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Country: Iraq
Organization: Free Yezidi Foundation
Closing date: 31 Oct 2020

Please note: Recruitment will be done on a rolling basis and FYF reserves the right to recruit before the deadline

Start date: October 2020, depending on COVID-19 travel regulations

Who We Are

The Free Yezidi Foundation is one of the leading Yezidi organizations providing humanitarian and human rights support to Yezidi civilians. The Free Yezidi Foundation is a humanitarian, apolitical, and non-profit organization formally registered in the Netherlands, the United States, and Iraq.

The Free Yezidi Foundation is designed to assist Yezidis in need. The Foundation was established shortly after terrorists attempted to eradicate the Yezidi people in August 2014. The Free Yezidi Foundation seeks to implement projects to protect and support the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community.

The Free Yezidi Foundation is virtually headquartered in the Netherlands and the United States, with its operational presence in the Duhok province of Iraq. The Foundation is particularly engaged with services for Yezidi survivors and for Yezidi women, children, and those who seek justice and accountability. FYF also plays an important advocacy role in promoting better and broader humanitarian and human rights support to Yezidis.

The Foundation currently employs approximately 110 staff members, both national and international, and is growing to meet new needs of and opportunities for Yezidi civilians in the coming years.


Yezidis have suffered from a very different sort of trauma than Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs and refugees in general. It is true that all have experienced devastating losses. But the Yezidi community is recovering from a deliberate attempt by ISIS to exterminate their people specifically because of their religion. This has been recognized as genocide already by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, the US State Department and Congress, the European Parliament, the UK Parliament, and importantly, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The decision to target a small minority group for extermination based on identity has created a sense of horror not unlike that found in populations in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, post-WWII Germany, and so on. FYF is extremely sensitive to the particular nature of the suffering of Yezidi survivors, and all plans and courses have been tailored in this regard. The horrific crisis currently facing Yezidis is one in which an external group perpetrated unspeakable crimes against a religious minority, which is now in need of care and support.

Job Summary

The Free Yezidi Foundation has received a grant to establish a bakery training center for Yezidi IDPs. This is an innovative, exciting project that will provide robust training to beneficiaries while also establishing a functioning and sustainable business in the community. The purpose of this project is to provide fundamental skills and at-work training to our beneficiaries, involving them in the start-up and operation of a small business. This will provide experience and basic tools for beneficiaries to use in the future.

The Bakery Training Center Manager (hereafter Manager) will oversee all operations at the Bakery Training Center. The project includes a fully functioning bakery, staffed by a small FYF team and female beneficiaries, who will receive classroom and on the job training. The Manager will liaise with FYF field team and headquarters staff on the operations of the project. Tasks include but are not limited to grant management and reporting, human resources management, program design and implementation, program support operations, finance, administration, and overall management of the project. The Manager will attend internal meetings and may represent FYF at meetings or events in Iraq. The Manager will design and teach a basic business skills course and design the curriculum for a basic mathematics & business finance course.

We are looking for an individual with a passion for making a difference in the lives of religious minority members recovering from severe persecution, and someone who believes in the importance and value of civil society organizations. The incumbent will have experience in small business operations and start-ups, including an understanding of market analysis, supply and demand, and human resource management. This is a new and exciting project that has been established with a view to increasing sustainability and business skills as a component of humanitarian delivery. The Manager will be a creative, enthusiastic, and energetic leader with capacity to work with others and inspire learning and progress in members of an oppressed community.

The Manager will be accountable directly to the FYF Operations Manager and the FYF Executive Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform a number of functions.

General Objectives

  • Ensure the bakery operates as a successful business in the community.

  • Ensure that bakery training center beneficiaries participate in the project and the classroom instruction.

  • Maintain teamwork and ensure a productive working environment for Bakery Training Center staff members.

  • Ensure implementation of the overall project and its alignment with FYF goals.

  • Ensure donor requirements are met with quality reporting from the field.

Administration and Management

  • Manage the various administrative and management tasks related to the project.

  • Primarily responsible for the overall functioning and daily operations of the FYF bakery, as well as overseeing staff, human resources and finances in coordination with the FYF country team.

  • Support the financial oversight of the bakery, in coordination with the financial team members in the field and at HQ level.

  • Maintain orderly files and involve relevant internal stakeholders in communications.

  • Ensure compliance with FYF field human resource policies and codes of conduct, in coordination with senior team members.

  • Work closely with FYF field team members on management and administrative backstopping.

Program Implementation and Grant Reporting

  • Ensure successful establishment of bakery.

  • Oversee purchase of capital equipment and replenishable supply plan for the bakery.

  • Calibrate production and choice of products, in coordination with baking instructor, based on supply and demand and market factors to ensure successful business model.

  • Create feasible financial system for transactions, sales, purchases, and oversight.

  • Responsible for building a curriculum for business skills and delivery of a one hour daily course to beneficiaries.

  • Design curriculum and oversee finance colleague’s instruction of one hour of classroom instruction per day to beneficiaries in basic mathematics and business finance skills.

  • Serve as primary lead for program reporting, ensuring compliance with our policies and procedures and donor regulations.

  • Remain updated of quantitative and qualitative program information to be shared with partners, stakeholders and donors.

  • Set up appropriate systems/surveys for monthly and quarterly reporting.

  • Liaise with team members for financial reporting to ensure that reports are submitted on time, in adherence with financial reporting requirements, and that they correspond to the narrative reports.

  • Ensure databases are updated for reporting and knowledge retention, in coordination with field team members.

Awareness and Public Communications

  • Collect data on FYF activities in the bakery so that FYF team members can create informational reports and packages to be used on the website and elsewhere.

  • Maintain daily coordination with fellow field-based staff, leading streamlined program reporting from the field to the HQ office.

  • Help collect and package photos, videos, and other collateral for communications packages.


  • Other duties as assigned. The duties and responsibilities listed above are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all inclusive.

Qualifications and Competencies

Education, Knowledge and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree is a distinct advantage. Master’s degree is preferred. Education and/or experience relating to business development preferred.

  • Three to five years of relevant experience. Experience in business, humanitarian work, development, and business training preferred. Experience or skills in baking or in the bakery business a plus but not required.

  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills, including ability to analyze and present a cogent argument both in writing and orally.

  • Experience managing and prioritizing a high workload with a flexible approach to changing environments.

  • Proven capabilities in teamwork and collaboration are required, with the ability to work among a diverse team, communicate effectively with individuals, and navigate difficult situations.

  • Experience in donor reporting and management preferred but not required.

  • Proven diplomatic and public relations skills, and a demonstrated ability to work with cooperating partners preferred, with the ability to publicly represent an organization.

* This is a new project, and FYF is interested in enthusiastic applicants who believe they have the skills to implement this project. Various combinations of education, experience, and demonstrable skill sets may be considered. *

Base of Operations

Duhok, Iraq

Start date

ASAP (arrival dependent on COVID-19)

Length of Contract

The contract will be for nine months (dependent on COVID-19) and may be renewable, depending on funding.


  • Salary: According to the organization's salary scale and commensurate with experience.

  • Twenty days of paid leave per year, along with FYF listed holidays for field staff.

  • For expats, FYF will arrange accommodation, one round-trip flight to Erbil, and insurance for the duration of the assignment.

Upon Joining FYF

FYF has non-disclosure and liability waiver clauses in the contract for all employees upon joining the team. All paperwork will be managed between the time the job offer is sent and the candidate begins work.

How to apply:

All candidates interested in this position should send their CV and cover letter of interest to FYF's Human Resources team, at

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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