Commercialisation and Marketing Specialist

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Country: Equatorial Guinea
Organization: Montrose
Closing date: 8 Jan 2021

As the Commercialisation and Marketing Specialist based in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, you will support the successful delivery of the Montrose’s ProEmpresa programme. You will represent Montrose and nurture the growth of the company’s portfolio within the sector. You will champion the Montrose Vision, Mission and Values, have a willingness to learn, great attention to detail, communicate well with all stakeholders and be responsive and eager to grow with the company, demonstrating flexibility, creativity, and initiative.


Montrose is an international development project management and consultancy company providing support to clients operating in the developing world. Specialised in the sectors of health, education, rural livelihoods and private sector development, our clients include bilateral and multilateral development agencies, the private sector, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other development stakeholders.

Since 2016, Montrose has been contracted to implement Shell’s Social Investment programme, ProEmpresa, that aims to contribute to the long-term diversification and resilience of base-level entrepreneurs on the mainland of EG through agricultural value chain upgrading and direct support to new and existing base-level agricultural entrepreneurs. Having completed an initial three-year phase from 2016 to 2019, ProEmpresa is implementing a new three-year Sustainable Exit Strategy as we near towards the end of the programme in 2023.

Montrose Vision:

Improving lives through evidence and impact.

Montrose Mission:

Montrose improves lives through evidence-based programmes that deliver impact across Africa and Asia. We are committed to delivering high quality and innovative development and social investment programmes that are underpinned by deep contextual knowledge and technical expertise.

Montrose Values:

Montrose has four company values which guide our work and company culture: quality, responsiveness, people and innovation.

  • Quality – We strive to ensure not only the quality of what we deliver, but the certainty that we will consistently deliver high quality with respect to both our products and the way in which we operate.
  • Responsiveness – Our responsiveness and flexibility reflect the value of working with a small and agile company. This goes beyond the minimum standard of a rapid response, but also considers how we respond to needs, contexts and challenges through the design of bespoke solutions delivered for, and with, our beneficiaries, partners and clients.
  • People – From finding and effectively deploying the best consultants and staff, to developing and growing with our teams, we reflect and value how the organisation can learn and improve by engaging and listening to our people whether they are beneficiaries, our personnel or our clients.
  • Being innovative and forward-thinking in our approach to designing and implementing programmed helps us to understand potential initiatives which will ensure additional impact or improved delivery.

Montrose is a UK company with an Africa Regional Office in Kampala, Uganda and an Asia-Pacific Regional Office in Yangon, Myanmar. Montrose implements projects in over 20 countries globally.

Purpose of the position: To support the successful delivery of the ProEmpresa programme by providing technical support in commercialisation and marketing.

Direct reports: Programme Director

Location: Bata, Equatorial Guinea

Core responsibilities of the role: The Commercialisation and Marketing Specialist will support the successful delivery of the ProEmpresa by leading the implementation of ProEmpresa’s 2020-2023 sustainable exit strategy. This will be done by leading agribusiness, commercialisation and marketing activities aimed at promoting the retail and wholesale/processing segments of the agricultural value chain. **


1. Technical

  • Design and lead all activities aimed at improving the retail and processing/wholesale segment of the agricultural value chain as planned for by ProEmpresa including:
    • Leading the implementation of all agribusiness, commercialisation, and marketing activities to promote retail, wholesale and processed agricultural commodities produced by ProEmpresa supported farmers or agribusiness entrepreneurs.
    • Identifying required agribusinesses to be involved in the retail/wholesale/process segment of the agricultural value chain and potential candidates willing to create and lead such agribusiness.
    • Leading innovation in processing methods, procuring of processing material, set up, training on the use of the processing machinery/equipment, and overseeing its proper use.
    • Leading innovation in retail/wholesale components of the value chain to maximise sales returns for ProEmpresa supported farmers or agribusiness entrepreneurs.
    • Leading the implementation of ProEmpresa’s agri-business development training programme. Including:
    • Overseeing the implementation of business management training for farmers and agricultural students/entrepreneurs.
    • Where required, train farmers and other agricultural entrepreneurs in agri-business, commercialisation, and marketing techniques for fresh and processed agricultural products with support from commercialisation and marketing team.
    • Overseeing product retail, wholesale/processing and business mentoring and coaching activities.
    • Evaluating business plans and awarding the relevant agricultural Business Support Packages (BSP).
    • Identifying specific training needs and support required for retail and wholesale/processing segment of the agricultural value chain as appropriate
    • Designing, planning, and upgrading training materials, training activities, tools, and assessments required for farmers, agriculture students and agricultural entrepreneurs as required.
    • Leading the planning, budgeting and coordination of retail and wholesale/processing activities.
    • Seeking new partners (national, international, government and private sector) and managing exiting stakeholders engaged in agribusiness for the benefit of the programme. This will also include brokering new partnerships with potential and active commercialisation and marketing partners.
    • Leading all marketing, advertising, communication activities on behalf of ProEmpresa including all activities related to the Buy Local Campaign (BLC).
    • Leading communication and market access agreements for commercialisation and marketing campaigns on behalf of ProEmpresa.
  • Drafting MoUs, contracts and agreements with stakeholders and ensure that all stakeholders collaborating with ProEmpresa have a clear, written, and signed agreement that includes compliance to Programme policies.

