Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Coordinator for COVID-19

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Country: Kenya
Organization: International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Closing date: 29 Nov 2020

IFRC Africa Regional Office (ARO) Business Continuity

· Organize meetings of the ARO BCP Task Force and ensure proceedings are documented.

· Update the ARO BCP, incorporating inputs of the BCP Task Force and Senior Management Team (SMT).

· Update the ARO Actioning Business Continuity (ABC) document and monitor actions by focal points.

· Ensure that the SMT is updated on the ARO BCP and ABC.

· Provide updates on BCP and ABC during ARO staff meetings as/when requested by the SMT.

· Participate in and contribute to ARO COVID-19 Core Management, Extended Management Meetings, COVID-19 Task Force, and other internal technical coordination platforms.

· Facilitate lessons learned exercise(s) to inform improvements to future ARO BCP and ABC processes.

APRO Critical Incident Management

· Support the ARO Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) as/when requested by the SMT.

· In the event of a critical incident, continually update the BCP incident log and status boards, ensuring that all relevant logs and levels of recording are appropriate.

· Maintain chronological and concise record of critical incidents, meetings and decisions of the CIMT.

· Support updating of ARO critical incident master event board (recording all significant events/developments) and secondary boards (displaying key operational decisions).

· Support standing down of the ARO CIMT, including ensuring that all status board content is recorded, and the information retained/archived for future reference.

Business Continuity Plans of IFRC Africa Country Offices and CCST

· Guide and support IFRC Country Offices and CCST to update theirs BCPs and ABC documents.

· Maintain a record of the BC plans and ABC guidance documents of all IFRC offices in Africa.

· Collate and provide regular updates to the SMT on BCP and ABC of all IFRC offices in Africa.

· Support lessons learned exercise(s) to inform improvements to future BCP and ABC processes.

National Society Business Continuity Plans

· Analyze risks that may affect the ability of various Africa National Societies (ANS) to continue functioning, as basis for prioritizing countries for direct or remote support in BC planning.

· Undertake a mapping and maintain a repository of ANS BCPs.

· Assess BCP support needs of ANS.

· Guide and support ANS to develop/update BCPs based on their needs and requests.

· Refer ANS to the “National Society Business Continuity Help Desk” coordinated by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC).

· Facilitate learning webinars and forums for sharing good practices in BCP.

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