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Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Organization: African Water Association (AfWA)
Closing date: 28 Oct 2020




Post Title: Senior Sanitation Program Coordinator in Charge of the SAO-CWIS Project

Direct supervisor: Director of Programs


Location:** Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Period: Two years with six months probation period

Starting date: November 2020**

*AfWA seeks a Senior Sanitation Program Coordinator in charge of SAO-CWIS Project for the "**Strengthening AfWA and operators’ capacity for the implementation of city-wide inclusive sanitation in Africa**" in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. This program will reinforce the capacity of sanitation actors for the implementation of CWIS in the Sub-Saharan Africa region by improving strategic sanitation planning, development of sustainable projects, and institutionalisation of sustainable operation and financing framework for sanitation in 30 African cities. It is a 3 years cooperative agreement funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.*


The African Water Association was created in 1980 as a professional membership Institution and was first called the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS).

In 2004, in order to take into account sanitation utilities, as well as regulatory and asset holding companies emerging from institutional reforms during the 90’s in many African countries and the strong will for these new entities to join the Institution, the Union of African Water Suppliers changed name and became the African Water Association (AfWA).

The African Water Association covers the whole African Continent and is the unique African Water and Sanitation Organization bringing together water and sanitation operators as well as various sector’s stakeholders.


Vision Statement

Being acknowledged leader in strengthening water utility management practices to support the goals of African Water Vision 2025.

Mission Statement

· Undertake programs and support knowledge sharing in sustainable water management – its science, practice and policy – through professional development, networking and advocacy.

· Support the members in their efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and other near-term targets that have been established for Africa (SDG’s).

· Advocate a balanced approach to utility management, based on corporate governance that is commercially sound, financially self-sustaining and environmentally compliant.

Main Strategic Objectives

· Strengthening the governance and management bodies of the Association

· Capacity Building for Water and Sanitation Operators in Africa

· Diversification of partnerships and strengthening of synergies

· Strengthening the visibility of the Association

The African Water Association (AfWA) is a continental platform that brings together corporates of drinking water production and distribution, corporates managing sanitation services, as well as those that regulate water and sanitation sectorial policies in African countries. Originally, AfWA was created only by and for these actors known as “Active Members”. In 2019, about 39 years after its creation, AfWA is composed of 115 Corporate Members from 45 African countries.

While the AfWA’s Active Members mission vis-à-vis of their customers is to provide quality products and services, they need the expertise and input from the hydraulic equipment and materials from manufacturers and highly qualified consultants, which themselves, also need the Active Members to buy their goods and services so to expend their business. A “win-win” exchange platform between the water and sanitation operators and the equipment manufacturers/vendors is hence created and, both parties understood that one cannot prosper without the other. With this, AfWA integrated another class of members, mainly constituted of individuals or group of individuals from all continents, operating in the industry, technology and consultancy in the water sector, sanitation and hygiene. They are recognised as the “Affiliated members”. Today, they are 80 in this category, mainly from Europe.

AfWA main activities are related to building the capacity of water utilities through seminars, master classes, workshops, technical sessions during its congresses as well as continent-wide, grant-supported programs and projects. Since 2009, AfWA has been entrusted by the UN to develop the Water Operators Partnership Concept in the African Continent. This has been done by supporting more than 25 partnerships between utilities under the grants awarded by UNHABITAT, USAID Washington, AfDB/AWF. In parallel to the development of these partnerships, through another USAID Washington grant within FABRI – the “Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative” – AfWA has organized a major capacity building project called Reducing Non-Revenue Water in sub-Saharan Africa involving 21 utilities in 19 African countries. Currently, AfWA is implementing three programs respectively funded by USAID-west Africa office, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and the European Union through the Horizon 2020 initiative. The total budget for these programs is about five (05) millions USD.

For more information, please visit .

Since June 2018, AfWA has launched the implementation of its strategic business plan 2018-2022 which highlighted a strong focus on providing more service to its members among which sanitation actors and been the most neglected ones. As a new vision, AfWA is undertaking deep transformational change and is looking forward to enhancing capacity building support to its members throughout the implementation of a three-year citywide inclusive sanitation program in at least 30 cities in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Thus, AfWA is seeking for a Senior Program Coordinator CWIS. The position proposed is key to achieve on a sustainable manner the mentioned objectives.


Under the supervision of the AfWA Director of Programs, the Senior sanitation Program Coordinator in charge of SAO-CWIS will be in charge of planning, conducting, reporting and monitoring all preparation steps during the first phase and, in the second phase, she/he will be the sanitation focal point and lead all the activities planned. S/he will supervise and manage a sanitation training manager in charge of ensuring the quality of the various trainings conducted with the support of partners and four (04) Regional Implementing Partners (REIPs). The 05 key outcomes of the project by 2022 include:

  1. Improvement of AfWA organizational effectiveness to undertake its mission and vision in Africa

  2. Improvement of the capacity of 300 African sanitation stakeholders from 30 cities for the implementation of citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS)

  3. Adoption of innovative approach and technologies in 06 African cities for implementation of CWIS

  4. Enabling environment for the implementation of CWIS in 30 African cities in Africa by 2022 through advocacy and communication

  5. Empowerment of the leadership of 400 African Women in the African WASH sector.

The Senior Sanitation Program Coordinator in charge of SAO-CWIS project will be lead relationship manager for a range of partnerships, including Sanitation Operator Partnerships in various African cities and capacity building activities in over 30 cities.


· Lead all strategic program planning and day-to-day management of all activities related to the CWIS program.

