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Country: Kenya
Organization: Concern Worldwide
Closing date: 30 Nov 2020

Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian agency that was founded in 1968. The organisation is devoted to the relief, assistance and advancement of people in greatest need in less developed areas of the world. Concern World wide’s policy is to work in countries in the bottom 40 as per the Human Development Index (HDI), though emergency interventions take place in countries outside this group of countries.

In Kenya, our approach is to deliver support by strengthening government, partner and community systems (system strengthening). We work at three levels – with households and communities; with devolved county structures and with county level management of non-devolved ministries to improve service delivery for the extreme poor, including an element of policy and advocacy work; and at national level to influence policy in a strategic manner that focuses on pro-poor policy change. This is achieved through our work in Health & Nutrition, Education, Livelihoods and Governance.

Concern Worldwide is looking to get into potential partnership with vendors who can offer a digital platform that ensures that Concern effectively distributes supplies/ products/cash to beneficiaries in various and remote locations without having to physically sign/thumb print by way of a voucher system either directly or through a vendor, while still enhancing accountability. Examples of supplies for distribution are Livestock Pellets, Seeds, NFIs, Food Rations etc Concern Worldwide is currently distributing 50Kg pellets (worth Ksh. 2500) per beneficiary. The voucher value is based on the available funds.

Summary of current voucher system

Concern Worldwide is currently using a physical voucher system to distribute products to beneficiaries. A similar Voucher- cash system was also used for cash transfer in areas without mobile network. The system involves issuance of valued voucher of a fixed amount per beneficiary, where the beneficiary presents the voucher to the vendor in exchange for a product in line with Concern commitment.

The current system involves the following process:-

  1. Designing and printing of the Vouchers:- Concern Worldwide normally designs and prints serialized vouchers to issue to the identified beneficiaries prior to the distribution date

  2. Beneficiaries’ identification: - Concern holds community forums, introduces the project and using a pre-defined criteria guides the participants on beneficiary identification. Most often the community leadership is engaged to confirm the right beneficiaries are reached.

  3. Procurement of vendor services: - Following the beneficiary identification, Project team shares the distribution clusters to guide the vendor procurement process. Concern procurement team then sends out request for quotations inviting interested applicants to apply. Number of vendors selected varies as they are cherry picked based on their quote values and geographical proximity to the beneficiaries. However, every distribution center is allocated only one vendor. It’s worth noting that livestock feeds are not readily available in the local market and hence the selected vendors have to source them from outside the ward/ sub-county/county.

  4. Issuance of the vouchers: - Once the vouchers are printed, Concern issues them to the identified beneficiaries, either directly using the Concern staff or identified clerks. This is normally done prior to the distribution day

  5. Redemption of the vouchers: - Once the supplies are ready, the vendor works together with the Concern team to distribute the livestock feeds.

Redemption process

  1. The beneficiary then present the Value voucher and their ID card to the vendor/ or their representatives (identified through the normal Concern Worldwide procurement process) in exchange for the feeds.

  2. The vendor (or his representative) together with Concern Worldwide (or appointed representative-hired as clerk), cross-check the details of the beneficiary against the approved beneficiary register (to ensure that the person presenting the voucher is the valid owner), then guides the beneficiary in signing( by either pen-5% or thumb print(95%) the redemption documents upon confirmation of the beneficiary details. Where one Vendor is selected to distribute feeds to several villages, he appoints representatives who works closely with Concern team to distribute feeds in the various centers for timely completion of the exercise. During this exercise each beneficiary is guided to sign at least 2 forms (one for the vendor to use for invoicing and one for Concern’s record). During this process, the Clerks supports the beneficiaries in filling of the details as majority are illiterate.

  3. A livestock production officer from the county is involved during distribution to examine the quality and quantity of feeds distributed to the beneficiaries. The process can take between 6 to 10 hours per day based on the number of beneficiaries per day, and rate of turn up during distribution by location.

  4. Following distribution, vendor then presents the redemption documents and invoice to Concern Worldwide to claim the payment for the distributed items.

  5. Concern Worldwide does reconciliation of the distribution and process payment.

Note: Distribution may happen in multiple locations at the same time

Definitions of terms and role of stakeholder:


Person hired by Concern Worldwide as a casual to support the beneficiaries’ registration or feed voucher redemption process


The intended recipient of either cash or products distributed by Concern Worldwide. The beneficiary is normally pre-identified using a selection criteria defined by Concern Worldwide during proposal development


Also known as the supplier, is a person/organization identified in line with Concern procurement process to supply goods or services

Redemption Team:

Comprises of Concern Worldwide/ or its representatives (also known as clerks), Vendor (or their representatives) and community cash/feed committee representatives. They play different roles as defined above to ensure successful distribution of any form of assistance to the community.

