Consultant : Development of eLearning Modules on Monitoring and Evaluation

Consultant : Development of eLearning Modules on Monitoring and Evaluation The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is a civil society coalition bringing together grassroots women’s rights organizations from Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Uganda. Established in 1995, SIHA advocates for social change and gender equality in the greater Horn of Africa and works specifically on challenging all forms of discrimination and violations against women’s rights, protecting women against sexual and gender-based violence, promoting women’s access to justice, supporting economic empowerment and activating women’s political participation. BACKGROUND The SIHA Network conducted a monitoring and evaluation (m&e) capacity assessment of its staff in order to facilitate and support the effective implementation of the capacity building activity under the African Women in Development Fund (AWDF) funded project in the month of June 2020. Therefore, drawing from the m&e needs assessment conducted in June 2020 across the 7 countries of operation, SIHA adopted a number of measures and training content to strengthen not only the capacities of staff in monitoring and evaluation but also to facilitate a functional monitoring and evaluation system for SIHA Network across all the countries of intervention. The adopted m&e training modules are meant for SIHA Network staff and partners; The designed m&e modules are to be carried out through a series of modules delivered in a self-paced format. Each module should be designed in online platforms or other ways that may not make the organization to incur extra or any planned costs. OVERALL OBJECTIVE The objective of this consultancy is to work with the SIHA Network Regional Research and Learning Lead to develop an eLearning module for SIHA Network Program and project professionals working in the Horn of Africa on women rights issues. The module is expected to be prepared with modular contents in four main parts. Part 1 will offer basic Introduction to introduction to monitoring and evaluation including concepts and terminologies, Part 2: Result framework, Part 3: Introductions to data and tools Part 4: Introduction to report writing. All the eLearning modules developed MUST have hands on sessions for the participants. THE PURPOSE The purpose of this initiative is to deliver this training to a large number of SIHA Network staff who are geographically dispersed in the various Countries in the Horn of Africa. The consultant or firm is expected to work with the SIHA Network Regional Research and Learning subject matter specialist, to get an understanding of the m&e content material that has been already developed but this needs to be adapted to eLearning and suggestion of ways to improve it be made accordingly. The eLearning modules will involve creation of defined storylines or scenarios and will need to be interspersed with quizzes, information nuggets, and case studies to enhance the learning experience as well as improve the interaction with the facilitator and the target audience. SCOPE The consultant will be responsible for the following: Instructionally design modules based on existing SIHA Network identified monitoring and evaluation content and interviews with the Regional Program Manager and Regional Research and Learning lead; o Design and develop an aesthetically-appealing functional prototype of the online learning modules for review and validation; o Complete the development of the self-paced and interactive learning modules; o Correct any identified deficiencies in the selected design during the validation process. o Ensure that the training materials in power point mode are developed into the eLearning modules that are easily followed by the audience. o Include “point and click” assessment questions “check-for-understanding” embedded in each module and the consultant should be aware of the culture contexts of the participants. o Integrate real-life scenarios in order to draw in the learners and apply the knowledge that they are acquiring. o Images and references should be culturally appropriate. o Additionally, the training should also direct the learners to the Links for additional reading resources. THE ASSIGNMENT The assignment will cover the following modules that SIHA Network will provide content on; o Module [01]: (INTRODUCTION TO MONITORING AND EVALUATION) o Session 1: 60 minutes o Module [02]: (RESULT FRAMEWORK) o Session 1: 60 minutes o Session 2: 60 minutes o Module [03]: (INTRODUCTION TO DATA AND TOOLS) o Session 1: 60 minutes o Session 2: 90 minutes o Module [04]: (INTRODUCTION TO REPORT WRITING) o Session 1 and 2: 60 minutes DELIVERABLES The consultant is expected to lead, accomplish and submit the following deliverables within the agreed timeframe and budget: o Validation of m&e modules o Delivery of completed modules o Sign-off and delivery of eLearning materials to SIHA Network o Report on the assessment analytics REQUIRED CANDIDATE COMPETENCIES The consultant/firm’s team must be comprised of qualified experts, with a demonstrated track record in developing quality online learning. Overall experience of the consultant should be more than 5+ years. It is expected that the consultant or firm has experience developing online learning in low-bandwidth environments and have knowledge of delivering online learning in developing countries. The firm or individual should have a strong project management ability and excellent communication skills References and examples of past work are required and should be included in the proposal. How to apply APPLY To apply, please send a cover letter, expression of Interest with budget/cost, a copy of your C.V. (complete with two references to SIHA at the following e-mail address: cc: by 25th September 2020.** In the e-mail subject line please write ‘APPLICATION: SIHA M&E eLearning Modules. Applications not following these guidelines correctly will not be considered. SIHA is committed to offer fair compensation based on the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications. Due to the volume of applications SIHA receives, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for scheduling of interviews. Thank you for your interest in SIHA’s work.

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