National Consultant – NESP2 Chapter 5 Basic Education

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Organization: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Closing date: 7 Oct 2020

Call for Consultancy

NATIONAL CONSULTANT – NESP2 Chapter 5, Basic Education

Terms of Reference

Date Issued: 30 September 2020

Organizational unit: UNESCO Myanmar Project Office

Duty Station: Home Based

Title: National Consultant – NESP2 Chapter 5 Basic Education

Duration of the contract: 12 October 2020 to 11 December 2020

Application deadline: 7 October 2020

1.0 Introduction

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has embarked on the development of its second National Education Strategic Plan (NESP) 2021-2030, a strategic document that will guide education reform for the next ten years. The MOE has identified the need to contract national and international consultants to work closely with senior Ministry officials and the Rectors’ Committee, Department officers, Department-appointed Component Experts, the cross-department NESP 2 Drafting Team members and Sub-Sector Working Group (SSWG) members, to draft Chapters 5 to 9 for the National Education Strategic Plan 2021-30 (see Table 1 column 1 below).

Table: List of drafting experts to support NESP 2 Chapters 5 to 9

NESP 2 Chapters

No. of consultants

Chapter 5: Basic Education

1 international consultant

2 national consultants

Chapter 6: Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

1 international consultant

2 national consultants

Chapter 7: Higher Education, Institutions, Research and Innovation

1 international consultant

Chapter 8: Management, Capacity Development and Quality Assurance (MCQ)

1 international consultant

Chapter 9: Financing NESP 2

1 international consultant

The MOE has requested support from national and international experts to help build the capacity of Department officers in drafting an international-standard NESP 2. This goal of completing an international-standard NESP 2 is important for the Ministry as the plan will have an independent appraisal prior to being launched next year, which will be made public.

The MOE has set a target for an executive summary of NESP 2 to be officially launched in March 2021. The MOE started drafting NESP 2 in October 2019, however, the drafting of NESP2 has been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. To accelerate progress towards the target launch date, national and international consultants will assist the MOE to complete a zero draft NESP 2 in Myanmar and English. Then the Ministry will spend a number of weeks undertaking extensive consultations on the NESP 2 draft with all Departments, with all DPs and civil society organisations, with all States and Regions and with all education stakeholders. These consultations will lead to revisions of all NESP 2 Chapters through incorporating recommendations from everyone consulted. The consultations will focus on reviewing all strategies, components, targets and activities.

2.0 Scope of Work

The international consultant contracted by UNESCO will be the Team Leader for the national consultant. The national consultant will report to the Team Leader and undertake assignments given by her/him. In support of the work led by the Team Leader, the national consultant will undertake the following activities:

2.1 Strengthen Chapter 5 Component Outline Templates (COTs)

The overall focus of the national consultant’s responsibility will be to work closely with senior MOE officials, Department Component Experts, NESP 2 Drafting Team members and SSWG members to review, revise, redraft and significantly improve all draft Chapter 5 COTs and all COTs that have not yet been started.

2.2 Support the international consultant to draft the main sections of Chapter 5

Provide support as requested by the international consultant to draft the main sections for Chapter 5, including introduction section, strategic framework, high-level results framework and pathways map.

2.3 Edit COTs and complete a full draft for Chapter 5

Review and make any edits needed for the final drafts of COTs. Assist the international consultant to summarise each COT and list them in Chapter 5, including a summary of the Intermediate Results Framework. Support the international consultant to complete and submit the first full draft of the Basic Education Chapter 5.

Ensure the integration of cross-cutting themes such as inclusion, equity, gender, education in emergency settings etc are well-integreated across the BE chapter.

The chapter drafting will take place in close consultation with DBE officials, and in coordination with consultants supporting the TVET and Higher Education NESP2 chapters. The national consultant will also coordinate with My-EQIP team supporting the development of the NESP2 results framework and the UNESCO team supporting the costing of NESP2 as appropriate.

2.4 Online consultations on Chapter 5 full draft

Participate in online meetings with key stakeholders to gather their feedback on the full draft of Chapter 5. Submit a zero draft of Chapter 5 incorporating the comments from key stakeholders consulted. Under the leadership of the Team Leader make any changes in Component summaries listed in Chapter 5 requested by key stakeholders.

3.0 Deliverables

  1. Completed Chapter 5 Component Outline Templates (COTs) – with track changes showing all revisions, new content added and comments made. The national consultants must extensively review, revise and significantly improve all COTs identified by DBE.

  2. A full set of completed, high quality COTs for Chapter 5.

  3. Additional outputs requested by the Team Leader.

4.0 Reporting

The national consultant will report to the international consultant, the Director General of DBE and UNESCO. The national consultants will be supported to complete the above tasks by the NESP 2 Drafting Team and DBE officers. Additional advice and support will be provided by the BE SSWG members.

5.0 Timing

The national consultants will start in October 12th and end on December 11th. The consultants will work either part-time or full-time following a schedule to be discussed and agreed with DG, DBE, with input from the NESP 2 Drafting Team.

6.0 Qualifications:

  • Professional experience in education and research. Experience working with the UN and at the international level is desirable;

  • Experience in education planning in the field of Basic Education.

  • Strong understanding of the Basic Education sector including the ongoing discussions and research at global, regional and national levels;

  • Excellent writing and communication skills in Myanmar and English language;

  • Experience in working with government officials in Myanmar preferred

  • Advanced university degree in education, social sciences, or related fields;

How to apply:

7.0 How to apply:

Interested individuals are invited to submit an application to the UNESCO Myanmar Project Office with the following:

  • An expression of interest to undertake the assignment in the ToR;

  • An up-to-date CV stating details of educational qualifications, work experience, including prior experience of similar work;

  • A list of past similar work or report/publication written;

  • A financial proposal

UNESCO places great emphasis on ensuring that the objectives of the work assignment, as described in the Terms of Reference, are met. Accordingly, in evaluating the proposals for the assignment, attention will focus first and foremost on the technical elements. From those proposals deemed suitable in terms of the criteria in the Terms of Reference, UNESCO shall select the proposal that offers the Organisation best value for money.

Your application should reach by email no later than 17:00 Hours (Yangon time) on 7 October 2020.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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