Resource Mobilization Strategy Development for a Social Enterprise

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Country: Kenya
Organization: International Executive Service Corps
Closing date: 7 Oct 2020

Problem Statement

Although Kenya has the potential to be one of Africa’s great success stories, it continues to face serious development challenges. Poverty and food insecurity are acute in the arid and semi-arid lands, which covers 80% of Kenya, including Emali. Households in Emali are chronically food insecure, due to frequent droughts and unreliable rainfall as well as the high cost of food and lack of diversified incomes.

The general population in Emali makes a precarious living from either traditional cattle or crop farming, but efficiency and productivity are limited by the breeds, crops, and techniques used. These have been made worse by the effects of climate change and variability that have resulted in drier than normal conditions necessitating Maasai men and boys to migrate their livestock early in search of pasture. This has disrupted households, including children, as those left behind are placed under considerable economic strain.

To address these challenges, a local NGO and its partners are implementing a program geared towards developing more sustainable livelihoods through adding value and creating market-pathways for processed products as well as providing economic stability for crop farming households and improving nutrition in Emali through new resilient multipurpose crops with a key focus on the Moringa tree (Moringa Oleifeira). The Moringa Tree is easy to grow in arid and semi-arid regions with very few inputs needed. It takes six to eight months to mature, is drought-resistant, and remains evergreen with exceptionally nutritious leaves, pods, and roots. From the root of the plant to the leaf, every part is valuable. Moringa also has exciting potential for improving nutrition in livestock, contributing to stronger, healthier animals and increasing milk production.

There is also a value-add opportunity through the processing of the various parts of Moringa Tree into dried leaves or powder for use as a nutritional supplement or into oil for use in cooking and as a nourishing moisturizer for skin and hair. The oil, with its rich antioxidants, is also remarkably stable—it typically has a 5-year shelf-life. Initial assessments have revealed a burgeoning local and national market for Moringa products. The NGO recently developed its social enterprise’s five-year strategic business plan (2020 – 2024) complete with an implementation plan. To achieve the strategic business goals, it is seeking to re-engineer its social enterprise’s capital structure and equity valuation by designing and implementing a new resource mobilization strategy. An effective resource mobilization strategy will enable the enterprise start-up to grow and diversify its Moringa tree products to its target market sustainably. This will also help then wean off funding vehicles such as grants and donor-based funding over time and become a fully market-driven commercial venture. A good resource mobilization strategy will also enable the start-up social enterprise to surmount the current liquidity and cashflow challenges it faces in a post-COVID-19 business environment.

The Farmer to Farmer (F2F) program is, therefore, seeking an expert volunteer to support the NGO and its partners to develop an effective resource mobilization strategy. The outputs of this assignment will be critical to the NGO and its partners. It will strengthen the social enterprise’s business model, improve its viability, attract potential investors, and improve the livelihoods of its target Moringa tree smallholder farmer households. The volunteer assignment is, therefore, expected to deepen its sustainability and strengthen its business profitability as a social enterprise. The skills transfer gained by the management during this process will drive business growth and eventually improve the livelihoods of members through improved earnings.

Objectives of the Assignment

  1. To develop a resource mobilization strategy for social enterprise dealing with the Moringa tree (Moringa Oleifera)
  2. To conduct a Training-of-Trainers (ToT) training for lead NGO partner on developing resource mobilization strategies
  3. Coach local NGO staff on developing an effective funding pitch

Expertise of volunteer requested:

  • A Master's degree in Business, entrepreneurship or other related fields
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in strategy, management, marketing, business development, or social enterprise
  • Proficient computer skills including MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Hands-on experience in designing Business Plans for agricultural enterprises desirable
  • Excellent- hands-on training skills to an adult audience is necessary
  • Good writing and analytical skill as well as good communication skills
  • Experience in working in a developing country, ideally in Africa
  • Experiences leading a social business is a plus
  • Fluency in English is required

How to apply:

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