The consultant will also be required to:

  • Manage the budget of the retail and wholesale/processing segment of the value chain with support/oversight from the Programme Director. Budgeting for the wholesale/processing segment of the value chain activities should be done in collaboration with the Agricultural Specialist with support/ oversight from Programme Director.
  • Draft quarterly, monthly, and other reports (narrative and financial reports) for activities under the retail and wholesale/processing segment of the value chain with support/oversight from Programme Director. Wholesale/processing documents (narrative and financial) should be drafted in collaboration with the Agricultural Specialist and with support/oversight from the Programme Director.
  • Support the annual reporting process by participating in planning meetings and developing annual workplan, annual budget, revising the M&E indicators for the retail and wholesale/processing segment of the value chain. Wholesale/processing planning and budgeting should be done in collaboration with the Agricultural Specialist.
  • Perform quarterly audits of the retail and wholesale/processing segment workplan to provide innovative approaches and solutions that can help advance the programme strategic goal of achieving sustainability by the end of 2023.

2. Team Management

  • Work closely with the Agriculture Specialist to coordinate the commercialisation and marketing of the wholesale/processing segment activities of the value chain.
  • Provide technical oversight to the M&E officer in collaboration with the Agricultural Specialist who is their line manager.
  • Ensure that the Commercialisation and Marketing team and the M&E officer have a clear understanding of the programme strategic goals, how these will be achieved and the expected results.
  • Ensure that the Commercialisation and Marketing team and the M&E officer comply with agreed programme and team deadlines.
  • Liaise with the PD, Montrose Kampala Programme Manager and Senior Operations Manager for any personal logistical support concerning personal travel in and out of EG for annual leave.
  • Liaise with the PD or Montrose Director of Programmes on any Human Resource related issues.


1. Programme Management

  • Support the Programme Director in operational and management oversight of the programme as needed.
  • Provide technical oversight of other programme activities as directed by the Programme Director.
  • Manage and review programme work plan and budget.
  • Ensure compliance with HSSE and Ethical Conduct policies and procedures.
  • Manage department logistics as required.
  • Coordinate department programmatic and financial reporting.
  • Create or revise existing tools used to collect data on retail and wholesale/processing segment activities in the field.
  • Coordinate the collection and maintenance of retail and wholesale/processing segment data by the Commercialisation and Marketing team and the M&E officer. This will include:
    • Ensuring that M&E records on retail and wholesale/processing segment activities are collected and kept up to date.
    • Ensuring that M&E records of other retail and wholesale/processing segment activities are collected, appropriately stored, and kept up to date including training attendance sheets, evaluation scorecards, monitoring visit records, among others.
  • Participate or lead meetings with the Commercialisation and Marketing team, PD, Agricultural Specialist or Montrose Kampala office as required.

2. Research

  • Lead technical planning and research relating to proposals on how to improve programme delivery and ensure appropriate resourcing and stakeholder support. This will include drafting proposals where necessary.
  • Quality assure and review programme reports and proposal inputs, giving technical feedback where appropriate.
  • Oversee data collection and carry out analysis of data collected, drawing conclusions from the findings and drafting reports.

3. Finance

  • Draft, manage, review and update activity budgets as appropriate.
  • Plan and budget programme activities.
  • Ensure financial accountability for all expenditure (within delegated authority). This will include providing all required documentation and explanation for cash advances taken and close all cash advances on time.
  • Complete monthly reviews of expenditure against the pre-approved budget (compiling, re-forecasting, reviewing) where appropriate.
  • Justify and report on changes to budget expenditure, including flagging anticipated expenditure issues such as over- or underspend.
  • Take the lead in cost-saving and ensuring Value for Money (VfM) (economy and efficiency).
  • Ensure financial accountability and documentation for all expenses.

