Consultancy: research support to monitor progress on internal displacement

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Organization: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Closing date: 11 Nov 2020

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is the global leader in the provision of data, information and analysis on internal displacement. IDMC monitors all situations of internal displacement, provides quantitative estimates of the numbers of IDPs worldwide, and develops research and analysis, which seeks to better inform policy and operational decisions that affect the lives of internally displaced people.

In 2019, IDMC published the first assessments of the severity of the conditions in which IDPs live in different settings, and developed an innovative methodology to produce an Internal Displacement Index (IDI). The IDI provides a comprehensive measure of progress on internal displacement at the national, regional and global levels. In addition to these two products, IDMC works closely with interested governments in the development of country-specific progress monitoring dashboards, using nationally relevant indicators and nationally owned data sources.


This consultancy is for a six-month research position to update the 2019 severity assessments, support additional assessments and update the Internal Displacement Index (IDI) using the methodology developed by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre. The index will compile publicly available data from internationally recognized sources of information on the impacts of internal displacement, the context in which it occurs (socioeconomic development, security and stability, environmental sustainability) and governments’ efforts to address it. The IDI provides a broad overview of internal displacement in affected countries and its annual updates serve to monitor progress. In addition, the consultant will support the development of guidelines for countries on monitoring progress at the national level and aid with responding to requests from governments affected by internal displacement to develop country-specific progress monitoring dashboards adapted from the IDI methodology to correspond to national priorities and resources.

Duties and responsibilities

Working under the supervision of the Research Manager, the consultant will:

  • Support IDMC’s staff in producing updated and additional severity assessments, following the methodology developed by IDMC in 2019;
  • Update IDI values with latest data from IDMC and other sources, as per the methodology developed by IDMC in 2019;
  • Consider and propose improvements to the existing methodologies to increase the coverage and applicability of the severity assessments and of the IDI;
  • Draft reports on the updated severity assessments and IDI;
  • Draft guidelines for affected countries to monitor progress on internal displacement;
  • Upon request by governments affected by internal displacement, support the development of country-specific progress monitoring dashboards.

The consultant will also be expected to work in close cooperation with other IDMC colleagues from different teams and departments

This is a full time (100%) consultancy to be undertaken over the period from 11.01.2021 – 10.07.2021.

Key Deliverables:

  • Updated severity assessments for at least 50 countries;
  • Updated IDI values for at least 50 countries;
  • Draft report on the updated severity assessments;
  • Draft report on the updated IDI values;
  • Draft guidelines for affected countries to monitor progress on internal displacement.

Personal qualities

Skills/areas of expertise and qualifications:

  • Perfect command of the English language, both written and oral; additional languages are a plus;
  • Demonstrated research, analysis and writing skills;
  • Experience using quantitative data for own research;
  • Master’s degree or above in international relations, development, political science, social science, economy, migration or a related field;
  • Demonstrated interest for development or humanitarian work.

Pre-requisites for application:

  • Applications can be accepted only from named individuals.
  • Registration as a “sole trader” or consultant in country of residence or as employee within a consultancy company is required.
  • The consultant must provide proof of status and membership of national social security scheme before a consultancy contract can be issued.
  • The consultant must be available as of January 11th, 2021.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should complete an NRC WebCruiter application with their personal details (CV) and upload the following information as part of the application:

  • Cover letter / Expression of Interest
  • List of references that can be contacted to verify the quality of services.
  • Rates: daily consultancy rate in CHF or EUR only, inclusive VAT and all charges.

NB. This daily rate and currency will be fixed for the duration of the contract. Any payment for additional costs, third-party services or travel expenses will be discussed and decided on for each consultancy contract and thus these costs should not be listed in the application.

Please note: All service providers/consultants working with NRC should maintain high standards on ethical issues, respect and apply basic human and social rights, ensure non-exploitation of child labour, and give fair working conditions to their staff. NRC reserves the right to reject quotations provided by suppliers not meeting these standards. Consultants doing business with NRC will be screened on anti-corruption due diligence before NRC confirms a contract.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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