Country Administrative & Contract Manager

Country Administrative & Contract Manager Plan International est une organisation indépendante de développement et d'aide humanitaire qui fait progresser les droits des enfants et l'égalité des filles. Nous croyons au pouvoir et au potentiel de chaque enfant. Mais cela est souvent influencé par la pauvreté, la violence, l'exclusion et la discrimination. Et ce sont les filles qui sont les plus touchées. En travaillant avec les enfants, les jeunes, nos sympathisants et nos partenaires, nous luttons pour un monde juste, s'attaquant aux causes profondes des défis auxquels sont confrontées les filles et tous les enfants vulnérables. Nous soutenons les droits de l'enfant depuis la naissance jusqu'à l'âge adulte. Et nous permettons aux enfants de se préparer et de réagir aux crises et à l'adversité. Nous pilotons les changements de pratiques et de politiques au niveau local, national et mondial en utilisant notre portée, notre expérience et nos connaissances. Nous construisons de puissants partenariats pour les enfants depuis plus de 80 ans et sommes maintenant actifs dans plus de 70 pays. role PURPOSE [A concise statement, capturing the primary reasons that this role exists and a clear articulation of the context of the role. How will this role contribute to creating lasting change for children?] The role of the Country Administration & Procurement Manager is to provide administra­tive and procurement support to the Programme Impact & Influencing Area (PIIA) and the Country Office in the following areas: procurements, logistics, office management, contracts/legal issues, and general administration, and ensuring Plan’s operating take place in a safe and secured environment. (S)he ensures all activities are done according to Plan’s laid down procedures and practices as prescribed in the Plan’s Operations Manual and comply with the agreement between Plan International Guinea and the Government of Guinea. (S)he will assist the latter in the day-to-day management of the Plan International Guinea Office i.e. plan, manage, coordinate all operational, support, monitoring and reporting tasks of the country in the above areas. S/He will organize, lead, coach, train and mentor the administration team with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s overall operations. The Country Administration & Procurement Manager is a member of the Extended Country Leadership Team (ECLT) of Plan International Guinea. Dimensions of the Role [This section provides a summary of the size and authority of the post. It covers the size of the budget held, the numbers of direct reports, other key stakeholders who may depend on it, the type of communication required, the external representation involved and the reach of the role.] This position reports to the Deputy Country Director Operations and is responsible for the following: Provide guidance and support to all Program Implementations areas and the Country Office in Administrative, Bidding, Legal and Logistics related issues. Design, review, and revise all different contracts, legal documents and procedures in use by the Country Office and Program Impact & Influencing Area and suggest policies/mechanisms to fix gap in administrative procurement and logistic procedures Perform other administrative duties in a manner that supports the Country Office Team and improves Plan International Guinea efficiency and effectiveness Design appropriate training programs for Adminis­trative staff at the CO and in the PIIAs. Nurture good relationships with the Government of Guinea Ensure procurement activities support timely and quality program delivery Ensure a professional management of Plan International Guinea assets and inventories Ensure Plan’s facilities are in good order and well secured for Plan’s work Ensure Plan’s fleet support effective delivery of program activities Ensure Safety and Security for Plan’s operations in Guinea Develop and lead a competent and motivated administration team Supervise procurement, logistic and secretary staff Accountabilities [This section is critical for clarifying expectations of the role, providing the framework for its relationship with colleagues and providing areas of accountability against which performance can be managed. This should include a series of brief statements that define the end results required. E.g. drive, contribute, identify, manage, responsible for, advise/coach, build, develop, provide, conduct, oversee, establish, participate etc. Statements should ideally be worded so that they will lead to thoughts of measurement.  For example, it is better to state something like "achieve maintenance standards" than "undertake maintenance".  The former leads to a measure against the maintenance standards.] Develop and lead a competent and motivated administration team  Ensure Individual Accountability Plans (IAPs) of team members are aligned with the department objective and achieve organizational mandate. Ensure mechanisms are in place to develop team members’ capacities through different mechanisms including coaching, mentoring; Ensure timely and quality appraisals of supervisees and professionally address poor performance issues without bias Ensure feedback and continuous coaching to the PIIAs and CO Administrative staff and identify areas for improvement in their performance Organize, as appropriate, refresh and capacity building to CO and PIIAs Administration staff on basic Plan procedures, best practices, etc. as required in operations Provide supervision to the Administrative staff in the country Office and PIIAs Provide guidance and support to all Program Impact & Influencing Area’s and the Country Office in Administrative matters Ensure efficient and timely management of procurement and supplies in the country grant funded programs and emergency situations included Design and revise the different contracts and administrative documents which have contractual and administrative values in use in Plan Guinée in accordance with the international Plan standards and in reference to Guinean laws Oversee assets management upon set procedures and timely arrangements for equipments to be disposed of in the country Keep all PIIAs informed of new developments in Administration related issues. Special attention will be given to compliance with new or revised Plan’s corporate and local administrative procedures Assist CO and PIIAs staff in examining how operations are organized, identifying possible areas where operational efficiency can be improved, and recommending, assisting in implementing alternative course of action Organize and supervise secretarial services in all offices to ensure appropriate filing and archiving Ensure logistics and general services to staff and operations at PIIA's and country Office level Ensure timely and highest quality maintenance, safety and security services to all Plan International Guinea’s assets, equipment and materials Organize and actively participate in Country Office meetings and inform other team members of activities, initiatives, etc. in the area of Administration Submit regular Admin reports upon set deadlines and as requested from WACAH or Global Hubs Technical expertise, skills and knowledge

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