Inclusion and Gender Advisor

NGO Jobs / UN Jobs Vacancy

Country: Myanmar
Organization: Voluntary Service Overseas
Closing date: 20 Nov 2020

Benefits of volunteering for this position:
* Able to use your skills, knowledge and experiences to create long lasting, sustainable change
* Flexible working
* A great opportunity to join the world’s leading independent international development organisation
* Expand your professional network
* Build collaborative partnerships that promote innovation, growth and impact
* Advance your career by improving job prospects
* Boost your self-esteem
* Experience culturally diverse workplace within VSO and partner organisations
* Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment in life

As a volunteer you will:
Provide technical support to FHI 360 Partners to develop and implement inclusion policies. You will work with partners who have develop inclusion policies to support the role of inclusion policies. You will work with CSOs, Media Institutions and government to institutional Inclusion policies and practices.

Popularize Inclusion Champions model in close collaboration with specialist for Social Accountability and Resilience Specialist to ensure coordinated and integrated approach to delivery VSO capacities in Social and Inclusion and Gender (SIG).

You will be based in Yangon and travels to all FHI 360 Project Areas.

How to apply:

Apply Here

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