Consultancy to conduct a study about the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on women's economic rights

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Countries: Jordan, occupied Palestinian territory
Organization: Alianza Por La Solidaridad
Closing date: 11 Dec 2020

Research objective

The objective of this study is to analyse the violations of women’s economic rights during the period from March to October 2020 in the occupied Palestinian Territory and Jordan, the impact of such violations on the rights of those women and their families and proposals for supporting women’s economic empowerment in the current context.

The specific objectives of the research are:

  • To shed light on the violations committed against working women during the current pandemic and the implications of such violations to women's rights, their families, and their participation in the labour market.
  • To analyses the mitigation measures the public and private institutions are implementing to deal with the crisis, if the measures consider the specific impact of the crisis on women and how they are affecting on women’s economic rights.
  • To understand what the barriers and opportunities for women are to access and remain in the labour market in the current context, with special focus on relevant sectors and niches for women’s economic empowerment.
  • To obtain recommendations at the level of legislation, policies and practices for public and private institutions (including NGOs and women’s organizations) to support women’s economic empowerment in the current context.

The expected results are:

a. To document the main violations of women’s economic rights and discriminatory practices against Palestinian and Jordanian working women by the duty-bearers and responsibilities holders (i.e. public and private sector, including local and international NGOs) through quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

b. A gendered analysis of the response measures to the crisis in the different sectors of the economy and by the different duty-bearers and responsibilities holders and the impact caused in women.
c. Analysed the new dimensions and emerging challenges for women’s economic empowerment in each of the priority sectors in the current context.
d. Identified relevant labour sectors and niches for women’s economic empowerment.
e. Identified public policies, practices, and recommendations to support decent employment and women's access and permanency in the labour market for public institutions, the private sector, the local and international NGOs sector.

Qualifications and competences

Alianza por la Solidaridad seeks to work with professionals who share our vision and have highintegrity and proven professionalism:

  • Knowledge and experience in gender and economy areas. The mix of feminist and
  • economic profiles in the team will be an asset.
  • Documented experience in conducting social research.
  • Ability to data collection and analysis.
  • Experience in the use of participatory and feminist methodologies for research.
  • Excellent command of English and Arabic.
  • The necessary networks in both Jordan and Occupied Palestinian Territory

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How to apply:

Interested teams must submit a dossier containing at least the following information:

  • Technical proposal, including research sub-questions and methodologies and tools to be used for each of the questions, and preliminary sources of information.
  • Preliminary proposal of subjects for the three study cases.
  • Proposal for a work plan with phases and a schedule.
  • CVs and proof of the experience of the members of the research team indicating their role and responsibilities for conducting this research (in the case of more than one consultant).
  • Financial offer broken down (in euros): the amount available for this contract is 20.000 euros (including all taxes).
  • The amount proposed by the research team must include all the expenses that will be incurred for the delivery of the products (taxes, travel, accommodation, etc). Also, it must be clearly detailed and being aligned with the technical proposal.

Bids should be sent to the following address: and

The deadline for submitting proposals is 11th of December, 2020.

Please write on the subject of the e-mail: Study - Economic Rights in Jordan and oPt.

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