Supporting the establishment of a Zambian Mining Social Investment Strategy

Supporting the establishment of a Zambian Mining Social Investment Strategy ASSIGNMENT CONTEXT The relationship between commercial mining and the economic and social development of host communities is complex. Often, mining social investment initiatives can have a narrow scope both in geography, sustainability and dependency on the mine. Despite the best efforts of mining companies, successful, non-mine dependent and sustainable alternative livelihood initiatives and programmes are difficult to develop and without the correct support, mining companies face an uphill battle in succeeding. Prospero sees a strategic opportunity to broker a shared mining strategy for Zambia, with the long-term aim to create a sectoral shift from corporate social responsibility (CSR) to corporate social investment (CSI) creating thousands of non-mining dependent jobs in mining host and wider communities. It is envisaged that this approach would generate or contribute to the following key outcomes: Reduced risk of economic activity in target locations being limited to the life span of the mine Improve environmental and social returns, supporting mines’ social license to operate Provide host communities and wider environment with jobs, value creation and GDP growth that will be generated by strengthening Zambian SMEs Support the establishment, growth and development of Zambian MSMEs along various supply and value chains Find opportunities to take a regional approach, maximising the impact of each mines initiatives through a joined up regional, and where possible, national approach and collaboration to economic development. SCOPE OF WORK Prospero seeks to appoint a qualified consultant to lead the multi-party stakeholder engagement process, which will lay the foundations for a ‘Zambian Mining Social Investment Strategy’. The consultant will be required to: Identify relevant stakeholders who will participate in the development of the Zambia Mining Social Investment Strategy. Arrange a series of engagements, both bi-lateral and working group discussions, with stakeholders to: Discuss the importance of local economic development in mining regions Understand the current barriers to successful local economic development for all stakeholders involved Discuss the opportunity to establish a joint mining social investment strategy, understanding the key opportunities and risk Develop a shortlist of agreed core pillars for the strategy Build consensus and a coalition of stakeholders aligned in developing a joint Mining Social Investment Strategy It is essential that the consultant uses the contracted period to progress conversations and discussions which have already taken place in Zambia around the need for more effective local economic development in mining regions. Tangible progress and clear actions should be delivered as part of the contract. **Due to the current travel restrictions and safe working requirements under COVID-19, the consultant must demonstrate how these activities will be undertaken safely both in person and using virtual communication tools. PROFILE OF THE SERVICE PROVIDER Prospero expects the selected consultant to have extensive expertise in the mining sector, to be well-connected in Zambia’s mining sector and its stakeholders, to have a track record of developing local economic development strategies in mining. The consultant should demonstrate experience and competencies in the following areas: Mining Sector: Extensive experience in working within the mining sector to support innovative approaches to social development challenges. Mining Engagement: Ability to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by Zambian mining companies and have the track record to be able to engage with senior mining executives Relevant Network and Access: Networks of a longlist of potential stakeholders including Zambian mining and exploration companies, government, civil society, mining communities, and Zambian SMEs. Strategy Development: Proven track record of developing multi-stakeholder strategy in complex environments is highly desirable. ESG in Mining: Understanding of current ESG trends in the mining sector. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS The contract will start with a kick-off meeting with members of the Prospero mining sector team, during which the consultant will be expected to lay out their planned approach to the scope of work, their timeline for activities and any inputs and support they require from Prospero. The consultant will be expected to prepare a project plan outlining: Key activities and timing A stakeholder list An agenda for any planned workshops An engagement plan The consultant will be expected to prepare a completion report at the end of the contract summarising: The activities undertaken A list of stakeholders engaged Key outcomes and risks A draft mining social investment strategy, including the agreed components and pillars of the strategy A summary of all engagements undertaken A roadmap for progression and adoption of the mining social investment strategy It is anticipated that approximately 45 consultant days will be required to undertake the scope of work, throughout the period of October 2020 – January 2021. Deliverables will be prepared and submitted under the following timeframe: Kick off meeting - October 2 2020 Inception Report - October 16 2020 Completion Report - January 29 2021 How to apply APPLICATION GUIDELINES Potential providers are required to submit a proposal for this assignment comprising: Consultancy proposal (no more than 3 pages, minimum size 12 font) outlining: Individual/corporate profile, highlighting the consultant’s relevant experience Understanding of the assignment and any comments on the context of the assignment, scope of work or deliverables with proposed timeline. A list of several relevant or similar projects, with any feedback from clients. A brief description of the proposed approach to the project, including any key issues envisioned and inputs required. Curriculum Vitae of all of the team Financial proposal (in a MS Excel compatible spreadsheet) showing proposed fee structure, clearly showing level of resourcing required and associated fees. Prospero may reject any proposal that does not comply with the required format at its sole discretion. Potential service providers should submit their proposal electronically to on or before 02 October 2020. Please clearly state ‘Mining Social Investment Strategy' in the subject line. Prospero reserves the right to amend, extend or cancel this request for proposals at any stage. The costs of preparing proposals is entirely on the account of the organisation preparing the proposal. EVALUATION AND CONTRACT AWARD Prospero will seek (but does not guarantee) to complete an evaluation of compliant proposals within ten days of the deadline for submission. The preferred bidder will be informed and invited to contract negotiations. If the contract negotiations with the preferred bidder are unsuccessful, Prospero may either: cancel the request for proposals, or identify an alternative preferred bidder based on the evaluation of the remaining proposals. In any case, contract award will be subject to the standard Prospero due diligence assessment.

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