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Country: Lebanon Organization: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Closing date: 4 Oct 2020 Research and analysis· Support reporting and analysis from protection research to form a protection base line at a local and national level.Working with programmes· Maintain a regular update on the protection situation for PRs in Lebanon· Work with GBV, CP and legal colleagues to support their analysis and related advocacy· Work with protection team members to support local level reporting on protection trends for the PR community in Lebanon.Reporting:Finalize end-of-year PRS monitoring report and executive summary for public disseminationUpdate numbers on protection activities brief for 2020Coordinate/ finalise and take through clearance inputs into joint human rights reporting mechanisms as necessaryCoordinate and draft input, briefs and updates to UNRWA senior managementCoordinationCoordinate and draft input to joint UN and interagency re…

Appointment of Consultant(s) to Develop a Strategic Plan focused on Sustainability

Appointment of Consultant(s) to Develop a Strategic Plan focused on Sustainability Eh!woza seeks to develop a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely strategic plan that allows the organisation to tailor it’s activity for maximum impact and sustainability, and to lay the foundation for transition from a small academically associated programme into a sustainable independent organisation. Full Description:  REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: APPOINTMENT OF CONSULTANT/S TO DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN, FOCUSSED ON SUSTAINABILITY FOR EH!WOZA 1. Background to the organisation  Eh!woza ( is a public engagement (PE) project that forms collaboration between biomedical researchers, conceptual artists, anthropologists, a local NGO, musicians, and young people living in Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town. The programme operates at the intersection of PE, youth education, and advocacy, with the ultimate aim of decreasing stigma and encouraging positive health seeking behaviour. Eh!woza’s core programme consists of three projects: Eh!woza Doccies, engages youth in Khayelitsha with high impact biomedical research conducted at the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine. Subsequently, learners are guided in the production of short documentaries about the personal and social impact of HIV/TB. With 4-5 documentaries produced annually, films also touch on issues such as access, inclusion, gender-based violence and social justice. MSF/Muso/DR-TB Collab, forms collaboration Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and facilitates story-telling between survivors of drug resistant TB and young Khayelitsha-based musicians. The aim is the production of music, music videos and poetry reflecting the experience of having and surviving DR-TB/HIV. Eh!woza Schools uses media produced in the projects above to stimulate robust and lively discussion around the social determinants of health. Qualitative evaluation suggests that the value of Eh!woza is not simply the diffusion of biomedical knowledge about disease or media production skills. Rather, its innovation lies in the ability engender a sense of agency among participants and, in the process, to reveal lived often unspoken, realities of people affected by HIV/TB within prevailing social, economic and cultural frameworks. While, Eh!woza is becoming a self-sustainable programme, there are programmatic areas which require strengthening, including long-term funding and human resource capacity, and the need for more frequent formal impact assessment. Recently, Eh!woza was awarded a three-year grant to establish an independent platform for PE within the region and thus an independent non-profit organisation. The new programme, which starts in 2020, focusses on four key areas: Consolidation of aforementioned projects to ensure sustainable implementation; expansion of collaborative networks to ensure maximal impact of PE work; embedding a multi-pronged approach to impact assessment within the programme and developing innovative quantitative methods to assess the impact of health PE; and capacity development to train members of beneficiary communities to contribute to, and ultimately lead, PE as well as the skills of biomedical researchers to implement meaningful PE. As described in more detail below, Eh!woza seeks expertise in developing a strategic plan and operating model, with a focus on organisational needs and impact to facilitate independence and sustainability over the next three years. More information about the organisation can be found at: and for press/academic publications: 2. Problem statement  Eh!woza was established in 2013 via informal collaboration between a biomedical researcher and a South African conceptual artist to address stigma, lack of knowledge, health seeking behaviour and the social determinants of disease with a focus on TB and HIV. A project which was initially envisaged as a once-off initiative has developed several inter-related public engagement projects and is poised for sustainability. Since its inception in 2013, Eh!woza has been embedded within the