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Country: Somalia
Organization: The Nordic International Support Foundation
Closing date: 10 Dec 2020


Galmudug Federal Member State of Somalia has concluded leadership elections on February 2, 2020. The New Galmudug State leaders are mandated to administer and govern the State for the next four years and deliver the State priority policies on Inclusive Politics, Security & Justice, Economic Development and Social Services. The President and Vice President are committed and have already embarked to lead the State to a new direction of development, stability, peaceful and prosperous State. The Vice President (VP) is managing a Galmudug priority delivery unit within the Presidency Office which will provide line Ministries and the State house with the capacity, technical knowledge, and expertise to develop systems, human resources needed and to empower institutions for better public service delivery.

The Delivery Unit (DU) will closely work with Pillar Coordination system of the NDP9, Federal and State Ministries of Planning and other line Ministries to ensure coherence approach and complementarity of delivering GM priorities. The DU will have sector specialists in Inclusive Politics, Economic Development, Gender and Human Rights and Social Services (Disaster risk management /resilience and Health).Each sector will be led by a sector advisor, with an overall advisory team leader reporting to VP and the line ministries on day to day activities.

The Social Services Advisor will mainly focus on Disaster risk management/resilience based on Galmudug State priorities.


Background Information

Disasters whether natural and manmade affect many critical resources and services of a nation. Natural hazards are a main source of risk for the poor and present a serious obstacle to achieving sustainable social and economic development. Disasters affect the poor most severely; measures taken to manage hazards and reduce their impact provide an effective vehicle to make substantial advances in the fight against poverty. The negative effects though cannot be prevented, the impact of disasters on communities, livestock and infrastructure can be mitigated. The scope of disaster management is quite wide and it extends over development, prevention, preparedness, response, relief and rehabilitation and mitigation. All these phases require discharge of key functions and assumptions of certain roles. The roles can at times be primary, especially when a crisis takes place and certain other functions become secondary which become supportive to the primary functions. Somalia in general and Galmudug State in particular is one of the most disaster-stricken states in Somalia. Due to accumulation of people and assets in hazardous places, many communities living across Galmudug State are increasingly facing vulnerability to the impacts of natural and manmade hazards, particularly with persistent droughts and armed conflict between clans and government and Al-Shabab militias. In light of this background, the advisor will guide the government on policy formulation and implementation on Disaster Management/resilience in crisis and post-conflict development in Galmudug State of Somalia.

Key Responsibilities and deliverables

· Creation of strategic partnerships and implementation of the resource mobilization strategy for disaster management/resilience.

· Facilitate and/or provide technical advice, training and mentoring to the staff of Ministry of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs and partners in order to improve the technical quality of resilience programs.

· Over-arching working mechanisms in line with the various line ministries, mandated with different services needed to be delivered.

· Coordinate Federal Pillar working group and State Pillar Working Groups by Supporting the creation of sub-working groups within this pillar given the array of services.

· Establishing a comprehensive approach to maintaining pillar cohesiveness during sub-working groups, streamlining service providers outside of government institutions to better grasp and map out needs assessment throughout Galmudug, in consultation with administration state and council level.

· Facilitate relationship building with stakeholders in Galmudug and wider Somalia, and collaborative work including technical capacity support, capacity building, shared learning mutual encouragement.

· Notify the Office of the DG in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs of any potential funding opportunities and where needed, work together with other relevant ministries to produce concept notes and proposals; and

· Provide training on Disaster Risk Reduction and community approaches to disasters and climate change.

· Responsible for ensuring health and safety of the citizens during disaster occurrence.

· Identify the key issues involved in managing disasters.

· Ensure effective sector filling and archiving procedures are implemented.

· Establish transparency, commitment and involvement in implementing any ongoing disaster management programme in Galmudug State.

· Ensure disaster assistance are provided to the local community as far as possible in an equitable and consistent manner.

· Integrate disaster prevention and preparedness into the development plan of Galmudug State of Somalia.

· Address or take cognizance of the local ecology and undertake or support research studies on disaster management and resilience programs.

· Ensure disaster management and resilience activity need oriented, multi-disciplinary and integrated.

· Ensure participatory approach through community involvement in disaster management resilience; and

· Draw up an emergency or response or disaster management plan which is transparent, flexible, efficient, effective, affordable and sustainable.

Expected Outputs.

· Comprehensive Pillar 4 Strategy to enhance access and efficiency of public and social service delivery reflective of the pillar’s TOR, alignment with GSS Strategic Agenda and the NDP, by consolidating input from relevant institutions.

· Annual work plan, 2021-2022, with implementation plan detailed with planned programmes and projects in relation to the development of public and social services, outlining the planned and existing activities, roles and responsibilities, timelines, available and required resources and all stakeholders involved.

· Monthly highlights and detailed quarterly reports for the pillar working group highlighting progress, challenges encountered, and corrective actions proposed.

· Undertake the necessary revisions and adjustment to the Social and Public Service Development Pillar as priorities change or milestones are achieved, through consultation of the relevant institutions.

· All other related activities to be further outlined and as detailed by pillar working group.

Qualification and working Experiences.

Knowledge, Education, Skills and Working Experience.

· Relevant Academic Degree-Preferably Degree in Water Resource Management, Public Administration, Environmental Science and Management, Economic Studies, International Relations or other relevant fields.A minimum of seven (7) years of relevant and professional work experience in Disaster Management/resilience with at least 5 years of professional experience in fragile or conflict affected countries on public service delivery and at least 1-year experience in developing National Building Codes and By-laws.

· Excellent ability to quickly grasp and synthesize inputs from a range of disciplines related to disaster management and development.

· Self-motivated, ability to work with minimum supervision.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications including oral, written and negotiating team-oriented work styles. Interest and experience of working in multicultural environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, multi-task and meet deadlines.

· Demonstrated skills and sensitivity in engaging with minority groups and government stakeholders and understanding of power analysis in stakeholder engagement.

· Strong knowledge and understanding of the economic, political and social context of Galmudug State and/or Somalia.

· Ability to meet tight deadlines and work independently without supervision.


· Fluency in English both written and oral (Advanced level)

· Fluency in Somali is an asset (Native or advanced Level)


The Disaster Management/Resilience Advisor will direct report to DG Ministry of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs in Galmudug State of Somalia.

How to apply:

Only those interested candidates who meet the profile stated should submit their applications accompanied by a detailed CV to below link:

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