Country Representative – South Sudan

Country Representative – South Sudan Job Purpose: To lead, plan and monitor CAFOD and Trócaire in partnership’s (CTP) involvement in South Sudan in line with the agreed strategy. Contract Duration: 2-year fixed term The scope of the post falls in to the following broad categories: South Sudan Country Programme (humanitarian, development and advocacy) including: ownership of the South Sudan Country Strategy; programme quality and working closely with and in support of partner organisations in South Sudan to build strong and mutually supportive partnerships. This is exercised in consultation with the Head of Region and Joint Agency Governance Group (JAGG) and in line with the overall direction of the region/department/division/organisation for CAFOD and Trócaire. Office Management: Managing the country office, leading and managing the staff team and where necessary engaging short-term consultants for specific inputs. Financial and Funding Accountability: Budget authority and management for the South Sudan programme ensuring good financial management of CTP funds and donor funds, overheads and programme expenditure. Representation: Internal and external representation of the South Sudan programme Ensuring that CTP is effectively represented to key local and international players and networks, including the local church, institutional donors and other key contacts. Communication and Learning: Contributing to the strengthening of CTP’s institutional response to the challenges in South Sudan, through shared learning and information for development education, Security management and risk management: Hold responsibility for managing and ensuring appropriate country security and adherence to CTP policy and guidelines. Other: Fundraising, campaigning and public policy work. Key Responsibilities Programme development and overview of country programme(s) (20%) Develop and co-ordinate the implementation of CTP’s strategy for South Sudan, underpinned by CTP’s Vision, Mission and Values, the Strategic Framework ‘Just One World’ and the Country Strategy Paper; and encouraging and modelling innovation and effective collaboration. Ensure that all programmes (humanitarian, resilience and peacebuilding) and projects are appraised, monitored and evaluated according to CTP’s procedures and partnership values. Take forward capacity strengthening processes and develop opportunities for more systematic learning and sharing amongst partners and within CTP itself. Initiate the appraisal and funding of new programmes of work in line with CTP’s strategic priorities, and within budgetary and workload capacity. Ensure that CTP responds appropriately to requests for humanitarian, resilience and peacebuilding support, and that appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian, resilience and peacebuilding programmes takes place in line with Core Humanitarian Standards. Contribute to the strategic direction of CTP’s work, inputting into regional and Africa-wide processes and policies, and providing ideas, initiatives and information for development education, fundraising, campaigning and advocacy work. Country office management (20%) Ensure compliance on CTP’s registration in country, keeping documentation up-to-date and secure. Ensure the country security plan is accessible and up-to-date, and provide effective security management, including staff security and risk mapping. Oversee, maintain and protect office assets and support systems. This includes computer software and hardware, vehicles, casual staff, bank accounts and procurement. Ensure that all necessary policies and procedures are in place and followed by staff in terms of security, procurement, safeguarding children, use of equipment, medical cover, local terms and conditions – including salary scales. Provide for training of staff in such policies as necessary. Team management (20%): Manage the CTP country office and lead on recruitment and management of staff according to CTP’s management standards, so that staff are empowered and the effectiveness of the team is maximised. Lead, manage and support direct reports, including setting objectives, conducting annual performance development reviews, providing coaching and ensuring team members have individual development plans. The job holder may be required to manage volunteers and staff remotely. Ensure effective and appropriate systems and processes for team learning and development. Lead wider cross organisational teams/initiatives relating to the programme, such as media and communications work, advocacy, co-financing initiatives, humanitarian response. Ensure Country Management Team meetings are regularly held and decisions appropriately disseminated to staff. Ensure that there is timely and appropriate decision making in a fast changing context, working with CMT, JAGG and other stakeholders as appropriate. Financial and funding accountability (15%) Plan, manage, and review budgets (programme budget, office overheads budget, back-donor funded programmes), in line with CTP’s financial policies and guidelines and according to the requirements and deadlines set by the Regional Manager Ensure that CTP and back-donor funds are used in the most effective and prudent way, demonstrating good stewardship and compliance with all of CTP’s policies and procedures as well as those of back-donors Manage core costs budget and staffing budget Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting in accordance with CTP’s finance guidelines. Representation (20%) Represent CTP effectively in the country in relationships with the Catholic Church, Caritas and CIDSE sister agencies, respecting CTP’s partnership values and ethos. Represent CTP effectively in the country with NGOs, UN clusters, other international organisations and relevant departments of the Government of South Sudan. Liaise with the country office of institutional donors in order to raise the profile of CTP’s work. Monitor and ensure that the programme takes advantage, where opportunities arise, for in-country funding, in line with CTP’s strategic priorities and with budgetary and workload capacity. Maximise opportunities for collaboration with sister agencies, for integration into country- based church networks and for engagement in local advocacy work. Communication & Learning (5%) Act as prime spokesperson for CTP in country with all external stakeholders. Increase awareness about the work of CTP partners in South Sudan with CTP’s UK and Ireland’s constituency and strengthen our corporate education, fundraising, campaigning and communications work. Ensure provision of on-the-ground support for the organisation of CTP exposure visits and other visits from CTP’s London and Maynooth offices as necessary Facilitate partner involvement in CTP’s campaigning work and, vice versa, to increase CTP’s engagement with partners’ campaigns. Ensure that staff are properly informed and appropriately consulted on key issues relevant to the country programme. Ensure that staff are properly informed and appropriately consulted on relevant key organisational issues of the CAFOD and Trócaire. How to apply: To read more and apply, please visit CAFOD website to begin completing the application process

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