Food Security Sector Coordinator based in Damascus, Syria

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Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Organization: World Food Programme
Closing date: 2 Dec 2020

The position will be for 11 months consultancy and contracted by WFP based in Damascus.

Starting Date: ASAP.

Minimum requirement: 5 years of experience and previous experience in coordination, fluency in English is required.**

Should you be interested, please submit your updated PHF/P11 and also indicate your earliest availability date.

Submission deadline by COB Wednesday 2nd December 2020 (GMT+1).



The Sector Coordinator will provide overall leadership for the implementation of the six IASC core functions of the cluster throughout Syria and specifically to:

To Support service delivery by

  • Providing a platform that ensures service delivery is driven by the Whole of Syria Humanitarian Response Plan and transition priorities.
  • Implementing common mechanisms to eliminate duplication of service delivery.
  • Ensuring that the Food Security Sector covers all identified food security needs of the affected population.

To inform the HC/HCT's strategic decision-making by

  • In collaboration with OCHA, preparing needs assessments and analysis of gaps.
  • Supporting the Food Security Sector or inter-sector level food security needs assessments, including participatory assessments.
  • Identifying and finding solutions for (emerging) gaps, obstacles, duplication and cross-cutting issues.

To plan and implement the strategy by

  • Implementing sector transition plans that directly support the downsizing strategy.
  • Applying and adhering to common standards and guidelines.
  • Provide transparent direction to the development of common funding criteria, resource mobilization and prioritization within the sector for inclusion in appeals and pooled funds processes.
  • Provide oversight to 4W collection, collation, and dissemination of IM products to partners.

To monitor and evaluate performance by

  • Periodically assessing the performance of the Food Security Sector through the utilization of the Cluster Performance Monitoring Tool and ensure that the information generated is then shared with partners for further learning and knowledge management.
  • Ensuring that sector coordination mechanisms are adapted over time to reflect the capacities of local actors and the engagement of development partners.
  • Ensure adequate reporting and effective information sharing, with due regard for age and sex disaggregation.

Build national capacity in preparedness and contingency planning.

  • Drawing lessons learned from past activities and revising transition implementation accordingly; Serve as a forum devolving operational coordination and problem solving within the various Food Security coordination groups in the region
  • Ensuring adequate contingency planning and preparedness for new emergencies and seasonal adaptation of responses at partner level at sub-national level


  • Identifying concerns that contribute to HC and HCT messaging and action.
  • Undertaking advocacy on behalf of the sector, sector members, and affected people. Represent the Food Security Sector in meetings with sectoral and external interlocutors. Co-chair sector meetings with FAO or NGO co-coordinator.
  • Secure from sector participants, minimum commitments on participation in activities.
  • Initiate measures to ensure that Principles of Partnership are fully respected in managing coordination mechanisms.
  • Perform any other duties as required.


Education: Advanced University degree in International Affairs, Economics, Agriculture Economics, Nutrition/Health, Agriculture, Environmental Science or other field relevant to food security or international development assistance, or First University Degree with additional years of related work experience and/or trainings/courses. Formal training in Cluster Coordination is required.

Experience: Minimum of 5 years of relevant (international) professional experience in humanitarian response at mid-senior level including in the Food Security Cluster.

Knowledge & Skills: Knowledge and expertise in food security modalities, excellent analytical and writing skills; excellent teamwork and management skills; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; and good negotiation and problem- solving skills.

Languages: Fluency in both oral and written communication in English.

How to apply:

To apply please please visit the Food Security Cluster webpage:

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