Tender Invitation: Strategic Communication Agency to Analyze Social Media Trends in Iraq

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Organization: Media in Cooperation and Transition
Closing date: 25 Nov 2020

About MiCT

Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) gGmbH is a German media development organisation that implements projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. MiCT’s activities focus on the interplay between conflict, media coverage and reconciliation in crisis regions. The organisation was established in 2004 with a head office based in Berlin.

MiCT’s services include the training of journalists and media producers, programme and content development, production of radio programmes, films and books, as well as media research and monitoring in conflict zones. An international team of 10 full-time staff members work at MiCT’s headquarters in Berlin. Through its projects, MiCT aims at fostering the transformation from conflict towards reconciliation and to encourage dialogue among conflicting factions within society. Our focal point is the interaction and interdependence of media and conflict. Supporting media cooperation, media networking and media development, as well as capacity building in the field of journalism, is presumed to be a key factor in conflict transition.

For the past 12 years MiCT has been conducting investigative reporting training and has produced investigative reports in cooperation with local journalists in Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan & South Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, as well as several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Both correspondents.org and niqash.org are established platforms for investigative journalism.


Research specific issues relating to female empowerment/local discussions in Iraq over 2-5 weeks:

  • Media monitoring: Explore narratives around the issue(s) and differing frameworks

  • Digital research: Understand sentiment of reaction and commentary on social media

  • Identify the most influential accounts/pages and content within the online debate

  • Trace the conversation around the issue and how it has developed over time, considering different platforms, pages, and individuals.

  • Disinformation tracking

How to apply:

Instruction to Tenders
This is a competitive procurement procedure. Invited bidders will submit a written tender offer and MiCT will subsequently enter detailed discussions with one or more of the bidders. One supplier only may be awarded the assignment. It is important that all terms and conditions contained in the tender invitation are fully followed.

Content of Tender Offers
Bidders should offer services for the complete proposal as defined below. Please note that each requirement in the specification is to be addressed separately, with clear reference to the requirements. For evaluation purposes, the tender offer should follow the same disposition as the Specification of Requirements.

Specification of Requirements

· Description of offered solution(s): A detailed document indicating the methodology, key narratives, sentiment analysis (example: random sampling of social media comments with analysis), pathway mapping, and a final report during a time period of 2-5 weeks.

· Offer letter: Indicating all costs excluding VAT related to the implementation of the solutions as well as its ongoing costs for regular use.

· Budget: All costs should include full staffing, covering social media analysis experts, and native Arabic/Kurdish analysts. Monitoring tools and software will be included. The budget should also include a couple of options (a “shopping list”) of the number of topics and number of platforms to be reviewed.

· Customer reference document: Brief note (1 page at max), indicating the name and website of the referenced, the use case for the referenced customer, specifics of the service/solution delivered and end outcome/Impact for the referenced customer.

All costs must be included in the tender offer. The costs are to be specified in Euro or Pounds excluding VAT, in the manner set out in the specification.

The bidder is welcome to enclose brochures and other printed information, although the comments in the offer to the tender requirements should be listed as specified without relying on information in enclosures or elsewhere.

Submission of Tender offers

The tender offer shall be:

· submitted in English to jobs@mict-international.org

· complete with all relevant company names, address, contact persons and e-mail address, VAT-number (or other relevant tax registration number)

· signed by authorised representative of the bidder

· considered as confidential

· specifying an e-mail address of the supplier to which potential clarifications may be sent

By submitting a tender, the bidder confirms that the bidder:

· is registered in the professional and trade registers in the country where the supplier is based (certificate may be requested by MiCT).

· as not been convicted of any criminal offence and is, if requested, able to produce an extract from a legal register, or in the absence of such a register, a certificate issued by an authorized legal or administrative authority in the country of origin or in the country where the supplier is based, as means of proof.

· is not in debt with either the tax authority or the enforcement service regarding the payment of any required taxes and/or social security contributions (certificate(s) may be requested by the MiCT where appropriate).

· is not bankrupt or currently the subject of bankruptcy proceeding, compulsory liquidation, compulsory management arrangement or accord. The bidder also confirms that they have not cancelled payments or been made the subject of a trading ban or any other similar arrangement

· does not feature on the list of EU restrictive measures, which is published on the following website: www.sanctionsmap.eu .

· has not been engaged in wrongful conduct such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, child labour, trafficking, etc.

The bidder also confirms that the company has the financial capacity, as well as the technical, quality assurance, research and development capacities and abilities for the assignment/fulfilment of the bidder’s contractual obligations.

Closing Date for Submission of Tender

Final date for receipt of tenders is midnight, Central European Time on November 25, 2020. Tender received after the final date of receipt of tenders will be disregarded.

Cost of Tender
Costs for the preparation of tenders will not be reimbursed.

Opening of Tenders
MiCT will open the tenders on the first working day following the closing date. Bidders will not be allowed to participate in the opening of the tenders. The names of the tenders will be kept confidential until the contract with the successful bidder has been signed.

Communications during the procurement procedure

If the bidder has questions regarding the invitation to tender, please contact MiCT via email: jobs@mict-international.org. MiCT will respond to requests for clarification that it receives prior to the closing date of the tender. MiCT’s response to all questions (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of enquiry) will be shared with all bidders.

Tender Evaluation
The evaluation of tenders will be carried out in two steps.

Exclusion and Qualification Criteria
MiCT will examine the tenders to determine whether they are complete, the documents have been properly signed, and the requirements have been addressed. A tender may be rejected if the tender is incomplete, not signed or fails to address the requirements or if the tender price exceeds the indicative budget ceiling. The second stage consists of an evaluation of the tenders according to the evaluation criteria listed below.

Evaluation Criteria/Relative Importance

· Total cost of acquisition*/ 20%

· Proposals relevance to the system requirements definitions including the specified outcomes/ 55%

· Budget and previous experience working in/with Iraq 15%

· Customer references relevant to system requirements**/ 10%

*Total cost of acquisition includes all one time and recurring charges based on best effort estimate by the bidder.

**Customer references need to be provided at first as a brief description of service, relationship, and outcomes from the bidder. MiCT may request to directly connect with the referenced customer’s personnel to validate. Customer references are considered relevant if they match the following:

· If the service or part of the service delivered to the referenced customer has similar or same specifications as MiCT.

MiCT may in writing ask any bidder for clarification of any part of its proposal to assist in the examination and evaluation. MiCT may also invite any number of bidders to present or otherwise confirm the services, or parts thereof, followed by a question and answer session. The presentation will be held by videoconference.

Award of assignment
MiCT will enter detailed discussions with the bidder rated as having submitted the most advantageous bid to arrive at a contract for the assignment. If such discussions are unsuccessful, MiCT may invite the second rated bidder for discussions.

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