University of Cape Town (due to biomedical researchers’ affiliation with the institution) particularly from an administrative and fundraising perspective. Eh!woza was recently awarded a 3-year grant to develop a platform for public engagement within the southern African region. The award provides an invaluable opportunity to consolidate and expand the organisation’s activities. However, there is a concern that the organisation may focus too heavily on implementing high quality activities and outputs, without enough focus on longer-term sustainability. Eh!woza seeks to develop a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely strategic plan that allows the organisation to tailor it’s activity for maximum impact and sustainability, and to lay the foundation for transition from a small academically associated programme into a sustainable independent organisation. 3. Specific Questions  In addressing the problem above and developing the strategic plan, the following questions should be answered: a. What are Eh!woza’s key strengths, challenges and opportunities? b. What kind of skills and capacity should Eh!woza develop to become sustainable? c. How should Eh!woza prioritise and tailor it’s activities for maximum impact and sustainability. d. How should Eh!woza prioritise and tailor it’s activities should Eh!woza focus on to reach sustainability? What kind of impact should it seek to achieve? e. What income streams can Eh!woza target to develop funding sustainability? f. What kind of problems/roadblocks is Eh!woza likely to face along the road to sustainability? g. How can Eh!woza measure whether it’s objectives and targets defined in the strategic plan (rather than during implementation of specific activities) are being reached? It is envisaged that successful proposals will include a component of research time to better get to know Eh!woza’s background, mission, guiding principles and current projects; as well to become familiar with both the local and international context in which Eh!woza operates. Importantly, while the establishment of an independent organisation requires various administrative and ethical diligences, the focus of this RFP is for individuals/groups who can provide support and guidance for the organisation to develop a strategic plan/operating model as described above and below, rather than to assist with administrative diligences. 4. Timeframe  - Advertisement: 20 Jan 2020 - Request for proposals closes: 03 Feb 2020 - Pre-engagement meetings with short-listed consultants: Week of 17 Feb 2020 - Consultants selected: Week of 24 Feb 2020 - Consultancy implementation: March – May 2020 - Deadline for deliverables: 31 May 2020 - Review by directors by: 15 June 2020 - Final deliverables and reporting to board: 31 June 2020 5. Deliverables  A 3 – 5 year strategic plan addressing the questions/issues described in point three (in the form of a written report) that facilitates Eh!woza’s movement toward independence and sustainability, while implementing impactful and community-driven PE activities. Specific deliverables against a timeframe will be finalised in discussion with the consultant. 6. Advantageous skills/experience  Evidence of the following skills, knowledge, and experience would be highly advantageous: - Knowledge of health research and advocacy work in the local/regional context - Experience in assisting small start-up organisations develop strategic/sustainability plans - Knowledge around media production/dissemination - Knowledge of/experience in the corporate social responsibility landscape - Knowledge of public/community engagement focusing on health in the local/regional context - Excellent research, communication, facilitation and writing skills. - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines 7. Costs  Proposals should indicate a daily rate to complete the aforementioned deliverables, with a ceiling on total costs. Indicated costs should be all inclusive, with a detailed breakdown for specific costs and resources required. Payment would be staged against a well-defined timetable of deliverables (to be discussed with project team and consultant). 8. Proposal details  - A succinct proposal (2 – 10 pages) responding to the brief (and key objectives) with an effective approach and methodology, including how deliverables will be met within the specified timeline. - A budget covering all costs associated with the proposal as described above. - A clear action plan with proposed timelines (with suggested deliverables). - CVs, including a personal and company profile (where relevant) with at least three recent and contactable references, as well two examples of previous work must be included. - BBBEE credentials where relevant. Respondents are advised that this RFP does not commit Eh!woza to award the job, to defray any costs incurred in the preparation of a response pursuant to this RFP, or to procure or contract for work. *All submitted proposals will remain confidential and will not be disseminated beyond the project team.  9. Deadline  Proposals to be submitted to info@ehwoza by 03 Feb 2020. For any queries please contact Anastasia/Lee at *Eh!woza is based in Cape Town and this job will be based there. 


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