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Organization: John Snow
Closing date: 15 Oct 2020

About the HCDExchange Design Fellowship

The HCDExchange works to advance the adoption of human centred design (HCD) in adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) programmes.

As part of these efforts, the HCDExchange coordinates an annual fellowship programme where human centred designers are placed in host organisations to work on projects related to ASRH.

Designers gain a unique opportunity to develop experience working on ASRH challenges, while host organisations build their HCD experience, capacities, and processes.

In 2020, we will award one to two initial six month pilot fellowships, one based in Sub-Saharan Africa and another in South Asia. Fellows will begin work with their host organisations in January 2021.

Who should apply?

HCDExchange Fellows are designers working to advance learning and practice at the intersection between human centred design and adolescent sexual health. They are emerging leaders who promote the use of design thinking and approaches to solve the most pressing sexual health challenges facing adolescents and young people today

To be eligible for consideration, fellowship applicants must meet the following requirements:

● Be experienced (3-5 years) in using human centred design in the social sector

● Experience in design strategy, process, research and facilitation

● Be enthusiastic about advancing adolescent sexual and reproductive health through design

● Be experienced in using meaningful youth engagement principles in design facilitation

● Reside or have work authorization in Sub-Saharan African or South East Asian (host) countries — as well as be a national of a country in one of these regions

● Be strategically-minded and consultant-oriented with experience in identifying problems and solutions

Selection criteria

Fellows are selected on the basis of a rigorous review process. We will be looking for the following criteria in reviewing all applications:

Collaboration. An ideal candidate for a HCDExchange Fellowship should enter the programme with a project that would benefit from feedback and input from HCDExchange’s interdisciplinary community. We’re looking for fellows with an eagerness to share and learn new skills, and to work in the open.

Committed to learning. We’re looking for individuals working on a project where they will make, curate - or be the catalyst for - significant learning in relation to HCD+ASRH practice for the benefit of the HCDExchange community of practice.

Initiative. An ideal candidate for a HCDExchange Fellowship is someone who shows a lot of initiative, easily leverages the HCDexchange community of practice, and will take charge of the experiences and opportunities given to them. Fellows are expected to manage their time and resources, and must be comfortable working with a high level of autonomy.

Fellow commitments and compensation

What do fellows do during their time with the fellowship?

During their tenure, Fellows are expected to use and grow their skill sets in design for advancing adolescent sexual health outcomes. Fellows will work within host organisations that are committed to advancing the use of HCD within adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Fellows may work on individual projects, or be part of a team working on broader design and implementation collaborations to apply cross-disciplinary solutions to ASRH. Fellows are expected to:

● Participate in and sometimes lead HCDExchange-organized events, such as webinars, master classes, community calls, learning labs, and weekly calls with fellows and, and community events

● Meet regularly with their HCD Advisor, and provide written fellowship updates as requested

● Comply with all applicable policies and procedures of HCDExchange and of host organisations (where applicable), as well as applicable local laws

● Champion learning on HCD+ASRH in collaboration with others in the HCDExchange community of practice, including other HCDExchange Fellows, youth leadership hub, and various community working groups

● Communicate and share openly their work on an ongoing basis (e.g., blog posts, vlogs, etc)

● Commit to an average of a 6 month fellowship, guided by key performance indicators, milestones, and learning retrospectives. Each fellow will produce design assets, process tools/guides, and learning summaries.

● Release any code and non-confidential content created during the fellowship under an open license determined in consultation with HCDExchange

What is the time commitment and compensation?

The fellowship is 6 months long and fellows will be expected to commit 15-20 hours a week working with their host organisations. Fellows will receive a standard monthly stipend in line with market rates, as well as supplemental funds to support fellowship-related costs. These amounts will be discussed and agreed upon between the fellow, the HCDExchange Advisor and the host organisation before the commencement of the fellowship.**

Benefits of the fellowship

Besides the stipend you will receive as a Fellow, you will also become part of a vibrant HCDExchange community of practice working to advance learning, evidence and practice on HCD+ASRH. Fellows will have the opportunity to meet with each other and with HCDExchange staff, youth leadership hub, advisory committee, and working groups both online and in person to share their work and learn together. HCDExchange staff will also work with Fellows to co-create, execute, and report back on design project learnings, share ideas for potential collaborators, and help to share their work more widely.

This network of support won’t conclude at the end of the HCDExchange Fellowship. In fact, it is hoped that all HCDExchange Fellows will continue to be part of the community of practice and larger movement democratising, localizing and mutualizing HCD+ASRH over the long term.

Dates and Key Milestones

The deadline for applications is October 15, 2020. All applicants will receive feedback by the end of November 2020, and the fellowship will begin in January 2021. The key milestones for the fellowship are outlined below:

12 August 2020 - Design Fellowship opportunity announced at International Youth Day convening.

11 September- Applications open for hosts and fellows.

1**5 October** - Application deadline.

15 October – 15 November - Match fellow(s) with host organisation(s). Scope(s) of work and contract(s) drawn up with host organisations. Fellow(s) and host(s) announced December 1, 2020 and start in January 2021.

January 2021 – July 2021 - Active Design Fellowship period. Ongoing documentation, communication, and participation in the HCDExchange community forum.

12 August 2021 - Sharing of insights and community learning products at the Second Annual International Youth Day convening. Process for Cohort 2 begins.

How to apply:

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