Expanding Social Health Protection to Migrant Women in the Dominican Republic

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Country: Dominican Republic
Organization: Abt Associates
Closing date: 11 Jan 2021

The LHSS LAC Activity will work with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and other government agencies in the Dominican Republic to increase capacity to adapt, sustainably finance, and implement a social health protection platform to provide comprehensive coverage to women migrants. Efforts will focus on strategies and interventions to strengthen health system capacity to provide financial protection that responds and adapts to the changing needs of the population and the local context. LHSS will work with government and other national partners to assess the needs of target vulnerable communities; co-design a process for adapting an existing social health protection mechanism; and support a phased operationalization of the modified mechanism that will be guided by a detailed roadmap that will include design of a pilot for implementation in Year 2.

The Offeror will engage closely with LHSS staff and partners, national counterparts and USAID throughout all tasks to ensure the approach is collaborative and meets the needs of all parties. Help to identify local champions within the MOH and MOF, the private sector, and civil society to support these activities and help gather momentum as we move into Year 2. LHSS health financing specialists will provide oversight and coaching, as needed, for the local partner to finalize the assessment; co-design the TA plan; and provide TA with guidance from LHSS. LHSS will provide TA to build the capacity of the local partner supporting in-country work. Throughout, LHSS will document the TA process to gather lessons learned for transitioning capacity to local partners in other countries.

The Offeror will be responsible for:

  1. Contributing to a rapid country assessment to understand the Dominican Republic context for expanding social health protection to migrant women. The Offeror will support data gathering to understand: gaps in coverage for women; integration of migrants into the health system; financing for social health protection and opportunities to leverage investment from private sector actors and multilateral financial funds; gender based violence and trafficking.
  2. Supporting a key stakeholder workshop, with MOH, MOF, and USAID Mission officials, as well as multilaterals, international partners, civil society, CBOs, private sector and other key stakeholders, to gather consensus on required adaptations with respect to the social health protection platform, and the process that will be required to move forward with these.
  3. Working with national counterparts and LHSS partners to develop a detailed roadmap for the adaptation and phased implementation of the social health protection platform.

How to apply:

Separate technical and cost proposals must be submitted both electronically no later than January 11, 2021 to: victoria_kulesza@abtassoc.com
Electronic submissions shall include up to [4] attachments per email compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, readable format, or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format in a Microsoft environment. Offerors must not submit zipped files.

1.1 Cover Letter
All offers must include a cover letter, signed by an authorized representative of the company, stating their intent to bid and asserting that all proposal elements will remain valid for 60 days after submission. The letter shall also include the following information:
i. Name of the company or organization
ii. Address (Physical and Mailing)
iii. Contact information of person authorized to negotiate for the Offeror, including telephone number and email address
iv. Full names of members of the Board of Directors and Legal Representative (if applicable)
v. Official bank account information
vi. Other required documents that shall be included as attachments to the cover letter:
a) Copy of registration or incorporation in the public registry, or equivalent document from the government office where the Offeror is registered.
b) Copy of company tax registration, or equivalent document
c) Other evidence of legal eligibility to provide services in Dominican Republic (for non-Dominican firms).
1.2 Technical Proposal
The technical proposal shall be up to 15 pages (using Times New Roman 12 point font) and comprise the following parts:
 Part 1: Technical Approach (5 pages). The Offeror should describe how the Scope of Work (section 4) will be implemented and the deliverables provided. The technical approach should address the requirements and assumptions provided in section 3 (Evaluation and Basis for Award) and section 4 (Scope of Work). The technical approach should be organized along the technical selection criteria listed in the table in section 3.1 of this RFP and should include timeline showing the approximate dates when activity milestones will be met and deliverables will be submitted for approval.
 Part 2: Firm Experience and Past Performance (2 pages): The Offeror should provide corporate capabilities and past performance experience describing how your firm’s past experience makes you uniquely qualified to execute the work outlined in the scope of work (section 4). At a minimum the Offeror shall demonstrate:
 Extensive knowledge of field-based data collection
 Research experience.
 Capacity to undertake multiple data collection efforts simultaneously
 Proven skills in managing information-gathering logistics, including the ability to recruit experienced field staff
 Demonstrated experience sensitizing and engaging relevant government entities in research planning and data collection activities
 Excellent documented knowledge of secure data management
 Proven capacity to analyze data, write reports and produce excellent finished products
 Demonstrated knowledge of and adherence to internationally recognized ethical research policies and procedures
 Proven application of various data quality assurance procedures
 Good interpersonal relationships from proposed staff and enumerators
 Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in verbal and written English
 Types of activity, status and contact details (email, phone).
 A minimum of two examples of research, assessment, and evaluation reports led by the supplier.
 Part 3: Data Collection and Management Plan (2 pages): The Offeror should provide a data collection and data management plan that details how the technical approach will be operationalized in the field.
 Part 4: Staffing Plan (2 pages): The Offeror’s plan should provide detail on how and when progress will be communicated throughout each phase of research including planning, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The plan should also identify the Key Personnel who will be responsible for carrying out the work and submitting the deliverables described in the Scope of Work (section 4). Key personnel shall not be substituted without formal approval from Abt Associates. The Offeror should also designate other personnel deemed critical to the successful implementation of this scope of work. The staffing plan should include:
 A percentage of time spent on this activity per each Key Personnel identified.
 A description of roles and responsibilities for any additional proposed Personnel.
 A timetable of implementation project.
 An updated CV for each Key Personnel identified shall be included as an Annex in the Technical Volume. Key Personnel CVs will not count against the page limitation. Please only submit CVs (three page maximum) for Key Personnel. CVs should include 3 references with contact information.
The sections of the technical proposal stated above must respond to the detailed information set out in the scope of work of this RFP, which provides the background, states the scope of work, and describes the requirements.
Cost information shall not be included in the technical proposal. No cost information or any prices, whether for deliverables or line items, may be included in the technical proposal.
1.3 Cost Proposal
The cost proposal must include all costs associated with implementation of the technical proposal. All costs shall be proposed in Dominican Pesos (DOP) currency. A price for each deliverable shall be proposed and an overall firm fixed price for completion of the entire statement of work.

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