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Senior Design and Construction Engineer (Readvert) Our Values: Investing in smallholder farming is the number one way to combat poverty in rural Africa. Farm Africa is a leading NGO specialising in growing agriculture, protecting the environment and developing businesses in rural Africa. EXPERT. Deep expertise and insightful evidence-based solutions are at the heart of everything Farm Africa does. GROUNDED. Positive change starts with Africa’s people, so our experts work closely with local communities, engaging them in every level of decision-making. IMPACTFUL. We take a long-term view so we can deliver lasting changes for farmers and their families. BOLD. We model innovative new approaches and are not afraid to challenge strategies that are failing. About Farm Africa Effective agriculture has the power to change lives. It underpins prosperity, food security and stability the world over. Farm Africa focuses on transforming agriculture and managing natural resources sustainably. We champion a holistic approach that boosts yields, protects the environment and connects smallholder farmers to thriving markets. We work with different types of farmers in a range of regions. Their local situations vary, but the problems they face are all too familiar: lack of training and technology, inadequate inputs, no finance, vulnerability to climate change and poor links to markets. We have an ambitious strategy to expand our work over the next five years. We’ll increase our impact, lift more communities out of poverty, work with more corporate partners who share our vision, open up more agricultural markets, provide more expertise, and make change happen. Background Farm Africa is implementing a large number of projects/programmes in the areas of agriculture (crop and livestock), natural resources management and market engagement across Ethiopia. We are increasingly designing and implementing complex and integrated multi-sector projects, some by ourselves and others in partnership with like-minded organizations in the form of consortium. Currently, Farm Africa is implementing WFP-supported Livelihood Promotion and Resilience Building for Refugees and Host communities in Somali Regional States, Ethiopia. The project is implemented in Dolo Ado and Bokolmayo woredas of Somali region and specifically in Buramino, Godbokol and Bokolmayo Refugee Camps (the first two refugee camps are in Dollo Ado Woreda while Bokolmayo refugee camp in Bokolmayo woreda). The project works to address livelihood challenges faced by host and refugee communities in Dollo Ado area as a result of hydro-meteorological, biophysical and socio-economic shocks and aims to enhance food security, build resilience and reduce the heavy dependence on food aid. It does this through climate-smart crops and livestock production; sustainable management and use of natural resources such as land, water and rangelands; market linkages and institutional capacity building for sustainability. JOB TITLE:  Senior Design and Construction Engineer – (Infrastructure Engineer/irrigation Engineer on a consultant base of 50% of time) REPORTS TO:  Project Coordinator REPORTING TO POSTHOLDER: None LOCATION: Addis Ababa with frequent travel to Dolo Ado, Somali Region DURATION: 6 months with possibility of extension based on availability of fund and performance Purpose of the Role: Senior Design and Construction Engineer: Various construction works (importantly on-going irrigation canal, grain store, fodder bank, Gum and incense aggregation facility, and solar-powered irrigation pump) will be undertaken during the next 8-months Field Level Agreement (FLA). Farm Africa will deploy a highly qualified and well-experienced design and construction engineer on part-time basis (50%). He/She will work to ensure the development of good quality designs and conduct technical follow-up on whether construction works are done as per their design. He/she will also monitor construction progress against timeframe as well as ensure the right materials are used. The Design and Construction Engineer will spend 25% of his/her time in the field (supervising construction progresses) and 25% in Addis (to develop plans, syntheses progress reports and share information with project team and contractors). He/she will report to the Project Coordinator and also to the Senior Programme Manager through a matrix management arrangement. Key areas of responsibilities are: The Engineer will design, plan, and supervise the Solar pump as per the specification and its installation, and also construction of various infrastructure schemes such as stores, pipelines and water systems. A rapid assessment to identify and prioritize sites for the development of small-scale irrigation scheme by the project that consider availability of water source, and potential irrigated command area for the proper designing of the irrigation schemes, implementation and close follow up of the irrigation scheme construction after the proper designing of the schemes; and implementation and close follow up of the construction stores for crop harvest, fodder and gum and incense. He/She oversee and coordinate various construction activities of the project from start to finish. The detail scope will be to: Supervise each subcontractor to ensure that work meets quality standards and adheres to specifications. Carry out analysis of general physical conditions of the selected construction sites and ensure suitability depending on the nature of construction schemes such as water availability, slope, soil, and climate suitability. Assess the economic and technical feasibility of the irrigation scheme and the stores. Recommend appropriate and preferred type of irrigation scheme and aggregation facilities (stores). Work with the agriculturalist/agronomist of the project and other project staffs for the follow up and monitoring of the irrigation scheme, Ensure effective data collection of various parameters of construction schemes, and creation of a database on GIS platform that is user-friendly and easy to input data and generate reports of designing and construction. Finalize and confirm the developed Terms of Reference (ToR) and or bidding document for the design of the small-scale irrigation scheme and construction of aggregation facilities (stores) in the selected priority sites. Develop bill of quantities and specifications of equipment required to develop the irrigation scheme and construct the stores. Support the tendering and contracting process for the design, construction and supervision of irrigation schemes and aggregations facilities. The Senior Design and Construction Engineer is required to conduct consultation process with stakeholders mainly with local authorities and the target communities in site selection for construction of the irrigation schemes to be designed at Kolle and Godboqol sites. Consult and provide guidance to project stakeholders and managerial staff regarding engineering requirements for construction of various designs, modifications, and structural repairs. Use design software and drawing tools to accurately render and communicate designs; plans and other necessary systems. Assess strength of foundations, and quality of input materials used for construction. Set design specifications by computing load and grade requirements, material stress factors, water flow rates, and similar parameters. Monitor construction schemes based on the analysis of relevant materials such as drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, survey reports, maps, and