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Country: Somalia Organization: International Organization for Migration Closing date: 5 Nov 2020 II. Background InformationAbout MIDAMIDA, or Migration for Development in Africa, is a programme that seeks to reduce brain drain across Africa after the loss of educated and talented individuals, through the transfer of skills and knowledge. MIDA works with diaspora populations to benefit countries of origin.MIDA FINNSOM Phase II - Health and Education Project is funded by the Government of Finland, the project aims to facilitate the transfer of skills, competencies and knowledge of qualified Somali expatriates to public institutions in Somalia, with a focus on two sectors, namely health and education. The beneficiary institution Bay Regional Hospital will host the qualified Somali expatriate, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. Bay Regional Hospital and the Ministry of Health of South-West State & IOM Somalia MIDA staff will m…

Regional Product Development Officer, Nairobi, Kenya

Regional Product Development Officer, Nairobi, Kenya Regional Product Development Officer This post is open for Internal and External Applicants POST INFORMATION INTERPOL embraces diversity and is committed to achieving diversity & inclusion within its workforce. Qualified applicants from under-represented member countries and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Title of the post: Regional Product Development Officer Reference of the post: INT02512 Directorate: Information, Systems and Technology Directorate Duty station: Nairobi, Kenya * Length and type of contract: Until 20 September 2023**, Project - Fixed-Term contract Grade: 5 Number of posts: 1 Security level: Basic Deadline for application: 18 August 2020 Please read the Vacancy notice that is available at the bottom of the page (bullet point). Conditions applying for both INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL candidates Only professional experience for which candidates can provide official proof of employment will be considered. Candidates could be requested to provide copies of such official documents prior to interviews/test. These posts may be located in other duty stations such as Lyon or Singapore. *These positions are financed by a third-party, external to the Organization with funding provided by the donor. Although there is a commitment from the donor, the appointment may be terminated prior to 20 September 2023 (the project end date), should the external funding for this position no longer be available. This position also carries, in principle, no expectation of renewal. Any potential subsequent extension will be subject to the terms of the Organization's Staff Manual, to satisfactory performance and to availability of funds. Tests/Interviews in connection to this selection procedure will take place approximately 2/3 weeks after the deadline for applications. Applicants are kindly requested to plan their availability during this period accordingly, in case they are short-listed. Selected candidates will be expected to report for duty approximately 1 month after receiving an offer of employment. This selection exercise may be used to generate a reserve list of suitable candidates that may be contacted to address Organization's potential staffing needs in the future. INTERPOL is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes the applications of all qualified candidates who are nationals of INTERPOL Member Countries, irrespective of their racial or ethnic origin, opinions or beliefs, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. INTERPOL places no restrictions on the eligibility of candidates, without distinction as to race or ethnic origin, religion, opinions, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. However, the national policy and laws in force in INTERPOL host countries may mean that staff members' spouses or partners, while legally recognized by the Organization, are not given the same recognition when they reside in certain duty stations. When this is the case, the Organization will inform the candidates accordingly to ensure that they are aware of the situation and allow them to make an informed decision. CONFIDENTIALITY REGIME In application of Article 114.1 of INTERPOL's Rules on the Processing of Data (RPD), the General Secretariat is 'responsible for determining authorization procedures or a system of security clearance at each data confidentiality level'. Member states which are not able or willing to assist INTERPOL in performing such a check should be aware that some INTERPOL information might not be made available to their nationals working at INTERPOL. In order to be able to access police information classified as 'INTERPOL For official use only' or 'INTERPOL RESTRICTED', the individual has to obtain 'INTERPOL Restricted' security clearance. This clearance is granted after Basic security screening. In order to be able to access police information classified as 'INTERPOL CONFIDENTIAL', the individual has to obtain 'INTERPOL Confidential' security clearance. This clearance is granted after Enhanced security screening. Under no circumstances should clearance be granted simply because of an official's rank, post held, or length of service. Staff may only gain access to General Secretariat premises and to police information if the appropriate INTERPOL security clearance has been obtained. In order to reduce the contract timeline, and as the Enhanced security screening may take some time, the Official requiring INTERPOL Confidential security clearance may be authorized to start the appointment if the NCB can confirm that the equivalent to Basic security screening has been performed. Access to INTERPOL CONFIDENTIAL information will not be authorized until Enhanced security screening is confirmed.


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