MAPPING OF TVET (TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING) INSTITUTIONS AND HEALTH FACILITIES BACKGROUND Triggerise is registered in Kenya under the Kenya Companies Act with a Certificate of Registration Number PVT/2016/025180 dated September 16th, 2016 as a subsidiary of Triggerise BV. Triggerise Kenya Limited has its main office in Nairobi but carries out its operations in various counties in the Republic of Kenya. Consulting services are being sought by Triggerise Kenya Limited from a recognized consultant to undertake mapping of Technical Vocational and Education (TVET) institutions and health facilities in the counties of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu within sub-counties Triggerise implements programs in. 1. SCOPE OF WORK (SOW) This SOW is being developed to support the implementation of a youth empowerment program focused on improving sexual and reproductive health outcomes and social-economic well being of the youth within informal settlements in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu The main aim of the assignment is to ensure that Triggerise Kenya Limited does a market landscape mapping of all NITA accredited TVET institutions and master craftsmen and health facilities(Public, faith-based and private clinics and pharmacies) within specific sub-counties within the areas of program implementation. The mapping will include assessment of the services and products available at the facilities in line with the project deliverables, capacity of the institution based on client flow or student capacity, updated premise license and accreditation (NITA for TVET, NHIF for health facilities) confirmed interest in participating in the program and facility contact person details. We expect accurate geography mapping with GPS coordinates for all facilities and individual mastercraftsmen and defined by county, sub-county and civic ward. The following are the expected outputs of this consultancy: Mapped NITA accredited TVET institutions offering project courses. Mapped NITA accredited mastercraftsmen offering project courses Mapped health facilities , both public, faith based and private(including franchise network members) offering project SRH services Mapped private pharmacies offering project SRH services Mapping of public facilities should cover all public hospitals, dispensaries and sub-county hospitals. The private and public clinics mapping should be split into three categories; a) Category 1- Franchised clinics which include Tunza Clinics, Amua Clinics, MSK clinics, FHOK clinics & any other (most of these are branded from outside with the franchise colours) b) Category 2- Individually owned clinics- Any other Private Clinic located in the areas of interest which meets criteria 3 above. c) Category 3- Public and faith based facilities in the areas of interest The mapping exercise will require picking GPS coordinates for all health facilities and pharmacies as above Drawing their position/locations on a map with a colour ramp showing the different categories Location of services Field-based in the county of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu 2. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS The qualified firm should exhibit the following: Demonstration of experience and expertise of similar assignment with similar organizations by availing a personal/company profile. Provide an activity plan of actions to achieve the objectives of the assignment, specifying budgeted hours, timelines and sequence for its consultancy procedure and level of staff to be assigned; Incorporating a brief CV's of the proposed professional staff of the core management team for the engagement and the authorized representative submitting the proposal. CVs should demonstrate relevant experience in mapping works List of current and past clients where the bidder carried mapping exercise along with the name of the organization, contact person, designation, and a contact number, Registration Certificate if a company Other relevant Certificates 3. EVALUATION CRITERIA Proposals will be evaluated in two parts. The technical proposal weighted at 70% Financial proposal weighted at 30% Proposals should make clear about the relevant skills, experience and capacity of the participant, in respect of this particular SOW. It must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the SOW. Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the capacity to meet the requirements of the SOW Functionality evaluation criteria 1. Experience, Skills and Ability of consultant This will include Past experience in similar work of this nature. Team member experience (accompanied by brief CV's). Bidders’ track record. The ability of the bidder to fulfil the requirements Score: 40 2. Technical Approach and Execution Plan Proposals must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the TOR. The proposal should contain a work plan, showing tasks and timelines. Did the bidder submit clear proposed timelines for this engagement? Score: 30 3. Financial Capacity Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the financial capacity to meet the requirements of the TOR based on the previous value of similar work done. Score: 30 Terms of performance for the services The consultant will be required to provide a report to the management of Triggerise on the work accomplished. This will be in the form of the management report and will specifically include the following: The final presentation of maps for all the above outputs GPS coordinates for all health facilities mapped How to apply Applications/submissions are requested to submit their tender/application documents (technical & financial) proposals to Triggerise Kenya Ltd via mail by 25th September 2020.

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