CONSULTANCY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF FAIRTRADE AFRICA GENDER AND INCLUSION POLICY & ANTI-SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY – Nairobi About us Fairtrade Africa (FTA) is the umbrella network organization representing Fairtrade certified producers and workers in Africa. It has four (4) regional networks – Eastern & Central Africa; Southern Africa; Western Africa; and the Middle East and North Africa. Established in 2005, FTA aims to effectively represent producers and workers within the International Fairtrade system and provide services to them that contribute to the improvement of their livelihoods. Our vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their futures. To realize this ambition the organization recognizes the importance of a systematic and integrated approach to promoting gender equality and inclusion, including the empowerment of women and girls in all spheres of its work. Objectives of the Assignment In endeavoring to strengthen gender equality and inclusion in the organization, Fairtrade Africa is seeking the services of an independent gender and policy expert to develop the organization’s gender and inclusion policy and an anti-sexual harassment policy. This assignment will broadly involve: An analysis of FTA policies and practices that either promote or undermine gender equality and inclusion with the aim of providing recommendations to address identified challenges and strengthening best practices; Designing and administering tools and collecting information about concerns regarding gender practices and perceptions across the organization, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination; Reviewing the impact of the organization’s internal practices, procedures and policies with a view to making recommendations on maximizing benefits and eliminating barriers; Discussions with FTA staff across the four regional networks in to ensure an inclusive and participative process that promotes ownership of the assignment outcomes. Deliverables The consultancy has the following deliverables: A comprehensive report with both qualitative and quantitative findings, analytical conclusions and concrete recommendations for the FTA derived from the objectives here above. FTA-appropriate and comprehensive gender and inclusion policy. FTA-appropriate and comprehensive anti-sexual harassment policy. Consultancy period It is expected that the assignment will be concluded in not more than 25 working days from the date of signing the contract. Under FTA’s overall supervision, the consultant(s) will be responsible for the planning and execution of all tasks. Consultants’ Qualifications An advanced degree in social sciences, law, gender or any relevant field; Concrete evidence of similar tasks and 5-7 years’ experience undertaking similar work; High level policy expertise with evidence of experience in girls and women rights; Proven experience in producing analytical reports in the area of gender equality and inclusion; Ability to work with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds; Fluency in written and spoken English required; fluency in French a bonus. Ownership The resultant products of this assignment shall remain the property of Fairtrade Africa and shall be treated as confidential by the consultant(s) during and after the engagement with the organization. How to apply: Application Process In bidding for this work, qualified consultant(s) must submit: · A comprehensive technical proposal explaining how the objectives and expected outcomes of the consultancy will be delivered and a detailed methodology to undertake the assignment; · Detailed and current CV(s) of all persons proposed to undertake the assignment; · A detailed work plan clearly indicating the activity schedule broken down for each day. · Financial proposal providing a clear break-down of costs for the assignment. Where taxes are applicable, this must also be indicated. These documents must be submitted to by close of business 27th January 2019. Please reference “Consultancy for the development of Fairtrade Africa Gender and inclusion policy & Anti-sexual harassment policy”. Only submissions with complete documents as stated in the herein will be considered. Note that qualified consultants may be subjected to a background check as a condition of engagement.

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