other geologic and topographical data. Conduct environmental and social impacts of construction schemes. Estimate materials, equipment, and labour needed to determine project costs. Monitor project progress and ensures design specifications, safety, and sanitation standards are met. Provide leadership in initial planning stage by collaborating with clients, architects, engineers, or other involved parties; develops detailed description of jobs and materials necessary to complete project. Prepare and submits budget estimates of constructions and solar pumps and regularly communicates with client concerning budget progress and costs. Ensure adherence to the budget and, when unexpected complications or issues arise, makes quick and necessary adjustments and report to his/her line manager. Plan, coordinates, organizes, oversees, and directs activities regarding the construction and maintenance of assigned structures, facilities, and systems. Ensure safety standards and guidelines are followed on the jobsite and that all safety codes are met in construction. Oversee contract negotiations, revisions, and additions and adherence by all parties. Collaborate with clients, supervisory staff, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve problems, including work procedures, complaints, and construction or design issues. Lead actions that are necessary due to delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction sites. Develop and maintains good working relationships with a variety of people, including owners, managers, designers, supervisors, tradespersons, and craft workers. On completion of a project, inspects, repairs, and maintains the structures as needed. Perform other related duties as assigned. Deliverables The Engineer will work closely with the project team under the direct supervision of the Senior Program Manager to deliver the following deliverables in a quality control and timely manner: Revise and finalize the developed ToR for irrigation Scheme Design and Technical Specifications (for tender) for irrigation scheme design including cost of the action. Monitor and close follow up of the designing implementation to assure the quality and the practicality of the design. Monitor and supervision during the construction and implementation phase once an appropriate design is in place (i.e. checks key stages of payments according to the bill of quantity and measurements on the ground together with the PC to the Senior Programme management for further passing it to the senior management sign off. Finalize and confirm the ToRs developed for the construction of stores and aggregation facilities for the final tendering step. Monitor and supervision during the construction and implementation phase of these stores. Checks of key stages of payments according to the bill of quantity and measurements on the ground together with the PC to the Senior Programme manager for further passing it to the senior management sign off. Recommendations around stores and irrigation scheme sustainability. Support with the tender / contractor evaluation process for all construction activities Others to add on a case by case basis (i.e. generic deliverables) Management and Implementation Responsibilities The Engineer will be responsible for: Advising on options for development and specifications of the Solar pump, Stores and irrigation scheme Support the tendering and supplier and contractor selection process for all the construction works or irrigation scheme and storage facilities in the project; In consultation with Farm Africa, developing a sustainability plan for the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure (operation and management manual). Monitor the implementation of the construction work, including checking and confirming at key stages of the construction process and payments for the stores and irrigation scheme. Directs and oversees the contractors of construction and Solar pump suppliers regarding construction, operations, and/or maintenance tasks and assignments at a project site. Design training for key stakeholders in the operation and maintenance of schemes and water management; Contribute to the design of a realistic and appropriate fee structure and collection mechanisms to ensure maintenance of the irrigation schemes and of access to water; These essential functions are not to be interpreted as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related duties as required. All work responsibilities are subject to having performance goals and/or targets established. Job Requirements Education, Qualifications & other knowledge The Construction and Designing Engineer to be engaged in this assignment shall have qualifications and/or experience in water resources science, hydraulic engineering (including design construction and management of irrigation canal and water storage structure), river morphology and meteo-hydrology, civil engineering or a related fields. The staff consultants should also have proven experience in design, construction and management of the hydraulic and irrigation scheme in Ethiopia. The consultant should have master/bachelor degree and at least 10 year of experience in the required areas. Detail Qualification Criteria: University degree in Engineering civil engineering, construction engineering and related disciplines. An advanced degree is an asset. General Professional Experience: At least 10 years of professional experience in irrigation designing and construction engineering. Specific Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering/Construction Engineering/Structural engineering required; Master’s degree preferred. Licensure as professional engineer (PE) required.  Experience in similar geological conditions and terrain is an asset. Skills and Abilities: Excellent computer skills (e.g. MS Office, GIS and AutoCAD computer software programs etc.) and analyzing. Excellent record keeping and report writing skills Strong interpersonal and communication skills Very good English language skills (written and spoken) Thorough understanding of civil engineering/Structural engineering principles, practices, and tools. Thorough understanding of materials, methods, and tools involved in Solar pump, construction or repair of buildings and other related structures. Thorough understanding of safety regulations related to assigned projects.  Ability to identify and solve complex problems. Ability to be both creative and analytical. Extremely detail-oriented and accurate. Ability to remain flexible and efficient in a fast-paced environment. Ability to make intelligent and quick decisions, working well under pressure, and when faced with unexpected occurrences or delays. Ability to effectively multitask while analyzing and solving problems. Thorough understanding of engineering, architectural, and other construction drawings. Must be able to traverse and inspect all areas of jobsite in all types of weather; this may include walking, climbing, reaching, bending, crawling, or stretching.  Must be on-call to address delays, emergencies, bad weather, and other issues at the jobsite How to Apply Those who meet the above requirements should submit their short CV (maximum of 3 pages) and a cover letter (maximum 1 page) addressing with the subject "Senior Design and Construction Engineer for LPRB project" by November 15, 2020. Documents cannot be returned and due to large number of applications, only short listed candidates will be contacted. Applications are especially welcomed from female applicants.

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