· Ensure programming is aligned with AfWA’s overall objectives including program planning, project design, communications with staff/partners, orientation.

· Managing Program implementing partners’ collaboration and sub-grantee to ensure quality program design and timely implementation according to the programs’ outcomes and Result Framework Tracker (RFT) and AfWA program management best practices/procedures.

· Work with AfWA Senior Management team (SMT), the Sanitation training manager, the collaborative partners and the sub-grantees to ensure timely and high-quality planning and implementation of activities, monitoring of progress, reporting and elaboration of dissemination products by any involved partners (consultants and sub-grantees and AfWA).

· Ensure that all stakeholders involvement, and address feedback appropriately and in a timely manner.

· In conjunction with the Director of Programs, ensure regular flow of communication between field and AfWA headquarter and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and facilitate any strategic or technical oversight of the program.

· In conjunction with the Director of Programs and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation WASH team, develop learning initiatives that support the generation of new evidence.

3.1. Working with Sub-grantees and the AfWA Senior Management Team to advance AfWA border’s Strategic Action Plan on the implementation of CWIS in Africa

In collaboration with the Senior Management Team, the sanitation training manager, the AfWA STC sanitation committee leaders and the sub-grantees, serve as the Africa focal point to lead the implementation of large scale sustainable citywide inclusive sanitation program- including the development and careful monitoring of progress to support achievements of the AMCOW Ngor declaration and the overall SDGs goal for Africa.

3.2. Oversee program development and management

· Develop and deliver the strategic work plan for the program;

· Identify and manage at least six new Sanitation Operator Partnerships;

· Identify sanitation training needs and develop partnerships with the 4 AfWA’s REIPs to deliver the CWIS capacity building and training programs;

· Initiate and promote partnerships on sanitation with key AfWA’s partners, specifically with the Pan-African Association of sanitation Actors (PASA),

· Build a knowledge and learning agenda, and develop key knowledge products on urban sanitation in collaboration with partners;

· Support AfWA members and specialized networks (Women WASH Professionals, Young Water Professionals);

· Contribute to the development of AfWA’s sanitation-related advocacy and communications strategy.

· Assist the Finance and Strategy Director in the preparation and follow up use and reporting of the sub-grants to the REIPs.

· Support the AfWA senior management team (SMT) with development of a funding strategy, diversifying and strengthening donor base for CWIS.

· Actively participate in grant meetings, including all Budget so to ensuring follow up on action points.

· Coordinate with the Director of Programs, the REIPs, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and any other implementing partner involved all grant modifications, with a focus on identifying and troubleshooting potential issues well in advance.

· Oversee partnership staff to ensure that AfWA implementing partners’ projects are tracked and evaluated, and that updates on partners/sub-grants are communicated in a timely and professional manner to appropriate stakeholders.

3.3. Oversee Monitoring & Evaluation

Oversee MEL staff to identify and address needs for program monitoring and reporting strategies/templates, as well as to design/improve upon and implement processes related to data quality (including qualitative) and documentation/communication of program learning.

3.4. Staff Management and Development

· Coach staff with the aim of strengthening their technical and management capacity, exchanging knowledge within the team and providing professional development guidance.

· Supervise and mentor direct-report staff, including communicating clear expectations, setting performance objectives, providing regular and timely performance feedback, and providing documented semi-annual performance reviews.

3.5. Coordination and Representation

· Being ready to represent AfWA in Sanitation Programs/Thematic action strategic and Coordination meeting with partners and donors as necessary with support of the Director of Programs.

· Ensure strong participation in and contribution to the Whole of AfWA programs strategic development framework.

3.6. Key Working Relationships:

· Position Reports to the Director of Programs who is the direct supervisor

· Position directly supervises the Sanitation Training Manager, consultants recruited for any assigned activity of the CWIS program, as well as the implementation of CWIS activities by the REIPs.

· The holder of this position is the lead relationship manager and sanitation focal point for AfWA sanitation program, responsible for direct communications with key program partners


  • At least a master degree in any relevant field related to the scope of this program (Social science, environment, WASH…etc.)
  • Knowledge of WASH sector in Africa and the global trends, and experience with urban sanitation sub-sector specifically

· Experience in ensuring timely and quality implementation of large programs

· Program development experience mandatory, including development of key project documents such as logical frameworks and monitoring tools

· Experience directly managing and leading diverse teams and achieving positive results.

· Minimum of five years’ experience in leading international work with similar responsibilities.

· Previous experience in senior technical or program roles preferred

· Excellent writing and spoken skills in French or English, High proficiency in one of the two is mandatory

4.1. Interpersonal specifications

· Ability to work under pressure and maintain professional poise while managing a large workload

· Ability to independently organize work and prioritize tasks, and work autonomously in a multi-stakeholder environment

· Experience in strategy development, and ability to problem-solve and adjust work plans as needed

· Self-motivated, honest, highly responsible, and punctual

· Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

· Ability to travel frequently (up to 2/3 of your time)

· Be dedicated full time on duty

· Must have knowledge of Microsoft environment: Word, Excel, and powerpoint

How to apply:

5. Required documentation Letter of Motivation

  • Detailed Curriculum vitae in English /or French.
  • Names and contact information of three reference persons. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Applications to be sent before October 28th, 2020 to the following address. Email:


Riviera Palmeraie – Rond-point, place de la renaissance-Immeuble SODECI-2ème étage

25 BP 1174 Abidjan 25 Côte d’Ivoire /Tel.: + 225 22 49 96 11/+ 225 22 49 96 13

Fax + 225 22 49 23 30

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