Concern Worldwide role in the process include:

· Designing and procurement of the vouchers

· Issuance of the vouchers to the beneficiaries

· Procurement of the vendor services

· Recruitment of the clerks to be involved in the distribution exercise

· Monitoring during and after the distribution to ensure the objectives are met and that the correct beneficiaries received their inputs

· Managing complaints system during the entire process

Advantages of the manual voucher system:

  1. User friendly: Easy for beneficiaries as they would only be required to present their IDs, sign on the form and redeem the feed

  2. No internet and smart phone needed to operate

  3. Redemption process takes a shorter period as the Concern team allocates specific redemption days.

  4. Vendors allowed to take feed to locations that are easily accessible by the beneficiaries ensuring minimal transfer cost to the beneficiaries.

  5. It’s easy to account since records are readily available to redemption team

  6. Easy to monitor the redemption process and support the process as need arises

  7. Concern is hands-on in whole process ensuring beneficiaries are not taken advantage of

  8. Prompt reporting on status of distribution and redemption processes i.e. feeds redeemed, beneficiaries present, voucher status (exhausted, pending feed, if not redeemed all).

Disadvantages of the manual voucher system:

1) Security threats as a result of crowding with everyone else knowing who had items in their homes that evening.

2) Crowding- in Covid-19 era this is a health risk

3) Thumb printing used by beneficiaries as a way of signing as most are illiterate is now a health risk with Covid-19

4) Rigid redemption dates and time - currently beneficiaries may have to queue for an entire day to redeem

Proposed Voucher solution:

We request digitization of the current physical voucher system. The expected solution should improve efficiency by maintaining the current advantages while still addressing the shortcomings of the manual system.

User stories- functional requirements for the proposed solution:

  1. As a programme officer I want to be able to register beneficiaries and digitally VALIDATE the registration

  2. As a programme officer I want high standards of data privacy and security for all beneficiaries i.e. all PII (personal identifiable information) and sensitive information for beneficiaries should be highly secured on transit and at rest.

  3. As a programme officer I want validation of all mandatory fields during registration

  4. As a programme officer I want to have capability to communicate digitally with the beneficiary e.g. via SMS. In the SMS I would like to have an option to use the local dialect.

  5. As a programme officer I want to send SMS to the beneficiaries upon voucher approval

  6. As a programme officer I want to have capabilities to digitally on board vendors

  7. In the vendor on boarding process I want to capture the following but not limited to vendor business license , vendor location, contact information and locations the vendor can cover.

  8. As a programme officer I want to be able to create distribution centres

  9. Once vendors are on boarded, I want to have capabilities to assign them to distribution centres.

  10. As a programme officer I want to be able register different programmes and/or distribution

  11. As a programme officer I want to be able to add beneficiaries to different programmes and/or distribution

  12. As a programme officer I want to be able to close programmes and/or distribution

  13. As a programme officer I want to automatically generate serialised vouchers for different programmes

  14. As a programme officer I want to share the digital vouchers with the beneficiaries digitally

  15. I want all beneficiaries to be able to digitally redeem their vouchers

  16. I want all vendors to digitally verify and redeem the amount as specified by beneficiaries from their vouchers

  17. Consent process between vendor and beneficiary should be digitised(e.g. by way of SMS or USSD)

  18. I want all Livestock production officers to be able to digitally verify the quality of feeds distributed to beneficiaries by vendors.

  19. I want the system to automatically suspend vendors whose feeds do not meet quality standard upon verification by Livestock production officers.

  20. I want system to automatically resume suspended vendors upon verification by Livestock production officers.

  21. As a programme officer I want to digitally process, approve payment to vendors for redeemed vouchers.

  22. The system should be able to register users with different roles and capabilities as follows(to be defined)

  23. The system should be able to reconcile (to be defined)

  24. The system should be able to generate customised reports(to be defined)

  25. As a programme officer I want the system to support offline capabilities i.e. access in areas without network access. The system should be able to carry all the above functions off network.

  26. As a programme officer I want an audit trail of all transactions which include but not limited to beneficiary, vendor, voucher, payment information.

  27. Solution to be well documented with user manuals

Note: some vendors may be illiterate

Non-functional Requirement for the solution:

  1. High performance

  2. Recoverability

  3. Scalability

  4. High availability

  5. High reliability

  6. Easy to maintain

  7. Secure

  8. Data integrity

  9. User friendly

Checks on supplier offering the solution:

· Resiliency and well managed

· Compliant with all laws and regulations

· Business continuity plans

· Security mechanisms in place

· Data privacy mechanisms in place

· Mode of data governance is compliant with Concern Worldwide

Other checks:

· SLA contracts

· KPI contracts

· Key Risk Indicator documents

How to apply:

Bids to be submitted to Quotes.Kenya@concern.net with subject title “**Voucher Solution**”** not later than 16:00Hrs; 30th November 2020.

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