readiness support opportunities.

Input and tentative timeline

The expected level of involvement is 30 days over the period of 8 months, applicants are expected to submit a financial and technical proposal detailing required number of days per task and deliverable. The Consultant will work remotely with travel to Turkmenistan (Ashgabat) and/or Kazakhstan (Almaty) to participate in relevant meeting as well as the national GCF conference (subject to lifting of travel restrictions).

Required competencies:

· Demonstrates integrity, modeling the international values and ethical standards;

· Displays cultural, gender, religion, race and age sensitivity and adaptability;

· Treats all people fairly without favoritism;

· Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting;

· Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback;

· Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;

· Excellent training, facilitation and communication skills;

· Results driven, ability to work under pressure and to meet required deadlines.

  • Maturity and professional ability to handle sensitive information and ability to respect the confidentiality of such information;
  • Dedicated team player;
  • Ability to sensitize and transform technical reports, guidelines, manuals and literature into an easy-to-read, user-friendly, interactive and presentable language and form;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work under pressure and to establish and maintain effective work relationships with people of different backgrounds.

Required experience and qualifications:

  • Proven track record in the development of key deliverables for advancing country Readiness, experience with NDAs in the Central Asian region is desirable;

  • At least 10 years of experience related to climate change finance and development of national plans and strategies; of which at least 3 years of experience with GCF mechanisms, procedures and modalities and providing technical support to countries, particularly in Country Programing;

  • Demonstrated experience in capacity needs assessment as well as experience in policy dialogues and policy analysis in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation;

  • Strong analytical skills;

  • Track record of leading multi-disciplinary team with experience in liaising and coordinating with government agencies;

  • Track record of effectively communicating and working with multi-stakeholders, including high-level government officials, development partners, academics, private sector and communities;

  • Work experience with national government, local government units, civil society, international organizations will be an advantage;

  • Good knowledge of international best practices in the project related fields, state of the art approaches in the specific areas the project and its subcomponents are dealing with;

  • Experience in working across cultures and in multi-cultural international environments, preferably in Central Asia;

  • Fluency in English is a must, knowledge of Russian a key advantage;

  • Ability to travel in the region.

Institutional Arrangements

The Consultant will be putting together and oversee a team of national consultants as needed for collection of relevant primary and secondary data and information. The Consultant is also expected to work closely with the project management team as well as other international consultants, to coordinate data collection and exchange of relevant information from other project activities.

While the engagement is intermittent and output-based, the Consultant will report to CAREC’s Project Manager and the Project Technical Advisor at least once a week or as often as may be required by the assignment.

The Consultant will work remotely with occasional travel to the region and/or Turkmenistan. Travel is subject to lifting of current restrictions, travel frees must be included in contract amount.

How to apply:

The applicant is expected to submit a financial and technical proposal. The technical proposal should reflect on specific methodologies and the work plan for the implementation of the assignment in line with this ToR and the anticipated timeline. The financial proposal should include the expected daily rate.

For queries regarding the submission process:


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