Lead writer for concept note to EuropeAid EIDHR grant call

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Country: Lebanon
Organization: Danmission
Closing date: 10 Oct 2020

Time frame:

A total estimate of maximum 27 days and subject to date of contract signing and EIDHR deadline.


Global fee (output-based contract/fixed price). Applicants should submit a financial offer in USD including a proposed indicative timetable of work.


The European Commission (EC) will soon publish its annual call under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human rights (EIDHR) budget. The EIDHR aims at providing support for the promotion of democracy and human rights in non-EU countries and encompass the following key overall objectives: (i) Enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries and regions where they are most at risk, (ii) strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform, in supporting the peaceful conciliation of group interests and in consolidating political participation and representation, (iii) supporting actions in areas covered by EU Guidelines: dialogue on Human rights, human rights defenders, the death penalty, torture, children and armed conflicts and violence against women, (iv) supporting and strengthening the international and regional framework for the protection of human rights, justice, the rule of law and the promotion of democracy, and (v) building confidence in and enhancing the reliability and transparency of democratic electoral processes, in particular through monitoring electoral processes. Danmission seeks to apply for funding from the EIDHR grant budget for a project to be implemented in the Middle East.


Work to be primarily home-based with meetings to be undertaken in Beirut, Lebanon or online. No international travel.

General description of the assignment:

Danmission is seeking to contract an experienced international development professional/consultant to act as lead writer on the concept note phase in the application process for the upcoming EuropeAid EIDHR call. In addition to the Consultant/Lead writer, the EIDHR concept note team will comprise of 6 individuals working under direction and guidance of the Global Relations and Funding Manager. The team members are as follows: Danmission MENA Regional Director (partner liaison), Danmission MENA Programme Advisor (co-writer), Danmission HQ Global Relations and Funding Manager (compliance & QA), Danmission MENA administration & Finance Officer (budget), Danmission HQ Finance Coordinator (quality assurance), Danmission HQ Assistant Programme Director (quality assurance).

During the assignment, the Consultant will be accountable to Danmission and shall keep the Danmission Regional Director and Danmission Global Relations and Funding Manager informed and updated about the progress of the assignment. This will include tasks completed, problems encountered or issues requiring particular attention, if any.

The assignment's objectives are to:

  • Ensure the application follows EC requirements and the table of contents format laid out by Danmission.
  • Ensure workshop(s) are conducted with relevant partners in order to obtaining important information.
  • Ensure the application is of high quality and ready for submission at the latest three (3) days prior to official deadline/or as agreed.

Specific work


  • Serve as the lead concept note writer concerning project activities, strategic partnerships, added value elements, etc.;
  • Lead on developing a draft budget with inputs from co-applicants;
  • Design a process for the consultation workshop facilitated by Danmission with local stakeholders and analyse resulting data;
  • Assist where requested in identifying partnership modalities, and strategic partnerships for the EC concept note;
  • Prepare and facilitate an initial 1-day preparation workshop for Danmission and potential co-applicants to the EC concept note to define the engagement and brainstorm approaches;
  • Prepare and facilitate a second ½ day validation workshop for Danmission partners and co-applicants to the EC concept note, to present the planned objectives, results & activities;
  • Join meetings with Danmission, EC, and other partner staff as and where necessary.


No additional staff is to be assigned to this assignment. The Consultant must:

  • Have a proven record of successful grant applications under global institutional funding modalities such as USAID and/or EuropeAid. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience with EuropeAid funding instruments such as: the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPGC) or Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities (CSO-LA). The Consultant must furthermore be familiar with the guidelines stated in the practical guide on contract procedures for European Union external action (PRAG) – in particular section 6.
  • Have good understanding of the local context in the Middle East relevant to the overall objective of the EIDHR call described in the Backgroud information section.
  • Have excellent command of the English language, written and spoken. It is furthermore a great advantage if the Consultant speaks Arabic.
  • Be able to build trust and listen to stakeholders, and translate verbal information provided by stakeholders/partners into a concise narrative corresponding to the application format and its limitations.
  • Sympathy for Danmission's mission as faith-based organization, interest to work with other FBOs from Christian and Muslim backgrounds and proven basic religious literacy, especially pertaining to the MENA region.

How to apply:

Terms of reference and/or draft contract template may be requested by contacting Global Relations and Funding Manager, Peter Vilhelm Scharling: psc@danmission.dk

Please submit CV, cover letter outlining your experience and qualification including one reference familiar with your work, a writing sample in English as well as your financial offer in USD.

Please send the above to: danmission-tender@danmission.dk marked "EIDHR" in the subject line.

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