4. Stakeholder Management & Representation

  • Represent Montrose with partners, stakeholders and, on occasion, with the client. This will require an in-depth understanding of the programme goals and strategy and being able to articulate it clearly and concisely as needed.
  • Represent, manage, and broker key stakeholder relationships on behalf of the Programme under the guidance from the PD.
  • Ensure good preparation and concise communication during meetings with stakeholders.
  • Ensure that meeting discussions are documented and circulated to PD and other programme specialists.
  • Ensure that consultants and stakeholders are aware of the internal programme policies.
  • Provide updates on the progress made on programme deliverables as required.
  • Troubleshoot any issues or challenges faced during stakeholder engagement and report to the PD.
  • Ensure that all correspondence is written in a professional manner and in accordance with the programme’s policies and objectives. No commitments, outside of the assigned tasks, should be made with external stakeholders.

5. HSSE / Risk Management

  • Ensure compliance with HSSE regulations and policies
  • Report risks and incidents to be registered on the HSSE log
  • Promote safety within the team and among stakeholders
  • Maintain an ongoing awareness of potential risks; identify and communicate areas of improvement to the PD and the Administration Officer
  • Take action and initiative to improve potential risks as appropriate

6. Administration and Compliance

  • Ensure that all Montrose and Shell policies relating to the programme are followed and implemented appropriately by all the team members and contribute to monitoring compliance of all programme staff
  • Demonstrate compliance with all Montrose policies
  • Ensure all consultants and stakeholders are compliant with Montrose policies
  • Ensure all documents and reports are written according to the programme's guidelines and use the approved templates
  • Write all correspondence in a professional manner
  • Submit deliverables within the agreed timelines
  • Demonstrate punctuality and accountability during the working hours
  • Demonstrate clear and well-organised filing, recording, storing and labelling of documents or other work

7. Strategy and Leadership

  • Coordinate team inputs into the strategic direction of the programme, aspects of programme implementation and financial management
  • Lead the implementation and review of department strategies and participate in strategic planning meeting as required
  • Mentor and support the team to anticipate and avoid potential issues in programme delivery

8. Internal HR

  • Line manage the Commercialisation and Marketing team that consists of the Agribusiness Officer, Marketing & Retail Officer and Processing/Wholesale Officer
  • Identify potential gaps in the team and make suggestions for improvement
  • Mentor and develop the capacity of the team
  • Set performance monitoring goals and conduct quarterly appraisals of the Commercialisation and Marketing team and the M&E officer (individually), and submitting written feedback to both the officers and the PD. The M&E officer shall be appraised jointly with the Agricultural Specialist
  • Demonstrate peer support within the team
  • Participate in peer mentoring sessions with the managerial team comprising the Agricultural Specialist or Programme Director
  • Participate in a quarterly appraisal with the PD
  • Take all annual leave as appropriate and guided by the Montrose HR policy
  • Identify and undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities
  • Show understanding of and potential for internal career progression

9. Company Culture

  • Promote the Montrose work ethic and values (People, Quality, Innovation & Responsiveness.)
  • Act as a Montrose professional at all times and follow the Montrose Code of Conduct.


1. Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in business or agribusiness management, marketing and commercialisation or any other related field
  • A minimum of 7 years’ experience
  • Experience in processing methods for agricultural products
  • Project and team management experienced
  • Experience in product marketing strategies through wholesale and retail channels
  • Experience in Market research and willingness-to-pay assessments
  • Business processes design and implementation experience
  • Industrial or production processes design and implementation knowledge
  • Team leading and coordination experience
  • Experience working in Africa is desirable

2. Required skills

  • Fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Strong skills in written communication and report redaction in both English and Spanish
  • Experience in managing data, data analysis and documents
  • Experience in managing teams with diverse backgrounds and working skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Leadership, teamwork, integration, and effective communication
  • Experience living and working in developing countries essential
  • Medium or advanced skills in Microsoft Office suite (excel, word, PowerPoint, Outlook)


  • Experience in HSSE, E&C and compliance
  • Availability to change residence location and travel
  • Practical agricultural and agribusiness skills
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and under pressure
  • High degree of initiation, flexibility, and creativity
  • Ability to work well within a small team and able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Experience in capacity development and/or mentoring
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

How to apply:

If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application Here before 8 January 2021. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until a suitable candidate is identified.

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