OXFAM CONSULTANCY FOR HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY APPROACH (HEA) ENDLINE ASSESSMENT OF PROACT PROJECT IN ADAMAWA AND KEBBI STATES, NIGERIA The purpose and objectives of the consultancy is to conduct a rapid HEA endline assessment in the two pre-defined (at baseline) livelihood zones and to compare baseline and endline figures for specific programme indicators (the indicators will be shared with the selected consultant during the inception meeting). The consultant will analyse the endline data and compare the results with the baseline to determine: Changes in cropping patterns, crop diversity and crop production; Changes in dietary diversity; Changes in income levels, and sources of income; Changes in expenditure levels, patterns of expenditure and discretionary expenditure; The impact of any shocks in the past three years, changes in coping strategies/ response to shocks and any evidence that climate adaptation has increased resilience to climatic shocks; Price changes and the impact on income and expenditure; Changes in wealth ranking – have the farmers moved into a higher or lower wealth group since the reference year? All indicators will be disaggregated to assess whether there were any gender specific impacts of the programme. It would be possible to attribute the impact of the programme by comparing changes in the livelihoods of participants and non-participants. In this case, however, analysis at endline will focus on disaggregation of changes observed for the participants according to the year they joined the programme to see if there is a gradient of impact; disaggregate by gender to see if there are any gender specific impacts; and disaggregate by wealth group to see if poverty status impacts the ability of a household to achieve real change. The survey will cover targeted poor and vulnerable households within the seven (7) targeted Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Adamawa and Kebbi States. 4.0 Methodology The consultant firm will prepare a proposal, including the methodology and a schedule of work for its visit. During the visit the consultant will work closely with the MELSA team liaising closely with the Livelihood program coordinator and Project manager. 5.0 Responsibilities 5.1 Oxfam/PROACT team will be responsible for Providing any key documentation required by the consultant (proposals, M&E framework, baseline report, baseline datasets etc.) Mobilizing community participants. Inviting staff and government officials to attend any necessary trainings. Providing input and feedback on draft report Coordinating the inception and final draft reports meetings 5.2 The Consultant will be responsible for Reviewing key project documents including programme/project proposals, baseline (including data sets), M&E plan, relevant reports etc. Defining the schedule for the support visit (according to requirements in this ToR) and agreeing with project coordinator; Conducting capacity assessment of staff to do HEA data collection; Conducting refresher training of PROACT staff as mandated by results of capacity assessment; Coordinating PROACT staff to complete the data collection during the specified timeframe. Collating and inserting the data into the HEA tables and analysing the results with PROACT staff. Presenting the initial findings to Oxfam/PROACT team. Preparing a brief endline report and incorporating Oxfam/PROACT feedback. 6.0 Deliverables: § An inception report detailing methodologies to be used and sample size calculations, a detailed execution plan, data-collection tools for-household-economic assessment (HEA), § Staff HEA capacity assessment and subsequent refresher training schedule. § A presentation of the key findings and recommendations to Oxfam and other stakeholders in Abuja (this is optional depending availability of funds). Alternatively, an online presentation will be required to be made to Oxfam technical team); § A concise endline report (25 pages max in .doc and .pdf format) detailing the changes between baseline and endline figures for the key indicators cited in this ToR; relevent graphs as agreed with the Oxfam and PROACT team; any differences in proportions of HH in each wealth ranking between baseline and endline; attribution for any differences noted; conclusions on the success or otherwise of the programme at alleviating poverty; Practical and SMART recommendations for future programming. The HEA datasets (storage and analysis spreadsheets) in excel format must be annexed to the report. Skills and Expertise required: A reputed organization with proven experience in conducting HEA studies who possess the following expertise only should apply: i. At least 10 years of experience in undertaking HEA with specific reference to utilization of Household Economy Analytical Framework in undertaking community profiling in conflict affected context. ii. Experience in the Household Economy Approach (HEA), both field data collection and analysis. iii. Involved in at least 4 previous HEA studies, with 2 at Team Leader level. iv. Experience in training HEA field teams. v. Experience in HEA Outcomes Analysis. vi. Proven experience of working in Northern Nigeria. vii. Proven experience of working in conflict prone settings. How to apply How to Apply: Interested and qualified consultants are expected download the full RFQ package from OXFAM Website: https://ift.tt/2BArNUG Prospective consulting firm who meet the requirement above should include in their submissions the following: submit an updated CV detailing personal profile, skills, competencies and suitability for the assignment as well as readiness for immediate short-term consultancy plus the following: Detailed CVs of all professional (s) who will work on the evaluation. Please attach a table describing the level of effort (in number of days) of each team member in each of the evaluation activities. Training report of any HEA capacity assessment undertaken Professional references: please provide at least three references from your previous clients and full contact details of the referees. At least 2 HEA survey in which the consultant is the lead author undertaken of similar programmes and context. Enquiries: All questions would be received in writing and sent to ngaoxfamvendors@oxfam.org on or before 10th November 2020. Responses would be sent by COB of 12th November 2020.

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